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adidas Unisex Adilette Aqua Slides (6 Colours Available) $20 + Delivery ($0 with OnePass) @ Catch


The Adidas Adilette Aqua slides are designed for the shower, with a clean, quick-drying one-piece design for reliable performance and practical comfort. Limit 5 per customer.

  • Slip-on construction
  • One-piece moulded EVA upper
  • EVA outsole
  • Contoured footbed
  • Lightweight feel
  • Quick-drying material
  • Materials: Synthetic upper & outsole

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  • +4

    Just ordered 3 Fila slides from Amazon, anyone know if these adidas would be a better choice?

    • -8

      Nike slides the best by far

      • -1

        Not sure why you got downvoted (-7 when I wrote this).

        • +4

          No really Adidas is actually better. I did a deep search for slides and from all the sites, youtube videos, I concluded on getting an Adidas, specifically the comfort slides. There are the now infamous yeezy slides too.

      • I've had 2 pairs of these and one Nike pair. Nikes were definitely comfier but durability/materials the Adidas were wayy better.

      • -2

        checks over stripes anyday

    • Thanks I will give the Filas a go

    • Amazon review "Once the top gets wet, the underside material retains moisture for a while"

      Get the Adidas instead based on this. I have some Nike ones someone gifted me and they have this problem too, makes them useless for the beach/pool.

    • emotional damage

    • Fila is all right. I bought one from Langkawi in 2007, I am still wearing them in almost everyday at home. Amazing…

  • +1

    I purchased this slides before Not comfortable

    • -1

      They are not meant to be comfortable I just wear them to the beach which is 5 times a year lol

    • You've gotta wear them in

  • I purchased them a few years ago and still in great condition.

    • +9

      These are a great collector’s item. Just be sure to keep them in the original box in a climate-controlled room

      • +5

        I just got back from the Lourve, saw a pair on display, worth the price of admission

        • Is that the museum in China?

          I don't recall the Louvre having them on display

  • Size 12 goes up to $40.95

    • +1

      it takes more materials yknow 🤪

  • +3

    I wear these instead of a floor mat at my standing desk. Works great.

    • Ingenious!

  • These have good quality but bear in mind that the SIZE is ridiculously small.
    I went one size up but still, it is too small.

  • -1

    Its always this this price, not a deal.

    • +1

      But it says don't pay $40!

      • “Don’t pay $40!*”

        * for two left slides

      • Yeah well they're right, don't pay that.

  • +3

    Any deals on white socks to accompany this? Thanks

    • Best deal is no socks

    • Don't forget matching rucksack and bumbag FTW

  • +24

    have a pair of these, very nice and wide, they last a fair while and has some elasticity to them

    great for whacking the kids with.

    • +2

      Do you take them off your feet first?

      • +7

        of course, how else can you throw them across the room when you can't be bothered to get up?

        • +3

          Perhaps get an extra pair to reload instantly?

    • whack em

      Reported to popo.

  • +1

    Classic university accommodation footwear

  • +1

    How are the aerodynamics of these? Asking for a parent

    • When you throw them they don't come back to you

  • Owned these for a year now, I like them a lot, they mould to your foot which is great, they are durable use them to drive to and from work (construction). Only negative I can think of is the band that wraps over the top of the foot is not the comfiest but I usually wear socks with them so no issue.

  • Do you get a discount when you buy two?

    • Don't think so, but you can get 10% off with Student Beans code.

      • well, so much for buying a pair.

  • +6

    I've had mine for almost 6 years, they never seem to wear out. I mainly wear them as slippers around the house, very comfy! My son also has a pair, I clean his with hand sanitizer because he has smelly feet, they come up great and no more stinky feet smell!!!

    • Aren’t they designed to be worn in wet areas? Will it wear out quicker using them as slippers around the house. I believe the adidas slippers would have a different sole…

      • No, they don't wear out quicker inside the house. We have floorboards and tiles and the slippers are still going strong!

    • You get better results using foot sanitizer and getting your son to do it himself. If not throw the slides at him. Seems to be a winning solution going by most peoples comments

  • -4

    Crocs are better. Great selection at okay discounts:


  • Got em very comfy

  • +2

    Wouldn’t be caught dead in these lol

    • I'd only be caught dead with a toe tag!

  • Shit thongs they warp in heat.

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