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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 in-Ear Headphones $259 + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Good price for the TW3. Available in both black and white. They are well reviewed as well. Free shipping for kogan first members.

Link for black in Op

Link for white

Hope this helps some of us

As always, enjoy!

Product description from website:

Discover unrivalled high-fidelity sound with the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 In-Ear Headphones’ TrueResponse technology. Listen to high resolution wireless audio like never before as aptX Adaptive codec lets you hear every detail.
Crystal-clear sound
TrueResponse technology
Adaptive noise cancellation
Bluetooth connectivity
IPX4 splash resistant
Up to 28 hours of play time with charging case

Experience adaptive noise cancellation
Next-generation adaptive noise cancellation automatically adjusts the level of noise cancelling when the noise level in your environment changes.
Transparency mode
Stay in touch with your surroundings and bring back the world at a touch with the Transparency Mode.

Three advanced microphones
Talk with a crystal-clear voice thanks to 3 noise cancelling microphones on each earbud that make sure people only hear you and not your surroundings.
High quality voice pick-up
From phone calls to voice assistant access, with Sennheiser’s high-quality voice pick-up you have it all under control.

Supported by ultimate comfort
The IPX4 splash resistant design ensures that these earbuds keep up with your life at all times.
All day long
Keep on listening. You have 7 hours of battery life and 28 hours of overall play time, when using the case to charge on the go. Recharging the case is simple thanks to QI wireless charging support.

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  • This apparently gives great SQ according to multiple review sites?

    However is it a worthy and noticeable upgrade from Sony WF-1000XM4 in terms of SQ?

    • I owned the Sennheiser Momentum 3's for a good month or so before a mic on the right earbud broke. lucky me because I was wanting to return them.
      I chose them over the wf-1000xm4's because I had read in reviews they 'sounded' better. Also i've had experience with Sennheiser (hd600's, hd800's and ie80's) and i expected the momentums3's to be on pare with the old ie80's but wireless (same price ~$300). boy was i wrong.
      Knowing what I know now. if you care about sound, stay with wired. Otherwise prepare to pay up and buy something like the 'noble fokus mystique true wireless earphones' (the bose 700 is also quite nice, although still $$).

      -Sound quality: It lacks a lot of clarity. There is a good amount of bass but it is very muddy, what is kind of the theme across the whole range. Put it into perspective the AKG's that came free with my samsung smartphone sounded better to me personally. Unfortantely that wasn't the worst thing about them.
      -The Tech: It constantly hung up on people mid call, connection issues, and when it was working flawlessly the mic quality for calls was unacceptable. barely survivable in a dead quiet room. And the sound cancelling was serviceable, not class leading (like the rest of the headphone).
      -oh and they broke within 4 weeks. The sales rep was very unsurprised when i took them back, despite it being a monday I was not the first to return a set that week

  • Bought a pair in December, one earbud became faulty by March, couldn't be repaired just got a refund yesterday.

    Really bad fit regardless of what I tried as well, whilst all Jabras I have owned and now a Bose pair fit like champs.
    Also really fiddly compared to others when using them and not picking up where you left off when recording a sound clip or joining a voice call then expecting to go back to play music.

  • I purchased these in November 2022 from Amazon.

    I mainly went with them due to their reputation for having good sound quality, but I wouldn't get them again.

    Firstly, the ANC isn't great and has a tendency to let out a squeeling sound. Originally this seemed to mainly happen when I was running a tap (such as when I'm listening to something while washing the dishes). However, recently I've had this occur whenever adaptive noise cancelling is on.

    Secondly, they're quite bulky and don't fit well (regardless of the earpiece I use).

    In terms of sound quality, they're good. But not as good as pairing some reasonable quality IEMs with something like the Fiio BTR5. Although tbh I'm not sure how accurate my assessments of sound quality are (based on the last A/B tests I've done).

    • +1

      that squeeling sound is a fault, mine got worse and worse, took them back and they said it can't be repaired, got a refund and never again

      • Yeah, I figured it was a fault. Didn't know it was so common.

        As Amazon Australia refers you to the manufacturer I've only just made a warranty claim today. But, this behaviour is definitely not what you'd expect from a $200+ set of earphones

  • I'd rate these 6/10. If you're an iPhone user I'd genuinely recommend the AirPods Pro 2 over these. For context, I bought a pair of Momentum TW3 in May 2022 and have used them heavily since then.

    The Bad

    1. Connectivity issues with iPhone: The connection isn't seamless. 99% of the times I'd have to go into Settings -> Bluetooth -> Manually select the Mommentum TW3 to connect to it. Whenever you put them on, they'd hardly ever connect automatically.

    2. Faulty earbuds: Within 6 months or so, there were noticeable issues with the left side earbud where the volume was too low. This was eventually resolved through some tinkering around. Add another 2 months and the volume on the right side didn't match up with the left and was so low that I had to send it back to the manufacturer to get it fixed

    3. Earbud case: This sort of overlaps wth No.1 above. If you only wore 1 earbud, and decided to wear the 2nd earbud later, the 2nd earbud would not connect automatically. You'd have to put both earbuds into the case again, give it 5 seconds, and wear both at the same time.

    The Good

    1. Sound quality: Goes without saying but Sennheiser sound quality is pretty good. The app (albeit a bit jank) also gives you a lot of customisation if you're into that kind of stuff. In my opinion, the sound quality is a significant improvement over the AirPods Pro 1, and maybe just a little better than the AirPods Pro 2.

    2. ANC: The Active Noise Cancelling on this is really solid. As before, it's a lot better than the AirPods Pro 1 but don't think it's as good as the AirPods Pro 2.

    3. Battery life: In the time I had them, battery life has never been an issue. A full charge lasts me a fair amount of time and I would only need to charge the case about once a week.

    Overall, I think these are a decent pair but not fantastic. I got a pair of AirPods Pro 2 when these were sent off to be repaired and I don't think I can go back to using the Momentum TW3 due to the drawbacks I listed before.

  • I had senny mom 2 bought few months back.. and adter few months, I am having serious issues with the battery life. 15 min call, and it gives reminder battery low and after 2 min it turns off. Thats why paid for the brand.

    Not sure what to get now… Sound is my first priority, heard alot about nuratrue but they freaking expensive 500$

    Never senny anymore.

  • +1

    These are so good I have bought 3 pairs.

    I have bought 3 pairs because they (profanity) fall apart in months. Pretty much all their issues come from the poorly glued speaker grilles coming off or being full of glue and blocking a sensor at the tip.

  • I have a pair and feel they're better than WF-1000XM4 for sound and fit. (Returned the Sony's after 2 months as the fit wasn't quite right).
    No faults or issues. New firmware released yesterday for me which has further improved the product. I like the app better than Sony's as well.
    Previously had a bad experience with Huawei ear buds.
    After the previous two experiences, happy to have purchased the MTW!

  • These rock. Coming from an airpod pro 1st gen owner.

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