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192x Ibuprofen 200mg Pain, Discomfort, Migraine Relief Tablets $13.99 Delivered @ PharmacySavings


Hi Ozbargainers,

I've been quite surprised at the enquiry for what I would call "cupboard staples" over the past few weeks. There has been a massive uplift in enquiry and sales of paracetamol, ibuprofen and a few other common meds - to be honest, i'm not really sure why. The last two times paracetamol sales skyrocketed was when covid was peaking, now I'm not sure if this was related to more folks actually needing paracetamol (to reduce fever etc) or because the media also started talking up "paracetamol shortages" at exactly the same time which didn't really exist until everyone started panic buying paracetamol, and then there was an actual shortage. I understand the media are taking up the "fifth wave" but I'm skeptical that this is the reason why sales of these staples which usually plod along are booming.

Anyway, I've stocked up on both paracetamol and ibuprofen in anticipation of the toilet paper chasers hitting the store again and the deal tonight is:

Item: 192x Ibuprofen 200mg, Pharmacy Action (exp: End September 2024 or later)
Price: $13.99 (after code)
Code: 6off
Link: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/192x-pharmacy-action…

I ran a deal last week for period pain relief https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/778700 - which voted really poorly (so dropped off Ozb quickly) but sold really well - if anyone missed that post I think I am one of the only discount pharmacies with stock at reduced pricing (as the importer and thus all wholesalers have run out of stock):

Item: 2x Packets of 24 Tablets; Pharmacy Action, Period Pain Relief (Naproxen Sodium 275mg), Exp: 09/24
Price: $14.98 (after code)
Code: 5off
Delivery: Free
Link: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/24x-period-pain-reli…

Stock still remains of the following at original Ozb prices:

100x Panamax 500mg Paracetamol + 24x Period Pain Relief Naproxen

70x Cetrine 10mg (Cetirizine)

14x Heartburn Relief + 100x Paracetamol 500mg

Diarrhoea Plus Gas + Cetirizine 10mg

100x Lorazol (Loratadine 10mg)

Item: 100x Hayfexo 180mg (Fexofenadine Hydrochloride) Exp: 08/25 or later

Item:140x Hayfexo 180mg + Bonus 10x Loratadine 10mg & 10x Cetirizine 10mg Tablets

For those looking for Cetirizine - C-Zine is back in stock:
Showing as expired but deal still running:

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    Hedafen 24 pack is $1.49 at Aldi, at least here in Bris anyways.

    • +13

      I understand this is a supermarket staple (hence I very seldomly post this type of item on Ozb) but I am getting enquiries and sales so I think there is a need. If the item sells poorly it wont feature again on Ozb - but having said this I do think $13.99 delivered is the best price in Oz for this item delivered, if I'm wrong please post a link to cheaper price for the same item delivered and I'll have to sharpen up or give up (if I cant beat the price).

      • +5

        You’re a legend and your posts are very humble and authentic. I’ve bought products from you even though I didn’t really need them because of the way you dispense with people (pun intended). That’s a very honest response and you just won a few extra customers with the way you deal with challenges.
        I think many other vendors; especially those who post here should learn from you and the way you do business.

    • +9

      So this is 8 boxes equivalent at a total of $11.92 from Aldi. Worth the two bucks to have it delivered imho

  • +6

    There has been a massive uplift in enquiry and sales of paracetamol, ibuprofen and a few other common meds - to be honest, i'm not really sure why.

    Wonder if perhaps people are trying to stockpile before bulk packs of paracetamol are reduced to 32 tablets a pack from Jan 2025?

    • +7

      I initially thought this, again perhaps because of poor reporting in the media - even after the changes clients will be able to walk in to any pharmacy and still buy 100x tab boxes or bottles, so it could be due to the poor reporting on these changes.

      • +2

        This will be why. They are making it sound like you’ll only get tiny packs without a script.

      • +2

        If it's anything to go by my current life dramas, myself and my kids and more than half the people I know and talk to are currently sick, and/or have been sick for weeks on end. According to my GP and a few paramedics I know, this year's flu season started very early and is very potent, particularly Influenza A. I'd guess this is a possible contributing factor for your increased demand.

        • -5

          Lemme guess: these people took the shot… 🙄

    • Could be because people are cutting back and putting off going to the dentist and doctor for toothache and headaches.

  • Hey Op, it would be really helpful if you could identify the pills that are coated (it is sugar?) vs uncoated. My family find the coated ones easy to swallow, whereas the uncoated ones more readily stick when trying to swallow them and are quite unpopular.

    There’s clearly more work and technology involved in coating, so a price difference is expected, but without knowing I can’t compare or risk bulk orders.

    Thanks for the deals.

  • -2

    Is it true if you take ibuprofen with salt it works faster?

  • -2

    Pay attention to the labels on any medication,particularly Ibuprofen as it's a blood thinner…

    • +9

      So is aspirin, tumeric, ginger, cayenne peppers, garlic, alcohol, etc

      Falling off.your skateboard can be dangerous too!

      • +1

        dynaflow has a thing against anything with wheels so I doubt he'll be anywhere near a skateboard.

    • I'm sure you mean well but its a misconception that ibuprofen is a 'blood thinner'. It has a side effect of working on the stomach lining causing an increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding (which can cause dark stools) and it has some minor affect on platelets. Just so you are aware, the link does not say "Blood thinner". Also, aspirin is an antiplatelet drug which is also different to a 'blood thinner'. I'm sure you mean well but be careful about posting about medication side effects and medical information. Maybe people need as you said "pay attention to the labels" and if unsure talk to a professional.

  • +4

    Why wouldn’t you just buy a 24 pack Ibuprofen from Aldi for $1.49 (6 cents per tablet). It’s much cheaper and you don’t have to worry about expiring stock. This is the price in SA Whyalla. Edit: sorry I didn’t see the first comment, but it is still not answered.

    • +12

      Because there's no ALDI in the state where I live?

      • +4

        Found the Taswegian.

        Anyway its $1.55 for a 24 pack at Woollies so you guys down in the Apple Isle can still get some good value.

        • +7

          What if I told you there's no colesworth nearby… Yes, hold onto your seat. It's about to get wild.

          • +3

            @tessel: Then I guess the OP finally found the one person on Ozbargain who thinks this is a good deal.

            • +1

              @xyron: Just bite into a towel, atp

            • @xyron: And about 80+ others too. Seems the odds are in their favour.

  • Ibuprofen 200mg Tablets 24 Pack = $ 1.55
    1 tablet = 155 / 24 = 6.4583* cents
    192 tablets = 6.4583* x 192 = $12.40
    Worse than usual price, no deal

    If anyone can explain how 200mg Ibuprofen is not the same as 200mg Ibuprofen, I'm all ears.


    • +11

      Woolworths won't deliver it for $1.59 though.

      • Then pick it up during the next shoping at Woolworths, Coles, or Aldi (for $1.49 a pack)

        As if you'll need 192 Ibuprofen tablets delivered… As if that somehow made a higher price a bargain

        • +3

          What if you're on a wheelchair or mobility is an issue? Not hard to think of why delivery for a tad more can be a deal.

          Wait who am I kidding? Thats a hard concept to grasp around here. After all Uber ears gets a shitload of support.

      • +3

        Sonare we going to list all the uber eats/doordash items because they deliver too?

        How many people in the country don't make at least one purchase at a supermarket every week? When covid lock downs were on sure there was a shortage, but this is weekly supermarket stuff if you need it that often.

        • +15

          Using this logic - if uber eats had a promo where every item listed was the same as in restaurant take away pricing plus $1.59 for delivery - would this be a bargain? I think it would actually rank pretty well amongst ozbargainers.

            • +16

              @M00Cow: I don't want to argue I just want to list the cheapest price for all items I offer in Australia delivered. Find the same item delivered for a better price and the negative comments are warranted and I eat humble pie, if you can't perhaps cut me a break.

          • -1

            @jason101: Using this logic gotta order 8 meals even though you probably only want 1. But hey, that's probably useful for someone somewhere.

            • +1

              @afoveht: Using such logic I'm logical

            • +14

              @afoveht: 105 Ozbargainers have purchased this item and find it useful (in the last 2 hours and 53 minutes)
              46 Ozbargainers have voted up the deal
              1 person has negged the deal.
              3 or 4 people have thrown in their 2c but not linked to a cheaper alternate delivered.

              • -8

                @jason101: Not knocking your deal, just think sometimes you gotta let people have their opinions on your deals and be done with it. You're generally cheap and well accepted but this is the second time in a short while I've seen you wanna argue back when someone raises a point. IMO it's a better look to just let it go - people who want it will buy it, anyone with half a brain will know you can't compete the same way with the big guns on something like this.

                • +12

                  @afoveht: Appreciate the feedback, just putting this specific matter aside. I spent a few years researching the best reps on Ozb (deal performance and estimation of sales from their post as the main metrics) before listing anything for our pharmacy business. As a rep managing the sentiment of a deal (by arguing a point of view), specifically where negativity is sometimes not always warranted actually makes a huge difference to whether a deal will work or flop for the business and rep, and quite often for future deals the same rep posts. This is specifically relevant where a negative comment comes in within 1 or 2 mins of the deal going live, often the deal will die and often not for the right reasons. I completely understand that Ozb is here to help every day Aussies save money while making a well and truly justifiable profit for the site owner through ad revenue and not for random reps to bolster their sales, but sometimes when I've committed (say $5k each Sunday) to putting a deal on and it may be sunk for reasons other than that there are cheaper same for same alternatives - I get a bit sensitive, your comment is good to self reflect on and I appreciate it. I might call it an early night ;-)

                  • -1

                    @jason101: OP sometimes you just gotta let the neggers neg and don't get dragged into their crap.

        • I see where you are coming from and i will be in the minority here but the catch for me is I only go to a grocery / supermarket once every several months or longer and even then its an online order, i never shop in store these days. I generally bulk buy pantry and other stuff from other stores and my meats from farms again in bulk. I make my own breads, my rice is the large sacks from other places usually. Only thing left is vegetables adn frozen goods, frozen goods again in bulk from my once a year or whenever supermarket order and vegetables i may get from my mum when she goes to the markets or get some frozen and in bulk as well.

      • +1

        Woolworths won't deliver it for $1.59 though.

        I don't get that logic either, but I see such neg the second time this week.

        The deal is for 192 tablets delivered. That's really cool that there's some place that has it cheaper, surely useful to inform many of us, but I'm not going there. So why negging the deal?

    • +1

      i thought it was close but i thought id support a private individuals business over a monopolistic large company.

  • Before I need to order from eBay, do you have bulk orders on gastrostop generics?

    • Please send a pm

  • -1

    Dont they make meth or something out of these?

    • +4

      That's pseudoephedrine.

  • The reason was [SBS] (https://www.sbs.com.au/language/chinese/en/article/concerned…) . Has opened up for a while now and is summer there now so probably less demand.

  • -1

    Ibuprofen//NSAIDs can be dangerous for fertility/pregnancy and increased miscarriage FYI, easy google urselves

    Paracetamol is a better staple imo

    • +1

      Not for muscle inflammation, Ibuprofen and Aspirin much better for this than Paracetamol. Obvious downside is this class of NSAIDs can cause stomach issues (ulcers etc).

    • -1

      Who negged me for what. Use your words mate

  • Hi OP, any chance of an upcoming deal on cold and flu tablets? :) Picked up a box last deal but got through that quite quickly!

    • +14

      errr….. to be honest I am scared to list them on here, one of the active ingredients has questionable efficacy (one of several) on this basis the keyboard warriors absolutely crucify me whenever I list them. Send a PM and I will provide an offer.

      • Full credit due here @jason101… reading the room and not trying to spin up a post for the sake of a post. Keep your reputation intact and minimise the haters - smart play.

  • Went to buy a pack of Panamax, just the regular 500MG tabs, and was told only one per customer because of some new law about restriction of sales. This was SA. Not sure if they were uninformed, or if it’s started earlier here?

    • Ive only ever been able to buy one pack of those at a time at chemist warehouse online. To be fair, its a lot of tablets. Ebay has some good deals on bulk sometimes.

  • +1

    "There has been a massive uplift in enquiry and sales of paracetamol, ibuprofen and a few other common meds - to be honest, i'm not really sure why."

    Hip pocket pain. People are hurting from inflation. Personally, I don't think paracetamol is anywhere near strong enough to counteract current financial pain; we need to upgrade to oxycontin and fentanyl.

  • Hi OP, any chance of more stock of this? https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/10-mixed-items-as-re…

    • +1

      I have a few stray boxes around I will restock a couple of units for you.

  • +3

    Finally something that I can buy! I love your posts because it gives an insight into how pharmacies and stock in general work. Thanks!

  • +1

    Thanks OP - I'm 'sick' and tired of going into my local Coles and seeing the shelves a total mess and being unable to find the regular ibuprofen and having to settle for the next cheapest option which is usually double the price.

  • I first thought this wasn't good value compared to my preferred solution - Chemist Warehouse sells a box of 100 "Panamax" generic paracetamol for $2.99. But they charge $10 minimum for shipping, so 2 boxes plus shipping would be $16.

    So this is actually a decent deal if you want it delivered to your door rather than picking up in store.

  • The deal code does not work! I get a reply saying: "5OFF discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart"

  • Buying boxes of 192x ibuprofen is a sure sign you need to fix your diet, and I say that as someone who once couldn't live without painkillers. Eliminate seed oils and sweeteners that are toxic to gut bacteria (which includes some natural ones like Stevia), and minimise overall PUFA intake except for those with a ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 that is greater than 1.

    • Ever had a heavy period?

      • In most cases, heavy periods are caused by eating the kind of shitty Western diet I described there.

        • Has that been your experience with periods?

          • @Spooked: I know you're a woman but at least try to engage your rational mind for once in your life.

  • Do you guys stock APO Panadol ?

  • Any Combo/Deal for travelling? Motion Sickness + Gastro + Allergy and/or ibuprofen?

  • Do you have any Buscopan alternatives? Thanks

  • Is there any issues with expired Loratadine?

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