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Xiaomi Kieslect KR Pro Smart Watch 1.43" AMOLED $87.99 ($85.79 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Xiaomi Global Direct eBay


An excellent price on the Xiaomi Kieslect KR Pro Smart Watch that has the exact same AMOLED display as the Xiaomi Watch S1 and Amazfit GTR4. It has a metal case, navigation crown, always-on display, up to 7 days battery life and bluetooth calling. You also get 2 straps, so you can easily swap the blue and orange to conventional black if you prefer.

Kieslect Kr Pro Calling Watch Unboxing & Review
Kieslect KR Pro Review

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  • +1

    Bought the square one and wearing it now, quite a good watch with AMOLED display at this price.

    Originally thinking to get Amazfit GTR 3 but this is a lot cheaper and look the same to me.

    I like the black straps more.


    • @superforever
      battery life please ?

      • +3

        I received it on 2 June, still have 67%

        • +1

          impressive. as usuallly with new toy we play with it alot during first few days

          • @CyberMurning: And wear it to track my sleep and another good thing regarding the notification, it can display the whole message or email on the whole screen, that is why I don't get the round one (already have Huawei GT2

            • @superforever: yup i have galaxy which i round if i get this i will choose square, also looks like iwatch which i cant afford haha
              but why need two watches…

            • @superforever: Does it do sp02/blood oxygen during sleep and exercise? I picked up the MiBand thinking that because it had the sensor it would give me reading in my apps but it's basically only when you one-off activate it. Kinda useless if you ask me. On a side note, I thought that would only be soemthing that needed to be implemented in software, but I guess not because no one has done it yet.

              What about ECG/EKG? Or fall detection and emergency call?

              Edit: looks like it does continuous sp02 during sleep, but not sure about during exercise or other stuff. Now we need the quantified dude to test it

              • +2

                @Jackson: Use Notify for Mi Band app and you’ll get that spo feature and many more. It does many things the official app does not, though it’s not the most intuitive app to use at times.

                • @Pobman: I actually do use that app, but I use Sleep as Android also which doesn't support the sp02 via the I band, despite supporting the mi band. If I use the notify app do I just track my sleep via the usual zepp life app?

                  • @Jackson: I just use Notify to track sleep etc. so dont know about using other apps, I dont even have the official app installed anymore just 100% with Notify. I actually have the spO2 tracking off as it reduced battery life to about a week and it wasnt something I was bothered about.

                    • @Pobman: That's good to know, I thought you had to have the official app for anything to work. I picked up a TicWatch E at the last sale and that's my preferred watch in the day so I can keep the MiBand for the evenings and rotate which will work out nicely

                      • +1

                        @Jackson: You might with newer ones, I’m still on the band 6 and that one doesn’t need the official app.

                        • @Pobman: I am also on the 6, so that's good to hear

                        • @Pobman: So last night I got Notify working without the Zepp Life app, took me a while but got there in the end. And yes it does have sleep tracking with sp02 now, however how do you activate it when you go to sleep? With sleep as Android you could activate it from the phone or the watch, but this has no sleep option on the watch, and when I hit the plus button on the phone it asks me what time I am going to sleep and waking up, I would rather I just hit a button going to sleep and hit it again waking up. In the end I retrospectively told it my sleep hours for the night and then it displayed the data for me, but don't know if I want to do that each day.

                          • @Jackson: My one seems to detect when I go to sleep and wake up automatically, never actually tell it and seems accurate. Might be a setting somewhere deep down in Notify but I don't remember.

                            • @Pobman: There is an option in Sleep settings to "analyse all day", but presume this should be off and then it will still detect if I have normal evening sleep patterns. I am unsure why it didn't detect last night, it might have been because I went to sleep late and it had already started counting, but then I stopped it and it didn't start again (I was up getting notify to work without the Zepp Life app).

                              On a side note, have you paid for the pro version and is it worth it? The ads are annoying me but didn't see that paying for pro would remove them

                              • +1

                                @Jackson: I paid for Pro many years ago, back when the Band 2 was the current model. I don't have the newer Addons license, not actually sure what that gives.

                                Taking a quick look at settings for sleep in Notify I have:
                                Sleep as Android: On (all its setting default)
                                Track sleep REM and heart rate: On
                                Everything else is either Off or Default.

                • @Pobman: Does notify support this watch? I want to sync my data over to Google fit via the app.

                  • @The1WhoGotAway: I don’t know, I’d assume no but it does support a few things other than the Mi Bands… their website might give a list.

                    • @Pobman: Yeah looks like the band uses different app. Glory fit.
                      It says it has integration with Google fit.

    • Got the square one as well. Worse battery life compared to the Pro but I like the square design as it's kinda like an i-Watch which I will never buy because I'm using an android phone

      • Worse battery life compared to the pro

        How worse? I got it on 2 June still have 57%, no AOD but monitoring heart rate and SPO2

        • Just says on the description. 3.5 days average battery life compared to the Pro that says 7 days.

          Either way, it's still way better than what I've got now. Barely getting 1.5 days with active 2

  • Can this store and play music directly from the watch?

    • +1

      Good question, my Garmin does and it’s indispensable while running

    • +1

      No there isn't any onboard music storage.

  • +1

    as usual, no nfc
    but if i dont have galaxy watch i may get this… 7 days battery, really?

    • Yep, if you want battery life avoid Wear OS (i.e. Pixel, Mobvoi, Fossil, Galaxy etc).

      • ah fossil is the worst i sold mine after 3 days

        • mine broke after 2.5, refused to charge, and can't jump the pins so needs dissassembly. Compared to my fossil which was same gen as my current TicWatch E, the TicWatch wipes the floor with it. It was so bad I feel that Fossil should give me my money back. It was so slow that the screen would time out before registering an input, and kick you back out so you couldn't do anything a lot of the time

  • Wondering if you can download apps or does it have built in ones like notes? Find it handy when shopping etc

  • +2

    Would anyone happen to know if there are any smart watches in this vein who can continuously display your heart rate on the screen for a period of something like an hour+ without touching the screen or anything?

    • Garmin Instinct does that.https://images.app.goo.gl/M8eCQDuqYcf2Lwvn9

    • continuously display your heart rate on the screen for a period of something like an hour+

      I don't think any watch can display for an hour+, it will use up all the battery.

      • Any Fitbit can do that.

    • Garmin forerunner 245 music does it.

  • On board gps for workout tracking without a phone?

    • +1

      come on.. thats a bit too much for $100 ones

      • I, uh, have that now on my amazfit bip pro 3, which was under AUD$100, and one of the reasons I got it. But it's other features feel a bit lackluster, and I prefer the look of a round faced watch vs the bip's rectangle, so was looking at this as a replacement option.

  • +2

    no GPS, no deal.

    • If it works like similar ones then it uses phone GPS when doing activities. Which may or may not suit your use case.

  • My poco watch just suddenly died. Not too sure about longevity with this one

  • $85.79 with SEOFY22 now

    • Have updated post, thanks.

  • Got mine today, first smart watch so can't comment too much but build quality is good.

    Connection work using the Gloryfit app and I also downloaded KIE OS from the link on the Kieslect site however watch is not detected using that app.
    is it not meant to be using that app?

    • KIE OS from the link on the Kieslect site however watch is not detected using that app.

      I have no problem with KIE OS, make sure you did all the recommend settings to allow the app to use something on your phone.

      • I have allowed all permissions but still not showing. also tried on the Ipad, not appearing either.
        no issue with Gloryfit just KIE OS. The watch does appear on the Bluetooth list

        Is there additional feature on KIE OS vs Gloryfit?

    • I started the other way around and recon it'll only connect with one app at a time. I synched with KieOS and gloryfit can't see it.

  • Thinking of grabbing the KS but wondering for those that have either the KS or KR whether ALL app notifications from the phone pass to the watch or just the call and text notifications. The youtube reviews were pretty useless in regards to notifications.
    Want to still recieve email, messenger and home security alerts on my watch like i do my current GearS3

    • +1

      I have no problem with SMS, Whatsapp, Outlook, phone call, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc etc

      Only thing is I want to receive phone call notification but don't want to use it to answer call, have to manually select the bluetooth device for voice.

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