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[eBay Plus] Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ 12.3" i5 128GB/8GB Platinum $638.40 Delivered @ Microsoft eBay


Product Key Features

  • SSD Capacity: 128 GB
  • Most Suitable For: Workstation, Casual Computing
  • GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Home
  • Connectivity: microSDXC Card Slot, USB-C
  • Storage Type: SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 11th Gen.
  • Graphics Processing Type: Integrated/On-Board Graphics
  • Colour: Silver
  • Features: Touchscreen, Bluetooth, Built-in Webcam, Wi-Fi, Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet, Built-in Microphone
  • Screen Size: 12.3 in
  • RAM Size: 8 GB
  • Series: Microsoft Surface
  • Type: Notebook/Laptop
  • Maximum Resolution: 2736 x 1824

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  • +10

    Just bought one with the 10% cashback on swap cards I got from this deal

    Great timing as I needed something for my upcoming studies.

      • +11

        What did I do to make you so mad?

        • +3

          He is jealous and mad that he can’t buy one.

  • +11

    8GB of RAM can get chewed up really quickly.
    Running Windows 10 with Slack, Spotify, Teams, Chrome in the background while watching a Youtube video or when loading big spreadsheets in Excel can cause the device to choke. Not everyone does this of course but the lack of upgradeability really hurts it here.

    • +6

      I agree. 8gb ram these days is a joke. Minimum should be 16gb even on the lowest entry level laptops especially with how cheap ram is these days.

      • +1

        The problem is exacerbated by the 128GB SSD. Once that fills up paging is going to slow down making the RAM bottleneck even worse.
        Of course you can upgrade the SSD but at that point a refurbished Surface Pro 7 16GB is looking good…

        • How much for refurbished Surface Pro 7 16GB??

        • I don't think you can upgrade them on the Pro 7 model. I could be wrong though.

          • @itsmoe: You can't on the 7, but you can on the 7+

            • @BenR31415: There you go, you learn something new everyday.

        • 8GB DDR isnt that big of a problem, it's fine.

          128GB SSD is SAD very SAD on Windows 11. That's going to be a deal breaker for most people. If you want to upgrade, the SSD formfactor is 2230 and it is very limited to the more common 2280.

          Okay so you like to live in a small and cramp prison cell that's fine but the 128GB ssd will be wearing out sooner than anything else due to the limited amount of writes and erase on those small amount of cells.

          Avoid 128GB storage Windows 10/11 devices at all cost.

      • +4

        If it had 16GB with even an extra $50 or so in price, it would have been a great deal and a more future-proof device.

        • Tee issue is that with microsoft an extra 8GB costs $300-500 more. It makes apple RAM upgrade prices seem reasonable

      • Yeah I have this one and 8GB is a pain to deal with in windows 11.

        Mine idles at 5.2gb on average and any 1.5-2gb (e.g. web browser) program will bring the machine to its knee

        • +1

          Go on Edge not the Chromeramsucker.

    • Yeah, I agree.

      As @Spoodster noted, 8gb disappears pretty quickly. For example: right now I have I'm running Windows 11 with minimal apps running in the background (AV, teams, VPN etc) + Firefox and I'm using 6gb of the 8gb available.

      I've used mine for a little under 12 months and haven't come across many issues. But, I don't do a lot of multi-tasking / resource-intensive tasks. Overall I'm a big fan of the device, but I'd go for something with 16gb if was to purchase one now.

      • +7

        Windows reserves RAM, and when other applications need it it releases it. Unused RAM is wasted RAM.

        • +1

          Oh, I didn't know that! Thanks @MrFunSocks

          TBH I've rarely faced any major problems unless I want to do something more resource intensive / need to load something (like data) into ram.

          Has been a great device overall.

      • Based on @duncancan's comment below, my issue might have something to do with low swap space, rather than ram (as I've never upgraded the included 128gb drive).

    • 8gb ram is not enough to run android subsystem :(

      • Android subsystem runs on my surface go with only 4gb ram. Though I'm only using it for Tachiyomi and not running games.

    • Windows 10/11 ate quite a lot of RAM. Even on 16GB I was constantly tip-toeing around 9-10GB in usage with only office usages.

    • Running Windows 10 with Slack, Spotify, Teams, Chrome in the background while watching a Youtube video and running eclipse on 6 year older version of this with 128gb/8gb , I had no issues. Just as any other windows machine, eventually
      got got slower, but thats like older cpu and been using windows for while without refreshed.
      For $638, this is a good buy, back in the days I paid like $1200.
      Do you really going to upgrade something that is $638?? Seriously?

    • Is the ram not upgradeable?

  • +1

    Have one at work and the dock drives me crazy. Also the older version I had overheated and melted the glue which holds the display onto the body, apparently a common issue. I'd stay away from these, although at this price I would consider buying and just know it will only last a few years. Prob better off buying a more sturdy laptop though.

    • I would personally never buy a Surface product, even if it is half this price. I’ve gone through two of these and a original Surface Book from work, all shat itself with the same power issue. Surface Pro 7 was replaced under warranty from M$ last year and even the replacement died last month and is now out of warranty.

    • What's wrong with the dock? Easy to plug in and it turns my work station to a 3-screen setup

      • When I unplug it and use it in a meeting, when I get back to my desk it will never work first time (in a closed position). I have to open it open with the dock connected and then close it. Sometimes it doesn't connect properly too, I will get weird things happening on the screen or it will switch my monitors around.

  • +6

    I recently discovered that these can be used as a wireless display when paired with another Windows laptop. Pretty handy for a portable screen for things like Spotify (you can run a USB C cable from your laptop to Surface to charge the battery up)

    • What are you using for that?
      Tried it with the native windows app but found it to be very slow and stuttery

      • Just the native app (Connect to a Wireless Display) on master computer with "Wireless Display" optional feature installed on target machine (under Projecting to this PC).

        It's not as good as wired connection but is good enough for me (say to monitor Spotify and skip songs you don't like). If WiFi drops out, it disconnects and you have to manually start projecting again (quite annoying - I wish it had a grace period of a minute to give a chance for computers to get back onto WiFi).

  • +3

    I have a similar surface product that i use as a secondary laptop and its perfect for my use case.

    Very light and portable (1kg with keyboard, macbook air are 1.2kg as a reference) i leave it in my backpack most of the time sometime forget it's there
    Webcam picture quality is great as it is 1080p
    Can use it for light photoshop and lightroom on the go, wouldnt use for video editing though

    As others said, i wouldnt use it as a main laptop for heavy tasks.

  • +26

    Great tablet, awesome price. Wife has one for medical degree studies and it's perfect. 20 chrome tabs, some Edge tabs, video tutes, PowerPoint for notes and making study guides, and no issues with RAM.

    I say this contrary to the 8GB obsessed crew who pop up every time this goes on sale. OzBers usually have great advice but in this case it's been a miss - I don't know if it's through theorycrafting, or poor experience with previous devices, or what. Please don't drive off buyers unnecessarily as I nearly missed this one based on what I was reading from that vocal bunch. 8GB / 128GB has been enough for the above use, and I imagine most realistic/reasonable uses and users will also be just fine.

    If you're expecting a gaming laptop, video production rig, or 4k HDR+ media consumption, this is not for you (and you need to double/triple your budget).

    This is a brilliant and insanely affordable Windows based productivity or study tablet. Buy with that in mind and you will love it.

    • Someone who actually has one
    • +7

      I agree with this.
      I have the exact same model and have had no issues or ever felt like it was struggling. Its not primary for work but love to bring it with me when I travel.
      Some people needs to understand that everyone has different requirements.

      I work in IT and there is not one brand i would recommend over another. We've had issues with Apple, Dell, MS, Lenovo and HP.
      Employees do not intend to look after the companies devices as much as their own. Laptops were designed to be portable and use while travelling and not at home, plugged into a dock 24/7.
      At my workplace, they have installed lots of security and monitoring applications that impacts performances. Hence why i think its unfair to say "that brand is crap cause i had issues with it at work."

      • +2

        My work 50% of CPU constantly used by security and everyone complains about the hardware being bad, it's not it's the security software turning the laptops into little heaters.

    • +2

      I have the same model. have chrome with 20+ tabs (tiny suspender) or edge running with lots of tabs.
      Excel and onenote running on device to take notes, etc.
      Run dual 4k monitors via a Dell d6000 usb dock -> which should load the device up more than the native microsoft dock.

      Device works fine. Have teams in background, but work requires citrix, so teams calls are screen share on citrix, and voice on mobile device.

      SP7+ has removable 2230 SSD. You can buy some of them on Amazon.com.au. NB: Most of the 2230 SSDs seem to be pulled from other devices.

      high cpu work, or very hot days, the device may throttle as there are no fans. In an airconditioned hotel room or office, works fine.

      I also have a m1 macbook air with 16gb of ram. The surface pro 3 keyboard is worse than the macbook air.

      For work, the Pro7+ is better (work uses windows, so all the hotkeys, etc are 'natural'. I prefer the surface pro screen and pen input/touch. Also prefer using external ergonoic keyboard, so keyboard doesn't matter too much for me.


    • 100% agree… every single time, without fail, people bring up 8GB of RAM as the end of the world because their use case of 50 Chrome tabs is definitely how everyone uses a $638 12.3" tablet.

      Which is fine if that's how you use it… but horses for courses. For the intended use case of on-the-go work/entertainment, 8GB of RAM is plenty for the typical single active task you'd be able to fit on a 12.3" screen + a handful of background processes.

  • +2

    Hmm, I'd stay away from MS Surface products. Expect warranty claims or worst faulty products after 12mths.
    Just from past experience from work, where we had 1000s issued to employees and now swapped to Dell products.

    • +1

      I work in IT and worked with both Dell and Microsoft.
      We always purchased extended warranties for the Surfaces and never really had many issues.
      Microsoft would ship replacements by courier and you would ship back the faulty one in the same box. Was easy as.
      Dell make you jump through too many hoops and run through timewasting BS troubleshooting before they will even consider sending a tech to replace parts.

  • My small business and household have been using surface tablets since the first RT!

    Rate their reliability highly [not perfect but what is and at THIS price..excellent]

    We do need type cover keyboard deals……

  • Good price, paid $666 in the previous deal.

  • +1

    Just be aware if your computer turns up faulty this store will not offer a new replacement and waste your time to the absolute max

    • You can't take it into a physical Microsoft store?

      • +1

        It depends on if they have stock. But you definitely will be getting a refurb replacement, no way they will repair it.

        Went to the Pitt St Store in Sydney last week since one of our users damaged their 7+. They didn't have stock so we have to deal with Microsoft online to get it returned.

  • +1

    Can you plug two HDMI monitors?

    • Yes, very easy using the dock. I use Dell dock to connect 2 monitors via HDMI.

      • The dock it comes with supports two HDMI monitors at the same time?

        • Yep.

          • @buddysayshi: Maybe I am blind but what dock comes with the tablet? I could only find this:
            What’s in the box
            Surface Pro 7+
            Power Supply
            Quick Start Guide
            Safety and warranty documents
            Any links for recommended docks?

            • +1

              @Heiks9000: Dock doesn't come with the tablet. You need to buy it separately. I use the following dock.

              • +1

                @buddysayshi: Thanks :)
                It just feels crazy to me that the dock costs 50% of the tablet price.

                • +1

                  @Heiks9000: I got a dual monitor USB C dock off marketplace for $30, and that's not super uncommon. If you're not worried about interoperability with non surface devices you should be able to get a surface dock gen 1 for maybe a smidge over $50, that's what I'd go with to make use of the magnetic connector

  • +12

    Excellent deal for an excellent device. I'll add my voice to the minority chorus that 8GB is actually fine on this device for day-to-day use. I purchased this exact same model with another deal a few months ago, expecting it to be something I used every now and then, but I've been surprised to find it's become my daily driver. I usually have three separate desktops open on this machine, each with several tabs: I usually have Jupyter Notebook running, plus a web-based IDE, plus a note-taking app plus other general browser tabs and textbooks that are usually in the form of ~1,000-page PDFs. And it handles that all…fine! I will say that I've upgraded the SSD from 128GB to 512GB and I think that may have slightly increased performance, or I might be imagining it. Still, the extra storage is useful - 128GB is a bit tight. Find a 512GB m.2 2230 SSD online and swap it over - it's not difficult at all, though note that you'll need to clone the original SSD or reinstall Windows.

    I will also say that on the hardware side I've been consistently impressed by how nice a device it is. Screen is great, webcam is excellent quality, Windows Hello works flawlessly (unlike my Lenovo laptop where it takes several seconds to recognise my face), and it's extremely light - mirroring what krezii said, I just keep it in my bag and don't even know it's there. I've previously owned a Surface 3 (non-Pro) and a 1st-gen Surface Go, as well as having a Surface Pro 3 through work at one stage, and I feel this newer 7+ model has a much better "just-works" quality those older models lacked. It certainly runs warm, being fanless, but the only time I've ever had it overtly throttle is when running Linux which is (probably - I'm guessing here) not as well optimised to manage power usage.

    • Can I use this to upgrade SSD?


      • +1

        Yep this one looks good! Great deal too. It just has to be an NVMe m.2 2230, which this is.

        Edit: looking through some comments of that post, apparently someone has had issues with that drive and the SP8, so I guess there’s no guarantee. The one I bought (on eBay) was (sorry for the caps, just pasting here) a KIOXIA BG4 SSD 512GB M.2 2230 KBG40ZNS512G NVMe

    • Oh! This is good to know.

      I have this device and have come up against issues when using it for data analysis (which I'd thought was a ram issue). But I haven't upgraded the drive so maybe the issue related to swap space.

  • So tempted but not sure why I need it. Already own a SP5 without issue but it was my second device for web browsing and office productivity. If I don't own any Surface, I do recommend it to buyer.

  • I read that the bezels are larger than the later models and is actually good for holding it without accidentally pressing on the screen.

  • Any cover that is good for this? Don't really need a keyboard as I just want to draw and sketch stuff.

  • +1

    I have one of these from $800ish deal last year with the type cover. Has been my daily home driver since. Absolutely 0 issues. Connects to a USBC dock and drives a 34" and 27" in portrait flawlessly.

    No regrets for my use case which is office, chrome/FF and Spotify.
    Has been great for on the road ECU tuning/logging as well.

  • +1

    Note that this has no fan so it can only cool its power hungry Intel processor passively. On a hot day with prolonged or intensive use (such as MS team) it will throttle and be slow

  • What's this like compared to a:
    Raspberry pi4 (greate for efficiency on deployment)
    Asus Rog 5 phone(Swiss army knife)
    Professional drawing tablet.(as the name says)

    As: qvinto quotes:"
    Note that this has no fan so it can only cool its power hungry Intel processor passively. On a hot day with prolonged or intensive use (such as MS team) it will throttle and be slow"

    That's a negative.

  • Anyone got a guide how to swap the SSD?
    Do you need to clone or can you extract the windows key?

    • Windows key is tied to UUID no need to put it in anywhere.
      SSD swap is sim ejector pin and a screwdriver. However 2230 SSDs are expensive in comparison.

      • Learn something new everyday, so just swap 2230 SSD and download iso from Microsoft and install?

        • Yep especially if you are starting fresh. If I were to to upgrade id do a bare metal restore from Veeam.
          Be up and running in under 1/2 hour.

  • Can anyone confirm if you can sign up to eBay plus for a month to access the deal and then cancel?

    • +1

      Yes, sign up and then cancel and your still get the 30days of eBay plus

  • +3

    Thanks for the encouraging comments @duncancan and @Rogue01. Bought for my wife for her studies. I was not going to buy because of the initial comments about 8GB ram. I know too that it is not enough for heavy lifting. But to be honest, we just needed something that can last longer with very light tasks like checking emails, browse internet, etc.
    We don't have to always get the top notch. I am learning to be satisfied with minimal here.. Thank you.

  • I am typing this using a SP7-i5 and although it is a decent machine I am unhappy about the mouse. Its been giving me issues and I have tried many fixes but won't last long. Have to resort to an external mouse.

    • +3

      Unhappy about the mouse? What mouse?

  • Any Suggestions on a surface keyboard that I should get with this? Where can I get one that is compatible with surface pro 7?

    • +1

      An OzBer from the afterpay deal mentioned the BRYDGE 12.3 Pro+ Wireless Keyboard @ amazon. They got it while it was on sale but I just did a quick check and seems it has bounced back up to $150. IIRC, they said it was a pretty good keyboard, but doesn't double up as a cover.

      • I ended up buying directly from Microsoft. $179 (With student discount). It arrived today. Supposed to come on Friday but DHL messed up at their end.

  • How long does it last on battery generally?

  • Thanks OP. Have been looking at alternatives to replace my aging laptop. Good deal and good enough for my needs.

  • Does eBay issue a tax invoice ?

    I am going overseas soon.

    • -1

      Where overseas are you going?

      • +1

        I'm going to Japan soon if that helps?

    • +1

      I purchased the Surface Pro from this deal
      Emailed Microsoft via Ebay messages last night asking for Tax Invoice and received response with picture file of Tax Invoice this morning
      Has all information required on Tax Invoice
      GST Amount is $72.55

  • Anyone clued on prices to replace the screen? Accidently cracked a small chip on the side its a pro x

    • +1

      Microsoft made these to be not servicable. It's a difficult process to replace the screen, so the repair costs are high. Handle with care.

      Here's some indiciative prices from a Sydney repair shop.

      • Surface Pro X $450
      • Surface Pro 7 Plus $400
      • Surface Pro 7 $380
      • Surface Pro 6 $350
      • Surface Pro 5 $350
      • Surface Pro 4 $350
      • Surface Pro 3 $350
      • Surface 3 $300
  • I bought this deal, had it for a few weeks now, no complaints..

  • Has anyone received their Surface if you purchased from this deal? If so how long did it take?
    I am having difficulties dealing with Microsoft to get mine delivered.

    • Came back to the thread with this same question. Mine was supposed to arrive today yet only has tracking information provided, hasn't actually been shipped yet.

      • +1

        Same, I got a tracking number day after purchase(22nd March) , but parcel still has not been collected from Microsoft by DHL. Microsoft eBay "customer service" say they have to lodge investigation with DHL to locate the parcel, even though DHL have not collected it from Microsoft… Frustrating.

        • +1

          I purchased on the same day. So I'm in the exact same boat as you except i never contacted customer service. Let me know if you have any luck with them. Maybe i should do the same.

        • Ordered mine on the 21st, but mine's in the same situation. Seems like they're probably waiting to do a batch dispatch.

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