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MSI GF63 Thin i5-11400H/RTX3050/8GB for $1,149, i5-12450H/RTX4050/16GB for $1,699 @ Various Retailers


The below GF63 Thin in particular seems like a good deal if wanting a balance between portability (1.86kg) and some decent gaming.

GF63 Thin 11UC-1094AU
$1,149, save $350
Tiger Lake i5-11400H+HM570
Windows 11 Home
RTX3050, GDDR6 4GB
15.6" FHD, 144Hz 45%NTSC IPS-Level

Direct Umart link: https://www.umart.com.au/product/msi-gf63-thin-15-6in-fhd-14…

The below model has the same weight though an RTX 4050, a newer CPU and 16GB of RAM - may be a more future proof option for gaming.

Thin GF63 12VE-002AU
$1,699, save $200
Alder Lake i5-12450H
Windows 11 Home
RTX 4050, GDDR6 6GB
15.6" FHD, 144Hz 45%NTSC IPS-Level

Direct Centre Com link: https://www.centrecom.com.au/msi-thin-gf63-12ve-156-144hz-i5…

The above laptop is in this graphics comparison video: https://youtu.be/Z61Olt-x1hs

There are other deals at the above MSI link too, valid at various retailers (Umart, Centre Com, Computer Alliance etc), these are the laptops that stood out to me.

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    Yes, can I have a e-waste grade laptop with 45w gpu wattage and a cooling solution that havent seen update in 5 years thank you.

    Sure this is about a good 300 grams lighter than other budget laptops, and you also lose out huge on performance & cooling & dogshite screen as always and a single ssd slot. Thanks MSI for tricking clueless consumers with their low end range as always, putting in shoddy cooling solution that makes TUF dash and nitro 5 looks good in comparison.

    No thanks I would save your money.

    • I’m not going to pretend to be a laptop cooling expert, looked fine from the point of casual gaming now and again and decent everyday performance. I previously owned an Acer Nitro 5 and personally wouldn’t want to travel around with it.

      • The point isnt to justify that others are as portable, but that the portability it offers doesn’t justify the trash-o performance and build quality of it-dont blame us when it fails a year down the line because msi didn’t give two shits when designing this.

        If you just wanted casual gaming, a dGPU less rig with ryzen 6000 offers good enough performance while with far better battery life and even better portability- this is light but nothing slim or small in footprint.

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    45% ntsc…

    • -1

      It’s usually 100% SRGB or 144Hz - can’t recall seeing a decently priced laptop with both.

  • First 4050 laptop I've seen on here. Good start. Give it a few months.

  • 3060 laptops sometimes on sale in the $1200 - $1400 range are a better deal than this 4050 laptop. For those that got the Kraken 3060 for $1200 last year YOU WON LIFE !

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