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Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ 12.3" i5 128GB/8GB Platinum $678.30 ($662.34 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Microsoft eBay


Not as good as the last deal on this, but it's still a good deal if you missed out. There are still a few days left for this code.

Original Coupon Deal

Edit: Someone has reported that there's an insufficient quantity. I checked the listing, and it does say 'Limited quantity available', but hopefully, you can still get one.

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  • Last deal you quoted was exactly the same pricing. Good deal.

    • I linked the wrong one by mistake. The most recent one was $638.40 for eBay Plus members.

  • is it me or is surface pro 9, and even laptop 5 holding value quite well?

    • They were only released in November

      • -5

        4 months in the tech world is ages though.. thought I would have seen 10-15% off by now.

    • My SP9 holds battery much better than the 8 despite a smaller battery which is good

    • I got the SP9 i5 16GB 256GB for about 1600 after cash back about a week ago. However it will be going back as it is a hot buggy mess. Battery lasts maybe 3 hours, it is constantly hot and CPU fans are very audible with just browsing and office work. Also the touch scrolling is jittery and not smooth. Animations such as loading the full screen task switcher are also jittery. This is with 120Hz screen refresh enabled and Better/Best Performance mode. If you turn the performance setting down to recommended or lower it gets noticeably laggy and slow. Sometimes the touch is also not responsive or the keyboard does now show up when there is clearly a text entry window selected e.g. start menu search box selected. These are basically the same frustrating issues I had when I purchased a Surface Pro 4 in 2015. Basically nothing has been improved since then apart from the screen bezels being smaller. The screen also has backlight bleeding just like my 2015 SP4 had and is also the same limited colour gamut sRGB only screen with a white point that is way too yellow. They have had 8+ years to work on these issues but they are just repackaging the same crap every year. There is no way these devices are worth the $2k+ they retail for. Especially the absurd $4k price for a 32GB RAM model. I also have an IPad Pro 12.9 M1 currently got from recent Officeworks clearance and it is significantly better in basically everything EXCEPT the ability to run desktop apps. However it is significantly better quality device and the software it does run is very well refined and a pleasure to use. People complain about the IPad software being limiting but not many complain about how full of crap obvious bugs the windows tablet software has been for years. If Microsoft cared they could fix this but they are lazy monopoly who does not care about high quality standards. I would not recommend the Surface Pro 9. Maybe for $600 the surface 7+ is cheap enough to put up with the buggy software and hot and slow intel chip

      • The people down voting must have not used the Sp9 or have no other baseline comparison to make to a high quality device. If you are happy then great, ignorance is bliss. If you were thinking of buying one then be warned

        • It might be the wall of text. Consider using paragraphs if you want people to read it.

  • Can anyone recommend any deals on the best Surface Pen for this model?

    • +1

      These were the cheapest I found. I've ordered one, but it hasn't arrived yet. Well, neither has my surface pro, so can't test it yet anyway.

  • Is there a 16gb model on special for these?

    • Not at this time. Going from 8GB to 16GB cost a few hundred dollars more. It was even a better deal at $638.40 for eBay Plus members which got expired recently. I am waiting for 16GB deal which is very unlikely IMHO.

  • Very good value for 5 11th gen

    • +2

      Surface Pro 7 -> Quad-core 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1035G4 Processor.
      Surface Pro 7+ -> 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake processors.

      The above deal is for Surface Pro 7+.

  • -1

    So much PWM makes this unusable / unbuyable. Sad!

    • Can u explain what that means? Thanks

    • does not flicker above 57% brightness apparently

      • Uhuh. So yes. The "fear" when you need to lowe the brightness level, for a migraine :/.

        Re: pwm lots on google, just google "pwm eyestrain", headaches or migraines.

        Anything under about 260hz just makes me (and others) sick!

  • -1

    This appears the same for cheaper, I could be wrong though, tried to compare it all.

    • +3

      93% positive feedback on that. Also account info says account is from Pakistan. I also can't find any feedback from a user who has purchased anything over like $150 from them.

      • There is always a catch with these fakish accounts. Good call @SlowCarSlow

  • Looking for a laptop for mainly office applications and browsing (lots of tabs and windows open at the same time). Occasional high graphics needs. Need to connect 3 monitors to it. Haven't been in the laptops market for a long time, some suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    • This is a great 2 in 1 device at this price point but if your usage requires a browser with lots of tabs open along with many other applications at the same time then I would recommend getting at least 16GB RAM for your requirements.

      • Ok and any drama connecting external monitors to these? Is it with hardware addons?
        What do people use for connecting multiple monitors these days?

        • DisplayPort over USB-C is the best way to connect a monitor these days (if your monitor supports USB-C).

          My laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad) supports two external monitors: one via HDMI and the second via USB-C (DisplayPort). And it's easy to find laptops with both a HDMI and USB-C video output. To get more than two external monitors, one would need a USB-C dock of some sort but I have never tried it.

          This Surface device has one USB-C port so you can easily get one external monitor output but to get more you'll need a compatible dock of some kind.

        • No dramas, I use docking station to connect multiple monitors.

        • There's a few ways depending on what your requirements are

          If you need 2 external displays, then you can use the official surface dock which will cost you $200 - $400 or a 2nd one which ranges from $40 - $70

          If you just need 1 external display, then you can just get the USB-C to HDMI Hub for $19 at kmart


  • I can't believe they still have stock after selling so many.

  • Can you use lightroom/photoshop smoothly on this?

    • -1

      Hell no unless it is Lightroom CC. With Lightroom classic forget it. You need a minimum of 16GB ram, better to have 32GB. This also has no CPU fan so with any prolonged usage it will get really hot and throttle down to a crawl. Do not use this for serious Lightroom work if you are not a masochist.
      Lightroom classic performs the best on the M series MacBooks such as MacBook Air. even the 8GB will be ok with Lightroom, for windows systems you really need 16GB. Before someone jumps in to say ram is ram, I have personally tested several windows machines and 8GB, 16GB and 64GB M1 series MacBooks and Lightroom does run fast on 8GB M1 MacBooks but not on any windows system I have tried.

      • Huh? In your other whingy post you were complaining the CPU fan was too noisy, now they suddenly don't have one?

        • Can you understand two related but different concept at the same time? the fan is loud because the CPU uses so much power to need active cooling even with basic performance. By removing the fan you don't get rid of the underlying problem of high CPU power draw. You just make your device performance much worse

  • Says out of stock now btw.

  • -1
    • It's pretty good if you can get it for less than $700 considering it has 4G. Most of 7+ would still have some manufacturer warranty left I think.
      However, it is a brand new seller and even his last buying activity has been a while. So I would stay clear unless I can go and pick it up in person.

    • No feedback as a seller.

  • Seems to be back in stock again?

    • I don't think MS will ever finish selling these, probably they just set an arbitrary limit.

  • Some other seller is selling for $599

  • It's taking forever for them to post my order. I made an order last Monday and still haven't received it.

    • Same here. Bought Monday 21st as well. Have tracking number but package hasnt been shipped by Microsoft. Worst service I've experienced trying to get answers.

    • I made the order yesterday 28 March and it has just arrived an hour ago, sent by TNT. I live in Melbourne though, could be their warehouse is in VIC.

  • Anyome know which Surface Keyboard is compatible with this Surface 7 Plus ? Thanks

    • Surface Pro Signature Type Cover (Check that it's the older model, not the one for Surface Pro 8/X)
      Surface Pro Type Cover

    • I bought Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover Black from the same seller (microsoftaustralia on ebay). And I can confirm it works, just tried it on few minutes ago.

  • Getting mine returned today after getting is on the previous $638.40 deal. Totally faulty - wont boot up or charge. Once I get a refund I dont think I'll be getting a surface pro for a long time, it didnt give me a good 1st impression. Sux that Ive ordered a nice case and screen protector for it already, so gonna have to return these and make a loss of almost $15. :(. No takeaway coffee for me for the next 2 days, will have to go free instants from office. Hope others had a better experience.
    Dont think they do swaps on ebay.. Oh well, u win some, u lose some.

    • Maybe consider giving it another go, I've had mine a few months and I'm very impressed for the price.

    • +1

      In case it helps , I had a glitch during my setup of device from the same deal. During windows setup at wifi connect stage, the screen went blank and was not able to power up again. I did not have the power attached at the time as not sure how to use that connector. After plugging in for 2 hours I was still unable to get Power On button to work. But when I used Power + the Volume Up it did power back up & restart windows configuration again. Had no further issues & enjoying my device with a Pen & keyboard off Amazon.

  • I bought one from a previous deal and it was working really well. Come the February update and ever since then my front camera crashes randomly during video calls and needs a reboot. Anyone else get this issue?.

  • I bought this last time it was up, awesome… Imho

  • Decided to pull the trigger and get one! Despite the 8gb haters, I think it'll be perfect for my use case (working on word docs and browsing articles)

  • +2

    Only a billion dollars for a backlit keyboard 🤣

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