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Durex Thin Feel Latex Condoms Regular Fit, Pack of 30 $9.51 First S&S Delivery Only + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Great deal to lock in monthly supply of condoms. 20% coupon applied at checkout (for maximum of 1 pack) for your first Subscribe & Save delivery only.

Ultra thin where it's needed most for even greater sensitivity, from the world's no 1 condom brand
20 percent thinner on average than Durex regular condoms while still providing a high level of security and protection
Transparent and lubricated natural rubber latex condoms
Nominal width: 52mm
Using Durex play gels and massage gels can enhance sex, please refer to the individual lubricant instructions for details of suitability with condoms

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +40

    Thanks OP. Bought a pack for the next 5 years.

    • +5


      • -1

        If you are still alive

      • That a lot

    • +8

      stop flexing on the typical Ozbargainers who buys this for the next 30 years.

    • +2

      Wow, heavy user! At first I thought this deal was for roll-on. Wait, it is 😝

    • +1

      Married ?

  • +1

    For every day use for a month.

    • +8

      if you're gona use it for that, might as well buy tissue. way cheaper.

      • +5

        Happy fathers day

  • +16

    Are these available in extra small size? Asking for a friend…

    • +18

      Just fold them in half

    • +8

      Better get Clearsil anti pimple cream.

    • +7

      Get yourself some rubber gloves and scissors… works out better value.

    • just pop in microwave for 10 seconds

      allow 120 seconds to cool down before use

  • +3

    No glove, no love

    • +1

      If it's not on it's NOT ON !

      • +2

        Don't be silly cover your willy.

        • Wrap it to have it

    • If you don’t have the rubber then you can’t hubba hubba

  • +2

    Any discounts for people from VIC?

    • +8

      Victorians have given up on masks and other types of coverings

    • +1

      Didn't Dan Andrews say use of these is mandatory for the next 3 mths? Don't forget to sign in the QR code.

      • Did they print the code on the latex?

  • roll on the comments or the franger

  • +3

    What Is this ?

    • +11

      It's like Iron Man's suit, gives you the power to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Suit up!

    • +1

      It's like a handkerchief. Put it on your nose with some velcro and it catches your snot.

  • Any discount on extra large ones?

    • +6

      Dear "Mr Kinky Dog", the regular human size is equivalent to a 7XL "dog" size, so I as an "XL" puppy dog size you'll be swimming in these big fellas, I hope this helps with your enquire …. :)

      • What

      • +6

        I hope, in the twelve hours that have passed since you said this, you have sought therapy.

    • Good luck, and everyone on here gets upset when you mention it cos they all got small D's.

  • +6

    This $9.51 spent will get me going for years to cum. Until they expire

    • Surely you can use them after expiry too? Whats the worst that can happen…

      • +14

        Child support payments

      • +2

        At quarter million a pop nowadays, you better make sure they're fresh and not expired.

  • Just a reminder to anyone like me who does not buy this regularly - regular size Durex is 52mm regular size Lifestyles is 54mm. If you struggle putting on Lifestyle - don't bother with Durex it will be a nightmare.

    • +3

      Few! Never going to be an issue for me! #DurexAllTheWay

    • Amazon error. The box on amazon pic and Durex website say 54mm. Durex Originals in regular fit are 56mm and they don't have a standard size for regular.

      • Oh ok sorry for the confusion, in that case should not make much difference. I just remember that for some reason Durex is harder to put on. It could be due to their "classic" shape.

    • Basically for small D.

  • Are these ones any good?
    I switched to "Skyn" not because of a latex allergy, but because of how darn naked they feel.

    Are these "thins" actually less condom-feeling than regular?

    • +1

      I spent years thinking thinner was better. It turned out that getting adequate nominal width felt thinner. Different brands and ranges within brands have different widths.

    • Word. Skyns are amazing.

      • which type? original, elite, etc?

  • Raw dog or nuthing

  • +2

    One is a lifetime supply for me

  • Lifetime supply, thanks OP. Ribbed, 'pleasure me' also same price.

  • Op dont you mean S&M?

  • Has anyone tried Naked brand?

  • I'll always link this clip under these posts, as it sums up the comments to a tee

  • +3

    Sweet deal, I use these when I'm feeling posh.

  • +17

    How come whenever someone posts a condom deal, everyone suddenly reverts to being 14 years old?

    • +6

      12 for me.

      Puberty kicked in early

      • -5

        But why would you want to act like a 12/13/14 year old?

        • +24

          You must be a new member. Welcome to ozbargain condom post

          • -3

            @HolyCr4p: I’ve been a member for 15 years and I always think the jokes on condom and period products are just sad. There’s never even any originality.

            • +7

              @PainToad: I guess ppl keep coming(!) just in case originality turns up

              That, plus it’s getting really hard…to resist these deals 🥴

              • +1

                @Lps: Sometimes you just got to take the risk and just put it in (the jokes).

                Once you’re in it’s hard to pull out and you just got to keep continuing (with the jokes)

    • +1
  • -2

    No extra extra large fit. Bugger.

    • +1

      No extra extra 'thick' feel. Bugger

  • Pack of 12 for $4.40, for anyone having a different size from their son(s)

  • +6

    I just came for the comments. :)

    • +10

      I just came.

      • +1

        High 5.

        • +1

          Sorry, it's sticky.

          • -1

            @AnKu: Well you just ruined it.

  • +1

    No 5 years option on “Deliver every” dropdown menu.

  • +1

    Is it reusable?

    • yes just put it on again, make one stretch out two uses.

  • Can't see if free returns?

    • +1

      Try and you’re not happy return after 30 days ?

  • +3

    I'll bite…. Mother's Day present sorted.

  • Nah, I still have the unopened pack I got cheap through OB 2 years ago. Still have 3 years before expiry date to get lucky.

  • -1

    Never find a sale on 60mm+, and even more difficult to find ultra thin in the larger sizes.

  • +1

    I wonder how they do product testing?

  • I'm a big believer in positive thinking so I did a monthly "subscribe & save".
    According to Amazon every 5 months is the most common subscription.

  • +1

    Laughing in Virgin.

  • +1

    still waiting to use the free pack they gave me at "O" week at uni 25 years ago

  • “Great deal to lock in monthly supply of condoms.”

    I can’t tell if OP is serious or not.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 1. The missus and I sorted for the next 30 years of our lives.

  • Are they available in extra large fit size?

  • Dont worry boys. I ve been told size doesnt matter.

  • -2

    Any bargains on XXXL size?

  • Came here for the comments. Was not disappointed

  • do condoms expire?

  • lock in monthly supply of condoms

    Or after the 1st year of marriage, a Lifetime supply of condoms..
    #itsatrap :)

  • it

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