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Seagate 16TB Exos X1 3.5" SATA Hard Drive US$223.29 (~A$332.61) Delivered @ Eastdigital HK eBay


Stack with Shopback 25% cashback for Westpac Lounge, should get $40 back, stack with gift cards for sub $20 per tb, thanks for listening to my ted talk

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    Is this reliable? How does the warranty work?

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      Should be able to RMA it to Seagate AU.

      edit: I checked the SN in the eBay listing and this is doubtful.
      Seagate RMA portal says "This product was originally sold as a part of a larger system. Please contact the system manufacturer or your place of purchase for warranty support." Caveat emptor.

      Seller claims "3YR EastDigital Warranty" but I'm not sure whether that's worth anything.

      • Dont think Seagate Australia will provide a 3-year warranty for international products.

        Same issue with Amazon US HDD deals… but Amazon is better to deal with when it comes to warranty… (I am not sure but Amazon also covers HDD for 1-year and not the 3-year period… someone with better knowledge please correct me)

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      There has been group buys on here for the same seller, search in the forums.

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      Here's a previous post on this ebay seller:


      In short, yeah, you'll be warranted from what ozb have said for the few DOA / Warranty cases, but have a read.

    • Assume no local warranty.

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    $20.79 / TB before cashback,

    $18.29 / TB after cashback

    Great deal op

  • Also same seller:

    12tb for $254aud; $21.15/tb

    14tb for $288aud; $20.57/tb

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      The 12tb one is SAS not SATA

      • Thank you! I missed that!

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        • Serial attached SCSI. it's mainly used in servers (most consumer grade machines would be SATA instead)

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    Yeah I'd avoid for warranty
    A 5 year warranty is impressive, except when you can't use it

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      For that 5 year warranty you paying at least twice the price. As long as you backup your data the warranty is irrelevant, you buy 2 times the disks you would have gotten with 5 years warranty. When the disk dies your data is backed up and just replace it with the 2nd disk you bought for the same price.

      Thats why $/tb is always king and warranty is usually irrelevant for hard disks as long as you got doa.

      • Double?
        They're $30/tb on Amazon as opposed to $21tb here

        Why would warranty be irrelevant???

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          Because $30 vs $21 is almost a 50% premium.

          You can get 50% more drives for your money at the cheaper price - even if say 20% of these die, you're still way ahead with no warranty.

          Which is what @garetz already explained.

          Warranty is worthless if it costs you more than the risk it covers…

      • yeah this doesn't make any sense…warranty is about replacement not about back up - this is why i stay away from these guys they can always tell you to get stuffed of if they close shop your rooted or they can dispute warranty claims.

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    Same seller as this. Can vouch for warranty.
    I purchased some 18T HC550 from them off Skype last year. When one ended up having issues, I sent it back to them (not the OEM) and recieved a new one in return.
    Aboslutely banger price for 16TB.

  • Is the cashback cap per transaction, or for the whole of the offer period?

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    Bought two x18 16TBs from this seller during last group buy for less than $600 for both paying via PayPal
    waiting for another gb to buy more

    • Same here running out of storage and need another 2, waiting for another GB

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      missed last group buy, wait the next one

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    Nice deal, however they shipped my last delivery with… Aramex :(

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      Commiserations, really dislike when retailers ship with them, without providing shipping options.

      Would happily pay more $ to forgo dealing with this courier.

      • Exactly my thoughts. When it takes 8 weeks to ship something from Sydney to Wollongong there is something seriously wrong. I always avoid them when possible now.

  • Bought it yesterday night using my Westpac CC and gift cards. Had my order cancelled this morning - apparently couldn't process the payment (although it already billed my CC). Talked to chat they said that the seller cancelled the order. Pretty frustrating - bought gift cards specifically for this promo and now if I want to use them have to pay more…

    Wondering if anyone else had their orders cancelled?

    • I got tracking information today, I paid through Paypal though.

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    You should get $40 back But also will have to pay almost $10 in transaction fees because you are using westpac and it is in USD

  • Best ted talk I have seen all year.

  • Price dipped even further now US$ 205 + shipping + gst
    To Melbourne at todays rate that's 320 for 16Gb, paying with 5% gift cards will get them for close to 300.

  • Update, got 4 ($1120 shipped - paid with 28 degrees in $USD) from this deal, at 280$ per drive.
    Works out to $17.5/TB. That's a great price.

    Btw, these are in the Synology NAS compatibility list.

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