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[NSW] $12 General Admission Tickets to MegaLAN (LAN Gaming and Console Gaming Party) @ UNSW via EventBrite


MegaLAN is back in June!!
Sydney's biggest BYO LAN and Console party returns with a variety of more fun and surprises 😲

Held at the University of New South Wales over 2 days, MegaLAN welcomes gamers from all platforms welcome including PC 💻, console 🎮, and mobile 📱.
Come hangout with other like-minded people in a casual setting, or join tournaments for different shooters 🔫, fighting games 👊 , rhythm games 🎶, VR games 🥽, and more.
🤑💰 Tons of prizes to be won from a variety of sponsors including Gigabyte AORUS, Cooler Master, GXS Studios, and many more! 🤑💰

MegaLAN provides all the necessary power and ethernet facilities for you to bring your own devices. We have available:
- Classic BYO PC/laptop section
- BYO VR headset in the VR room
- BYO rhythm controller
- BYO fightstick
- BYO console in the console sections

Aside from all-day freeplay, we have the following tournaments and activities confirmed:
- Online bingo activity - check boxes by participating in select activities. The more boxes you check, the more XP you get for the raffle during the closing ceremony!
- PC tournaments: Valorant, League of Legends,, Minecraft, Genshin Impact and a retro segment "Power Hour" for double XP
- Rhythm game tournament: Osu!
- Fighting game tournaments: Street Fighter 6, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd REV2, Under Night In-Birth, Granblue, Blazblue, Guilty Gear Strive
- Pokemon Pokken tournament
- Smash Brothers tournament
- Virtual Reality tournaments: Pavlov 2v2, Contractors 2v2
- Experimental: Smash Crates and Helmsgard - games which have been developed by our committee members!
- Cosplay contest

MegaLAN is only $12 for a general admission pre-sale ticket. This includes EVERY SECTION, including BYOPC and you can add food options to your liking - totalling up to $23.
Get in fast to avoid missing out!

======== DETAILS ========
📅 Date: June 3-4th (Saturday, Sunday ending Week 1, Term 2)
⏲ Time: Doors open from 11AM each day
📖 Registration:
💸 Pre-sale price: FREE for UNSW Students, Staff and Alumni, $12 for General Admission (for a limited time only)

There are FIVE secret codes that follow the pattern S_E_HX. These will grant you an 100% discount on entry AND food! The only catch is you'll have to guess the two missing characters, which range from A-Z, 0-9 😀 Happy hunting!

Brought to you by the MegaLAN Association.

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  • No Minewweeper ?? 😭

    • +3

      you know what - i'll have a talk to the team and see if we can add it to 'Blast from the Past'! 😂😂

      thanks for the idea! HAHA

  • *cough*

    General Admission - 2 Day Ticket (Pre-sale)
    A$11.90incl. A$1.90 Fee

    *cough* *cough* *cough*

    • dang thats crazy

      • May wish to adjust your post. :) It's not much of a difference but it's still a difference and makes the post inaccurate as EventBrite's your advertised method of acquisition.

  • +1

    Honestly wish they had these events when I was at UNSW.

    Not sure if my wife would've joined me though.

    • there was a version of MegaLAN that started in 2017 - but it was on a much smaller scale back then

      at least if you do end up coming now, you'll still have a free ticket! haha (free entry for current students and alumni) 💕

      • there was a version of MegaLAN that started in 2017 - but it was on a much smaller scale back then

        Shouldn't this be called GigaLAN, then? Or have we not improved 1024 fold, yet? :)

      • I started at UNSW in 2007…

        They only had an anime club back then. Ironically, all I recall going to their first meeting was not watching any anime and some girl trying to hit on me outside.

  • Please consider using Humanitix for event hosting in the future. Their cause is far better than Eventbrite.

    • +1

      oooo will do! thanks!~

  • imagine not being a unsw student

  • Anyone play AOE II these days?

  • Damn I really wanted a Hatsune Miku tournament for the rhythm games there so I can show off my MLG controller skills 😢

  • I thought it was BYO U know wat :)

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