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AFL Footy Star IOS & Android "Free Normally $1.99"


To celebrate those who have made the finals in Supercoach and Dreamteam i have decided to make Footy Star Free for Download on both IOS and Android. Those who want to have live SC and DT scores will sureley need Footy Star to manage the stress of the first week of finals.

The IOS App Store seems to of synced to FREE but the Google Play store seems to be taking its time.


Good luck People and i hope the remander of the Fantasy Season doesnt cause you too many Heart Attacks.

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  • how do you sleep at night, feeding off our addiction to fantasy footy games - shame on you.

    and thanks for the freebie.

  • Great app.
    I'd like to place an early order for a free one next year as well :)

  • +1 vote

    haha maybe next year i will go back to FREE and get some sponsors to pay for a banner? I will see what options come up but you must admit $1.99 was a cracking price :)

    You boys make finals? SC or DT?

    • DT finals in my league of friends plus Maxy and the Dr. Finished top in it by 0.09% but just an average punter in the overall scheme of things.
      Had not played for a few years and your app has been a winner for gathering info, especially the news from various sites.

    • regretably going out in straight sets due to a lack of trades - topped the ladder, games & percentage clear but that means nothing in sept - or august as it is. biggest bragging rights there is at work.

  • Best app going around! Just got it! If i knew there was a app like this i would have paid $2 no probs. if u made it free & got a major sponsor (like footy & rugby live) it would be a popular free app.

  • +2 votes

    Fingers crossed all the new users dont cause the Server to catch fire and burn. Hard to get sponsors for apps as the big corporate companies still like burning $ on website advertising. They dont realise the value in app advertising yet.

  • you bloody legend mate!

  • Are the SC scores actually live, or provided after the match? Hoping it's better than the herald sun one.


    How you finding the app Beerpara, doing what you need?

  • Awesome - great app!


    Thanks everyone. Looks like the Server managed the huge increase in users. Hope everyone got a win in there first week of finals. I went 0-3 in all my leagues but have a 2nd chance.