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2x 500g Aussie Grown Flavoured Macadamia Nuts $50 Delivered + Free Honey with $100+ Spend @ Mac Nut Hut

Easter Sale

Select any two 500g packs of our premium flavoured Macadamia nuts and get them both for just $50 delivered. Saving up to $18!

Plus, if you spend $100+ you will get our delicious 500g Australian Macadamia Honey included for FREE! (Only while stock lasts)

Perfect to share with friends and family!

Stock is limited, if a flavour sells out it will be removed from the value pack.


We offer free postage on all orders of $50 or more.

WARNING: The free 500g Australian Macadamia Honey cannot be sent to WA or TAS due to federal quarantine restrictions.

About Us

Macadamia Nut Hut is a small family run business located on 78 acres of picturesque countryside in the hinterlands of northern New South Wales. We offer delicious premium quality flavoured Macadamia nuts Australia wide through our online shop.

Our Aussie grown flavoured Macadamias are far tastier than anything purchased in supermarkets and contain upwards of 90% Australian ingredients in most instances.

You are effectively buying direct from our farm-gate - Happy shopping and thank you for your continued support OzB users!

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    Support local business gang

    • πŸ‘Š

    • +4

      Sorry but not for that price.

      • +3

        Yeah, I'd rather Aldi at $42 a kilo, and almost if not all the macadamia are Australian grown anyway.

        • -1

          ALDI do not offer the same range of flavoured Macadamia nuts that we do. 🍏🍊

          • +1

            @bargain-nut: Need to tone down your taste bud mate, otherwise you can't feel the authentic nutty flavour in it. It's a crime to eat such delicacy being smothered with honey or something else. if you need a bit of flavour a pinch of salt is where it stops.

        • +1

          Same price at Woolies for 100% Aussie macadamia's

        • +2

          Last time Aldi put out this 800g macadamia nuts, goodness gracious, they are yummy ! Granted they are not the top grade whole nuts but still of good sizes. They are fresh and creamy in taste. From memory, they were $20/pack so equivalent to under $30 a kg and I bought 4 packs, now I am down to 1 and regret not buying more as it is a one off thing. Not sure if Aldi will bring it in as regular line since they sell so well.

          • +1

            @sistermay: How do you store it to stay fresh and does not go stale?

            • @huntabargain: I just kept them in the fridge (not freezer) and they remain fresh. I bought a couple packs of raw ones and roast them and add my seasonings and they are really yummy.

  • Most popular nuts?

    • Honey Roasted, Dry Roasted & Salted & Milk Chocolate are our top three best sellers, a lot of people like the Hickory Smoked and Lime & Black Pepper flavours too.

      • Cheers - placed an order for Honey Roasted + Dark Chocolate!

        • Thank you, they will be on their way to you shortly! 😊

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    Plus, if you spend $100+ you will get our delicious Australian Macadamia Honey included for FREE! (Only while stock lasts)

    What size is the Macadamia Honey?

  • +4

    Contains between:
    40%-100% Australian ingredients!

    no thanks…

    • +2

      I mean, it looks but, but if you look at the individual product pages, it's just the chocolate-coated varieties that are 40% Australian ingredients. Most others have 96%+ Australian ingredients.

      But yes, they are quite expensive :')

      • Correct, we are yet to find a decent Aussie chocolate supplier. We are working on it!

    • -1

      I'm sure you only eat food with 100% Australian ingredients.

      • How are you sure ?

  • +4

    I'm sure they're yummy but if big supermarkets can buy this nut from local farmers for a much cheaper price wouldn't it make commercial sense for you to match big supermarkets? That way you can sell more by comfortably saying it's the same price, buy directly from us and support the small business.

    Maybe your costs are higher than others I don't know but just a thought.

    • Finally, someone with an intelligent and articulate comment with constructive criticism. Well done.

    • We grow the Macadamia nuts, we don't process them, flavour them or package them into the end product. That's done by a third-party accredited processor for food safety and quality standards amongst other reasons. With that comes associated costs, we don't have the same buying power to match the discounted economy of scale prices ALDI, Coles, Woolies etc can manage to achieve. However, we believe (along with hundreds of repeat customers) that our quality product and customer service makes up for that little extra cost, especially with the convenience of having them arrive on your doorstep.

  • No discount. for buying 2, 3, 4, and 5 + packs? for this promotion?

    • Still applies on everything besides the value packs.

      • it was working with value pack last year so just asked.


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