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WD Red Pro NAS HDD + Paperback: 12TB $353.61, 14TB $378.91, 16TB $401.01, 20TB $527.43 Shipped @ Amazon US via AU

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School Zone - Multiplication Facts Made Easy Workbook


WD Red Pro 12TB $353.61 ($29.47/TB)
WD Red Pro 14TB $378.91 ($27.07/TB)
WD Red Pro 16TB $401.01 ($25.06/TB)
WD Red Pro 18TB $448.42 ($24.91/TB)
WD Red Pro 20TB $527.43 ($26.37/TB)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks for putting price per TB!

  • +9

    This previous deal ruin everything https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/769555
    Seagate Ironwolf Pro
    8TB $129.63,
    12TB $189.47
    16TB $249.30
    18TB $279.22
    20TB $328.89

    • +5

      Every HDD looks so expensive after the deal

    • +1

      Still eagerly awaiting mine. They're taking forever to transit over.

      • +1

        Really? Mine arrived in about a week. Usually when things go into limbo in amazon, they never come out and you just get refunded.

        • Delayed – waiting to be processed for delivery

          This is today's update. Seems a few others who ordered immediately are facing the same issue.

          • +1

            @Clear: I ordered two from that deal. They both came. one was DOA, so i sent it to seagate, and just got confirmation that replacement is on its way.
            Amazon is giving you the run around!

            • +1

              @Justaddgrum: What tests should I run on mine to determine if they're okay? They're still in their packaging, haven't plugged them in yet

            • @Justaddgrum: I ordered a 20tb drive which was DOA from that deal too. Wonder if it was a dodgy batch of drives?

              • @Speakers: Its not a dodgy batch. So many are DOA or have serious problems. Thats why they were selling for so cheap. Nothing to do with damaged postage either. I found out the hard way months ago like many others. Tried to warn people when that deal came out but most didnt care, when they see the price that cheap. Amazon is pretty good for returns though. So hopefully everything gets taken care of.

      • Yep mine were running late so I got refund off Amazon and received them 3 days later…😊😊

      • Mine stuck at “ Carrier picked up the package.” forever. Refunded.

        Ordered another batch at normal price and received them. Amazon refund the price difference - as credit

      • I got mine last week.

    • While not as good as that deal (I wish I had ordered more from it), I noticed the 16TB drives from Eastdigital HK on ebay are back down to $USD203.99 delivered (approx $AUD307)

      See this previous deal for details: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/769252

    • That was an awesome deal! I wonder if we will ever see such a good deal again in the future.

    • This deal was too good, was able to nab two 18TB kinda wish I got another two

    • Will this price come back?

      • One day I'm sure it'll be this price for an 8 petabyte drive. Just depends how long you're willing to wait for prices to go down.

        I'd say if you can wait up to 12 months there'll be another opportunity. Particularly if there's another group buy.

  • +2

    The 18TB currently says $465.73 + $20.70 delivery and then even with the book added and a discount applied the total comes to $469.12

    • My oversight, tiitle updated. Thx!

  • Im not getting the deal no matter what I do with the book. Also its saying free delivery is only with $1K spend. Even with the book in the cart. But yet theres no extra GST charge at checkout with the $1000 amount? What is going on at Amazon?!

  • What happened to 10TB, out of fashion?

  • Lol got a 12Gb Ironwolf for $189 recently, these prices are expensive

  • These or the EXOS 20TB for $524 each from a local seller?

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