Microsoft Cashback Sting - I hope someone has an extra claim number :(


I purchase 2 of Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000 (supposed to have $12 cashback - EACH) and I learnt the hard way today that I need to claim them separately!!!! I called them up and with abosulutely no intention to help I cannot get the second one through, although I sent the receipt with two items on it.

My last resort is back here again, hoping someone to still have an extra claim number for the mouse that hasnt been used. So if someone has it please let me know, thank you



  • I thought you could claim 3 items per person?

    • I believe you can claim up to 3 items per person, but only one of each item per claim. If you bought multiples of the same item, you needed a separate claim for each item.

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    Correct, you can claim up to 3 items. One has to make 3 separate claims, though. What a s### system

  • Does anyone got the money back?
    I lodged 1 month ago and nothing into my bank.

    • I seem to remember reading that they wouldn't be processed until end of Aug in a batch.

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    Its $12.. life goes on :P

    • 12 bucks for a nano wireless mouse is a pretty good price!

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    greedy does hurt…

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      I don't regard him as greedy, 3 items are allowed. He just neglected to submit the claims separately. Silly system.

  • Hubby did the same thing with a couple of laptops a few years ago - $150 cashback on each supposedly, but didn't read the instructions, and put them both on the same claim form. :(

  • Hi, I bought 2 wireless 3000 mouses from Centrecom and put one claim form for 2 at the same time, and received $23.99 from Microsoft 3 weeks after,

    • I remember they had the option to put number of items you bought when you submit the claim form, probably you choosed 1,

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    It's a 'sting' because you can't read and follow instructions?

  • I bought 2 wireless mobile mouses and one wireless keyboard. Submitted the claims in two different claims. received the claim number as well. However I have never received the money back in my account. After submitting them never heard back from Microsoft again.

    Recently I found an email address on this forum and sent an email with the details. There was no reply for that as well.

    Is there any phone number that I can call?

  • Same boat. :-( No response.