Withdrawing in Japan 2023 Which Card


I haven't traveled to Japan since way pre-covid, and was I just wondering which cards are still good to use at their ATMs? So far, my research has come up with the following…

  • Mastercard exchange rates + fees are a smidge better than Visa

  • Citibank has left the field, and no longer has ATMs in Japan. Back then I used Citibank!

  • ING (Visa) will refund 5 lots of any international ATM Fees per month, provided the month prior, you deposit $1000, and have used your card 5x as well.

  • Suncorp Everyday Options (Visa) has no added international ATM Fees. For this, you select credit at the ATM

  • Macquarie Platinum Transaction (Mastercard) has no added international ATM Fees, and you select savings at the ATM.

So my question is, wouldn't Macquarie card be the best to use if you are planning to withdraw more than 5x? While both Suncorp and Macqaurie are limited to select ATMs (7-11 ATMs between 7am to 7pm, Aeon ATMs, Lawson ATMs), these can be find everywhere anyway.

Are there any other useful cards for Japan? Am I missing anything or have misinterpreted anything? Also going to Korea, but I assume the best card will probably apply to Korea too.



  • Ing is the best. Use those 5x then after that, any from your list are fine. They are all the same.

  • -1

    HSBC Everyday Global may also be worth a look. No added international ATM fees and you can set up a sub-account in JPY to lock in good exchange rates ahead of time.

    • A family member shared that they got charged a percentage-based withdrawal fee back in Dec-22 when using their HSBC card at 7-11 ATMs.

    • Yeah the other issue with them is HSBC don't use the Visa/Mastercard rate if it's certain currencies. They use their own rate which while not terrible, is definitely worse than the Visa/Mastercard rate you get with other cards

  • All of them, choose credit. Obviously when the atm displaying some fee, cancel and go find other atm.

    Also When they ask if you agree with their conversion, choose no

    • When I used ING in Japan I'd get the fee auto-refunded to my account seconds later.

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    You dont have to use citi atm at destination. Any atm will do.

    Go check read the whirlpool wiki about citicard

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    7 Bank atms never used to charge a fee for Citibank cards, I wonder if that is still the case? I can report back in 7 days when I am there. As others have said ING 5/month ATM rebate is useful but it is always nice to have other options. Important to remember in Japan that VISA/MasterCard acceptance is not universal - some may only accept one or the other, so make sure to have at least one of each. For example recharing SUICA on iPhone at the moment can only be done with international MasterCard, not VISA.

    • I was in Japan during Nov/Dec 2022 for 3 weeks and never came a cross a situation where my Mastercard was not accepted.

      I have heard VISA/MasterCard acceptance is not universal a few times in the past but I have never experienced it, and I went to some fairly obscure places.

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    I used Macquarie, Revolut and topped up my Suica in Apple Wallet on my iPhone. Revolut for the first AU$700/month cash, Macquarie for the rest and Suica for minor purchases and rail travel. That worked out more economical compared to my travelling companion that used ING for every transaction.

    • What's suica?

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        Public transport card, like Opal/Myki in Australia but can also be used for small purchases like Octopus in HK.

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    Citibank debit card still works. I used it about 3 weeks back at 3 different 7-11 ATM’s
    Fee free as it always has been.
    There’s a good wiki about the Citibank card on whirlpool

    • Thanks for sharing the link. Seems that 7/11 ATMs were charging fees on/off over the years according to Wiki? Last I went was Mid 2018 and was still free withdrawal at 7/11 banks with citibank card. Is it still 10,000yen minimal per withdrawal? thanks

      • I went in November. I don't think there was a minimum JPY10,000 withdrawal at the ATMs.

        Seven bank ATMs not inside the 7-11 charged a fee, but the ATMs inside 7-11, did not (for the citi card). But the citi card product is being discontinued.

        • If the citi card is still valid and issued already, it should still be fine to use in the next few months right ?

          • @deal01: It will be closed on 18 May. All the funds being converted back to AUD and sent back to your AUD account

            • @bluedufflecoat: I think we're talking about different citibank cards. I'm talking about the citibank plus debit card. All funds are in AUD and just used at atm's in Japan for fee free withdrawal

              • @deal01: Ahh, gotcha. Yes. My citibank plus account is linked to the foreign currency accounts, which I've used to store fx when I thought the rate was pretty good… So when I withdrew funds from my account, it came out of the JPY balance.

  • Citibank is fullproof for me so far.

    Also have Macquarie as back up just in case

    No cc as they have minimum balance (not suitable for me)

  • I tried to sign up for the Citibank card the other week and I got a warning that it will roll-over to the equivalent NAB product soon (which is not fee-less).

    I ended up getting a UBank card. I already have an ING card, this is as a backup option.

  • Last time I was there Lawsons ATMs would only withdraw a minimum of 10,000 unlike 7/11. ING worked fine for me giving an auto refund of the free straight after.

  • Thanks so much everyone! My Citibank card wasn't even on the radar, but now it is! Always a believer in having backups, so I'll bring a few, with a small amount of money on each haha. And then depending on what ATM is close to the hotel in which I'm staying, and which card ended up working, then I'll transfer to that card.

    Let's hope that NAB doesn't suddenly change the Citibank card fee free system before I leave!

    • I got an email today saying that they are discontinuing the Citi card and the foreign currency accounts… I need a place to store JPY

      • Look below. Get the wise card then

        • Mate, you forget that it's only cheap for the first $350 withdrawn.

  • 7/11 ATMs were a god-send, ING without the fee refund was only ever a couple of dollar's anyway.

    Just stick to those and not random ones on the street!

  • Can anyone with a HSBC card report if no-fee withdrawing cash from 7-11 ATMs Japan if you press 'Credit'?

    • I was advised by hsbc banker that you will still need to pay Japan ATM fee.

    • Was there earlier this month. 711s charge 110yen per 10,000 yen withdrawn. That was the lowest fee I saw trying my luck at a few places

      • By any chance, was that because you made the withdrawal outside daytime period when it's supposed to be free?

        Seven Bank ATM Service Fees

        [EDIT} NVM someone clarified somewhere else that it only applies to Seven Bank card holders.

  • ING for sure.
    - Good for atm cash (5x free withdrawals per calendar month) so 10x withdrawals if trip falls both side of the calendar month and meet criteria.
    - ING refund international card purchases, so use the card for as much EFTPOS purchases as possible and only use cash when neccesary.

  • I am in Tokyo ATM, I use Wise Card, the international has good exchange rates low fees and can be used almost everywhere, particularly the 7/11 ATMs . Only issue I have had is with charging my Pasmo card with it.

    • What's the situation once you hit the $350 monthly limit? I guess you haven't taken into account the extra 1.75% in fee which will make it much worse than most other proper bank issued cards with no fee.

      • Does the $350/month limit apply to credit card transactions too, or only to ATM withdrawals?

        Never mind, I was thinking of Revolut's "outside market hours" fee.

  • MAy i ask how you went in Korea with citibank? I heard they closed shop. Are the ATMs still around?


  • Did a couple of withdrawals in last few days in Tokyo. No fees for using Macquarie master debit card on 7-11 branded ATM

    • Just wondering if you need to choose saving or credit account before you can withdraw from 7-11 ATMs?

      • i chose Debit

  • Hey guys when you use Citibank debit plus card at 7/11 ATMs in Japan. What account type do you choose when you withdraw? Do you pick saving or credit accounts when it is prompted?
    Just would like to know the instructions to withdraw as I am going to Japan soon.

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      You get 4 options. Savings, credit, cheque, and skip (if you don't know). I just press skip and it works fine.

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    Hello, just going to add to this for anyone who looks into this, post ING's new system (no more 5x free withdraws!)

    So I've just come back from overseas and…

    So I took with me, Suncorp, Macquarie Bank, And CitiBank. And always choose CREDIT when the option comes up. No idea why. Even the banks told me the same thing when I told them I was going overseas.

    In Japan…
    Lawsons convenience stores and Family Mart convenience stores seemed to charge fees on all 3 cards. So then that leaves you with 7 Eleven, which will have 7-Bank ATMs. You'll also find 7-Bank ATMs sometimes randomly in shopping centres and in train stations! Keep an eye out!
    Macquarie bank and Citibank both work well with 7-Bank ATMs. Suncorp has a fee attached.
    Choose to be charged in Yen, and NOT AUD if the option comes up. What they are offering, is if charged in YEN, then your bank will do the conversion, and if charged in AUD, then they will do the conversion for you, for a fee. The whole reason we are bringing Suncorp/Macquarie Bank/Citibank, is because they don't charge conversion fees!

    In Korea
    Lotte ATMs are littered everywhere. They charge fees for withdrawing, EXCEPT if you use a CitiBank card. HOWEVER, you can only withdraw 100,000 WON at a time, some Lotte ATMs capped at 50,000 at a time!. So if you're patient enough and there is no line before you, you can literally just keep reinserting the card, withdrawing, and repeat.
    What I instead did, was used the Worri Bank ATM. Now this charges a fee of around 3000 WON, or $3.50. With SunCorp, you can withdraw 400,000 WON at a time, and with Macquarie Bank, you can withdraw 1,000,000 WON. So if you use a Macquarie Bank card, think of it as withdrawing $1200 and paying a $3.50 fee, which is insignificant in comparison.
    I was in Korea a long period, and I spent nearly 6 Million won. I did withdraw a few times with my CitiBank from Lotte ATMs when I needed quick cash, but I just chose to eat the fee most of the time.

    Hope this helps someone in the future!

    • I checked on the ING website. Looks the the 1st 5 ATM withdrawal is still free?

      • +1

        It is still available for June and July. But the entire international ATM Fee rebate ends August 1st 2023. After this, it'll be a a fee of $5 per withdraw.

        And instead of the 5x free international ATM withdraws, they are offering 5x free domestic…provided you meet some criteria…

  • Does anyone know if there's much difference in using CBA Meastro EFTPOS card vs MasterCard Debit for ATM withdrawals in Japan? Traveling in July and just wondering whether I need to convert my Maestro to Debit or not.

  • I heard Bankwest card is good too. Does anyone know which one is it?

    • Mine is the Qantas Debit card and it waives fees

  • For HSBC account holders, I used some AEON Bank ATM's with no fees late last year.

    I locked in a good exchange rate with HSBC in advance, then used it when I could.

    Otherwise, a combination of cards were used if needed as backup or if the exchange rate became more favourable.

    • I heard someone said to lock in the rate now. Is it very good rate now as I’m traveling in September. They said rate at local exchange is better than in Japan so to go there now to get cash. Is this what u found?

      • +1

        I'm locking in some Yen at the current rate with my HSBC Global Account.
        Around 95 Yen to the AUD is good enough to encourage me to.
        But there is no way of knowing what the rates will do.
        I don't usually buy much cash here. Just have a little to get by until I can withdraw at ATM over there if needed.
        Then I pay with card when I can.

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    Been using uBank (Visa) and Citibank(mastercard) in Japan, no fees and they use the exact exchange found on the Visa/Mastercard website.

  • Right now I'm leaning towards HSBC to lock some JPY at the current exchange rate (1:95~) since no idea where interest rates around the world are heading over the next few months. Slightly worse conversion and a small withdrawal fee seems better to me than the chance that AUD falls back towards 90 JPY? Does this seem sensible to people here? And if the exchange rate holds up - I'll just get an ING card for live conversion withdrawals?

    • Would like to know too.

  • Does this mean I can ditch my 28degree if I have a Macquarie debit card? Can use it as a cc and also withdraw money from 7 bank? Sounds perfect.

    • Nah, youll still need your 28 degrees credit card if you want specifically a credit card to borrow money from the bank. Because these are all debit cards, and we are using them to withdraw our transferred Aussie dollars into local currency. If these debit cards go negative, they would be charged overdraft fees.

  • +1

    My macquarie card was rejected at many restaurants and shops in August 2023. It was basically useless. The old version of macquarie card worked fine for me in 2022 and prior so not sure what has changed with this new card version.

    I withdrew yen at a 7-eleven atm at the airport first thing arriving in japan. Withdrawal fee was 110 yen for under 10k yen withdrawal, and 220 yen for higher amounts (capped at 100k yen per withdrawal I think).

    Avoid using hsbc for weekend purchases. Apparently they apply a premium to their own fx rate on weekends to hedge their own fx volatility. I ended up paying similar to a credit card plus 3% fee. That’s how bad the rate was.

    • Do you have Citi Plus? Would that be better than Macquarie or HSBC?

      • Macquarie always worked for me in the past so I didn’t bother bringing other cards. Will try ubank or some other banks in the future. I’d prefer mastercard to visa as their fx rate tends to be slightly better, also may work with recharging suica on apple wallet. My hsbc which is a visa, and obviously the macquarie, were unable to be used to recharge suica on apple wallet.

        Macquarie is so useless now that it doesn’t even work with Beem It and can’t be used for many fx purchases (online from various countries). I’ll cancel it for sure.

        • Good to know. I won’t bother with Macquarie.
          Can u buy discounted apple gift cards to add to apple wallet or it’s only for credit cards? I don’t use these wallets, just straight up cards.

          • @1bargain: You you a bank card in loaded in apple wallet to recharge suica. Suica is not rechargeable with apple credits.

  • Does anyone have experience in using their UP debit in Japan?

    • Also interested in this, as this was my plan for my trip in October, with ING as a back-up.

      • +1

        I used UP debit for purchases in Japan recently, but didn't make any ATM withdrawals. Didn't have any issues however some places required to use the physical card as they didn't accept Google Pay

        • That's great news, thanks for the update.

  • Hi all,

    Im heading to Japan on Friday.

    Would my ING and Macquarie debits be enough? I know ING isn't as appealing but it'll be my back up.

    Also, is Google pay available?

    • It's enough, Google Pay is available at some places, but I found it easier to use an IC card (Suica, Pasmo) to pay for things.

      • Google or apple pay using ING does that view as eligible card purchases on foreign transaction.?

        • It should, it may be safer to use your physical card though

  • According to this seven bank page, "Fees for cards issued overseas vary by the card brand."

    Is Citibank free because it's Mastercard, while HSBC is not free because it's Visa?

    • I too want to know this.
      I too want to know the 'Next' best DEBIT card (after Citibank DEBIT Card $0-fee-deal "disappeared" altogether after having been completely taken over by NAB & Visa buddy).

      I just want a Debit Card set up in Australia that can be used to take JPY cash out of ATMs (zero conversion fees) at the best rate (seems everyone says MC rates is better than VISA rates, or even the card issuer own, of course) with $0 so-called 'ATM-operator' fees neither from AUS or from them OS, that's inside 7-11s ATMs that's in Japan. Yes, I am indeed still researching and only starting to learn about all these fees .. Note: Getting a migraine each time a new fee is learn-ed. It also appears that no card-issuer is able to disclose ALL of them FEES in one go, be they from local or from overseas. Why is the card-issuer getting away with all these ie. not knowing all the fees there are (& disclosing them) that could be issued to the card user, before a customer even buy into the actual product?

      And if it's also $0 fees in Southeast Asia (that's over 10 countries), as in taking out THEIR local currency at ANY of THEIR ATMS at each country, that would be the ultimate one!

      Instead, there are so many 'nooks & crannies' that are seemingly rather loosely-termed that just simply escaped the card-issuer full disclosure:
      [1] using a particular card (was it a Credit card or Debit card)
      [2] in one particular country, and the next and the next …
      [3] at a particular range of time (ie. was there a difference between weekend rates, weekday rates, or perhaps even holiday rates!),
      [4] at a particular range of Bank ATMs or Non-bank ATMS (huh, what is non-bank ATMs?), what fees do they charge (if they do) and how are they charged?
      [5] What shops would reject what cards, and why? Or what Cards could be rejected where? How are they determined?
      [6] What Credit or Debit Card can't be used to charge IC cards (Suica/Pasmo) in Japan? What's the rule here? How is that determined by?
      [7] Must do A, B or/and C for the card issuer to then get the fee reimbursed later, or seconds later.
      Personally hate this sort of sh*t (it's too late ain't it? because you already 'suckered' into it).

    • Malaysia (Maybank, CIMB and RHB) i last tried ( Jun2023) around KUL rebate on "ATM fee" and those bank have no operator fee.

      On 7-Eleven bank fee (local) not sure is limited to local international card have different fee structure.

      Would like to know for up coming Japan trip.

    • +2

      I'm in Japan right this moment, can confirm no fees for citi bank cards using 7/11 ATM's. Receipt shows ¥0 on the transaction fee section.

      • Thanks for this information regarding the Citibank Debit Card when it's used at ATMs ('7-Bank' branding) at 7/11 stores which are most commonly found all over Japan. It would be very interesting to confirm/check on this (fees) again when Feb 24 comes. where it becomes a VISA.. See https://www.nab.com.au/content/dam/nabrwd/documents/terms-an…

      • I can also confirm this. Withdrew at 7eleven ATM tonight at Narita Airport inside the Keisei Line station gates. No fees on receipt.

    • +2

      Ok, so I'm currently in Japan, and tested the withdrawal from the Seven Bank ATMs using Visa vs Mastercard (both debit and credit, amd from different banks).

      Looks like the rule holds true as of now:
      - For Mastercard cards, I was only prompted that there may be international transaction fee charged by the card issuer.
      - For Visa cards, I was prompted that there is an ATM transaction fee involved. Also, apparently you can only withdraw in 10,000 JPY notes.

      More details of the information prompted on the ATM screen below:


      Please check your transaction details below. If you agree, press "Confirm" key

      (International Transaction Fee)
      You may be charged an international transaction fee by the card issuing company.

      (Amount Available for Withdrawal)
      Multiple 1,000 JPY bank notes/bill

      If you select Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), the conversion fee will be charged by the merchant through the card issuing company as an administrative fee


      Please check your transaction details below. If you agree, press "Confirm" key

      (Fee notice)
      Seven bank will charge the following ATM transaction fee, in addition to international transaction fee by the issuing company.

      Withdrawal amount | ATM transaction fee
      10,000 JPY | 110 JPY (tax included)
      20,000 JPY ~ | 220 JPY ( tax included)

      (Amount Available for Withdrawal)
      Multiple 10,000 JPY bank notes/bill

      • Much much appreciated for these information 👍

      • What's a good Mastercard? I have ING and Wise virtual card, but they're both Visa.

        • Macquarie transaction account may be a good option to consider? It says on their page:

          International ATM transactions
          Check your account balance and withdraw cash where your Debit Mastercard is accepted.

          We don’t charge fees to use ATMs overseas. You may be charged a fee by international ATM operators.

          I don't have an account with them myself, so can't really comment much on the pro and con.

    • I’m in Japan at the moment and withdrew cash from 7/11 and agree no fees. But I found the FX rate was about 3 yen different to the spot rate.

      Tried family mart and it doesn’t allow you to use the card.

      Tried Lawson and it says it would charge 1000 yen transaction fee.

  • Can anyone confirm if 7/11 ATM fees are refunded to ING? Also is it wise to exchange cash before I go or just try get it when i'm over there?

    • No, ING dropped that couple of months ago.

  • At Aeon ATM I tested a couple of cards for cash withdawals.

    I selected International Card. Then Credit.

    No fees for Up Bank.

    No fees for Macquarie.

    Also I've been using my Revolut JPY currency for most of my purchases.

    • are the rates good using those bank card? any difference Up bank vs macquarie?

      • +1

        I withdrew JPY 1000.

        Up was AUD 10.53.

        Macquarie was AUD 10.53.

        The direct rate on the day closed at 94.68JPY/1AUD.

        My Revolut used funds from my JPY account. So current exchange rates on the day didn't apply.

  • Whats the maximum amount we can withdraw at once from 7/11?

    Is it true the rates are better outside airport for 7/11?

    I'm with ING.

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