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Hey OzBz :)

I recently got a tablet and want to get an amaysim pay as you go sim for it… I was registering online when I saw that if I was referred, the referer and the referee both get $10 bonus credit! Unfortunately, none of my friends have amaysim (yet).

I'll need your mobile number to get this done. You can PM me to keep it our little secret ;)


Mod: Add your referral links to the wiki page My Account. See announcement

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      Ah the legendary greenpossum… Stealthy to the chase; quick to kill. The referral is yours :) Cheers everyone!

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      Hehe. It pays to be on OzBargain at odd hour of the night…

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    Any chance someone can send me their Amaysim number so I can use it as a referral and we both get $10 free? Thanks

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    Thanks. Someone just messaged me and I've got a number now.

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    Hi folks,

    i bought a sim card and if anyone wants to be referred, please send an email with your number, so we get both the 10$


    • Hi,

      can you send me your Amaysim number so we can both get $10? Thanks

      • hi

  • I'm an Amaysim customer so let me know if you need a referral number via a message.


  • If anyone's looking for someone to refer, I'm looking for a referral as well. Just message me. Cheers

    • I didn't end up getting a referral number from anyone, but I've got an Amaysim number now so I'm happy to refer anyone that wants it. Just message me. Cheers

  • Hi, im looking to sign up to amaysim - can someone refer me , pls msg me!

  • I got one now, thanks

  • need a referal too thanks

  • if anyone needs a referral just pm i have plenty of sims

  • I can refer if anyone needs, just send me a PM and ill get back to you in a matter of minutes ;)

  • I'm looking for a referral number, pm me your number!

  • Here you go. Let me know if it works! (MOD EDIT : Use PM not your phone number please)

  • OK Amaysim 40% OFF is up now for Unlimited

    CODE — UNL0840

    Note Referral T&Cs here :

    So 40$ Amaysim Unlimited for 1 month for $23.94 + extra 10$ recharge after your 1st Recharge.
    Cheap International calls can be made using the extra recharges and Bonus that one gets. Also can you used for next months Amaysim renewal for either Unlimited or even to Flexi Plan.

  • hey, i'm going to activate my new number soon, so if you send me your number we both can receive 10$ credit…

  • Hi I am also about to register with amaysim and see this option pop up

    PM me your amaysim number and we both get $10 credit.

  • PM a number so we both get a credit please (syd) if matters

  • Hey all amaysim customers, the first of you to pm me your mobile number will get $10 applied to your account, same as the guys above. Thanks, it saves me $10 too :)

  • Same here, another new customer able to register a referral amaysim number for dual benefit. Let me know! Cheers.

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    Hi, i think i had my PM switched off, so if anyone interested in sharing their mobile number for the referral $10 credit, let me know. Cheers.

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    Ok, mission accomplished. Thanks to OzBargain, this forum & it's members!

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    Another new customer able to register a referral amaysim number for dual benefit. Let me know! Cheers.

    • Sent you a PM with my number.

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    Another New customer here…pls let me know yr number..

    • Sent you a message with my number. Check your messages under "My Account"

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    can someone send me their credit card details so I can get an amaysim sim. thanks

    • Friday night……

  • New Customer. Usual drill. Can anyone please send me their Amaysim number via PM for the mutual $10 credit. Cheers everyone

  • Just saw that the referral reward is now down to $5. I guess the campaign was getting too successful.

  • Hi all, im just setting up an amaysim account, if anyone could pm me a refferal phone number it b appreciated. Cheers!

  • PM is activated, please send number. Im using another promo url also.
    Your privacy will be respected, many thanks! Xoxo

  • Hiya OzB's. Can some one PM me a referral number? Thanks -EDIT -Thanks, no longer required!

  • Me too, Can some one PM me a referral number?
    UPDATE: thanks buddy, I will activate my SIM when I arrive in oz next month

  • Hi all,

    can someone send me a referral number? I just bought a SIM and want to activate online.

  • U need to have comments enabled to let people tell you their number…..I'm happy to help you out besddimo!

    • did you mean PMs? I changed it from my settings.

      • pm'd my details! Cheers.

  • Can someone pm me referral number for bonus credit please?

    • I used greenpossum's link to register my sim but did not any credit :(

      • Thanks. I saw your request but didn't PM because I felt that others should have a chance. You should get the credit eventually. If you have no credit at the moment, it will be added when you recharge, if I read the conditions correctly. Also I haven't not received any SMS about bonus credit so it may take a while to go through the system.

        I got some credits I wasn't expecting in the past so I think some kind strangers have been using my referral link, so I believe the link still works.

  • Has this gone back up to $10?

    Anyone want to refer me? :)

    • You can use my referral link above if you are a nice person. :)

      • I am a nice person. :)

        • Thanks for being a nice person. :D But please check the conditions to get the referral credit. I wrote below what I think the situation is; you have to order the SIM from Amaysim using the referral link but you can get the recharge from anywhere.

        • I clicked on your link and ordered a sim from them online… I think it should work. :)

          I also bought the 1GB data pack for $9.90 (they were going to charge $5 for the sim anyway, so getting the data pack waives the $5 fee) and separately ordered $99.90 (10GB) top up from DSE. I think this should therefore last for 13 months.

        • Hi nice person amelyn,

          I got $10 bonus credit today. I think that would be you? Enjoy your credit too!

        • Yes, that would be me. Strange though. I bought the $9.90 data pack, but now they say I have got not just $20 credit but 1GB of data as well. Would have thought all up it would have been the data + $10 or just $20 credit.

        • Sssh, just keep it to yourself, in case any Amaysim reps are reading, and enjoy it. :)

    • According to the referrals page:

      Our refer a friend reward is only available online using your personalised link. It’s simple and easy to tell all of your friends so you can earn more $ credit faster.

      So back to $10 but I guess can't be done by quoting a mobile number. And deeper down it says:

      We track the SIMs that are ordered from your referral. You will get $10 for each friend when they join amaysim and use their service for the first time.

      So it looks like it only works if a SIM is purchased online using the referral link, and rules out getting gift credit by recharging a SIM bought in a shop. It has always been the case that the referee has to make the first recharge to get the gift credit, i.e. you don't get it right after a referral, you get it added to your existing credit after first use.

      Maybe these tightened conditions are why some people are not getting referral credit.

      Anyway my link remains the same as above.

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      Hi there! I am switching to amaysim probably next Monday. What I need to do is the click on your link and then just proceed? Can I do so my keeping my current number? How do I get my SIM card then? Thanks!

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        Yes you'll just need to click on one of those referral links when you order your SIM. You can choose to port over your existing number on "Step 2" of the ordering process. The number won't be ported to your new SIM until you have (1) received the SIM and (2) activate it.

        • Thanks for the reply. So nice. Just click it and both of us will get $10 credit for free. Does it mean that I have to choose where to collect my SIM during my porting process?

        • Yes - what Scotty said. Pay close attention to the steps.
          You only get one chance to port your number. I made a mistake with this but amaysim, in their kindness, sent me out another sim for free.

        • +1

          OK Thanks. Can't wait to switch over next week. :)

        • Yes, and remember you don't get $10 bonus credit on the new SIM when it arrives. You get it on first use, which means you have to pay for the first recharge.

        • Good luck with that. I have found amaysim to be excellent -even their call centre assistance for my own stupidity was great!

        • I have been successfully transferred to Amaysim! Hope you got your credit and enjoy it! :)

  • Considering we now use a link for referral instead of mobile number does anyone know if there is a way to get referral credits for starter packs not bought online?
    Thanks in advance

    • Via PM. Check your messages.

      • Could you please send me this information too?
        I bought a few SIM packs during a recent promo at 7-11. Is there a way to get referral credit when activating those?

  • Please pm me if you need a referral bonus :)

  • Please pm me if you need the $10 credit referral bonus i have many accounts

  • If anyone needs a referral just PM me. Please. Really need one.


  • I bought a SIM pack during a recent promo at 7-11. Is there a way to get referral credit when activating these?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • i think you are meant to do it at the time of purchase as most of those free promo 7-11 sims already come activated. i guess you can always try and call to tell them you got referred and my no. if you want to try your luck pm me and ill PM you my tel number that you can use it to try and get the $10 credit referral bonus . btw i only just put one of the promo sims in the phone recently and amaysim were good enough to extend the expiry after i got an sms from them saying they noticed that i only started using the sim they posted out a month ago today lol. but for the second sim i wasnt so lucky it came already activated so i lost most of the month.

  • I'm gonna switch to Amaysim, is there anyone who hasn't had a referral yet that would like one.

    Don't be a hog of you've already been credited with the $10 bonus, let someone else get it too.

    • Sent you a message - hope you received it.

  • Why are some of the referral links above deleted by the moderator, but not others?

    • Recently we've implemented automated removing comments containing referral links, but that did not touch the older comments. I have now removed older referral links.

  • I'm joining amaysim too - can someone give me a referral code thanks

  • edit: referral credit appeared just after midnight EST, after the new account was first used.

  • Referral code plz? Long time lurker just joined to get this discount, though the cashback was tempting.

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      Try enabling messages in "my account"_> settings.

      • nvm …………….

        • yep, remembered and removed it before you replied. sorry.

          Would it be OK to tell people to go to Whirlpool for referrals?

      • Ty for the advice, enabled msg. you guys are fast repliers.

    • +1

      @ mokr , use the search function and look for amaysim, you'll find heaps of referral links

  • Let's trial using a wiki page to put your referral links for Amaysim. Add yours here to the bottom of the list.

  • Thats sounds like a good solution - thanks Neil!

  • I have my sim from Coles for $2. If I follow link It will ask me to buy new sim. My is not activated yet. I just need a referral.thank you.

  • If anyone wants to be referred in PM me

  • -1

    whoever needs a amaysim referral, no need to wait for someone to pm you . Ozbargain members amaysim referral links can be found in the Wiki here ->

  • just added mine to the wiki page FYI :) :)

  • How does it work now? The wiki page doesn't exist anymore.

    • See here. It's in My Account.

      • that's a pretty great system. Thank you.

        When editing my account, I've noticed that in "settings" there was already an Amaysim referral code (not mine). Is it a default one that belongs to this website owner?
        Or whose is it?
        If i didn't edit it into mine, I would have referred people on behalf of someone else.

        • Scott would have transferred all the entries from the wiki page into the referral system. Is the one listed on the above linked wiki not the same one listed in the referral system for yourself? Can you quote the friend number?

        • this is the ID next to my username in that old wiki page: 147672

          it is not mine. some other user must have changed it.

          and yes, that id was automatically inserted in my account.

          i have now changed it with my real referral id.

          thanks for the clarification.

          no wonder i hadn't referred anyone from this site in the last few months! :)

        • it is not mine. some other user must have changed it.

          Yeah. That was one of the problems of having everyone edit that page.

          I see where it happened. A spammer came through and added his link as well as changing yours

        • ha! hope that user gets blocked!

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