Simple and Affordable Suit Alteration in Sydney CBD


I've got a suit jacket which is a nice fit except for the arm length. It's a touch long, and so was wondering if anyone had recommendations on where I could get a simple jacket sleeve shortening done in the Sydney CBD? Don't need a high-end bespoke tailor, just someone who would do a good job at a fair price.

Thank you!


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    I had the same problem. There were a few shops in Wynyard station (near Hunter St entrance) that did alterations. Both suit jacket sleeves for $10 but that was a while back. Good job. Couldn't tell it was altered. Only thing was that the sleeve had 4 buttons and the price only included restitching of 3 buttons. I offered to pay extra to restich the 4th button but they said they couldn't do it - said their boss didn't allow it. Looks fine with 3 buttons so left it at that. Price probably gone up now and not sure if they are still there as they renovated Wynyard station a few years ago. Make sure know how short you want the sleeves, ie, do you prefer the shirt sleeve to be showing with arm by your side or not.

    • Thanks for that! Sounds like Hunter Connection is the place to go.

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        Just went to Hunter connection this morning and found Sydney Metro had closed it for renovations since 20 March. Not sure where all the shops relocated.

        • Thanks for the update, much appreciated!

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    Go to TCD dry cleaning in the Hunter Connection - they do alterations in the back. Best dry cleaners and alterations in the CBD.

    • Thanks, though I couldn't find TCD on Google. Suspect they might have closed. Do you know if they're still around?

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        Yup, still there - owned and run by an older Asian family so not much online going on.

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