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20% off Eligible Items, 22% off for eBay Plus Members (Max $300 Discount, up to 5 Uses Per Account) @ eBay Australia


Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am AEST on 8 June 2023 and ends at 11:59pm AEST on 21 June 2023 (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
Eligibility. This offer is available to eBay Plus members and non-eBay Plus members as set out in clause 4 below.
Conditions This offer entitles you to:
non-eBay Plus members to 20% off; and
eBay Plus members to an extra 2% off (total 22% off),

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  • +56

    Here we go again…

    • +19

      Jack, Jack, Jackie!!!

      • up up and keep going up!!

      • +2


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        Jackie when you pump up the price in the ebay sale, woooooaaah Jackie!

        • yep saw the comp alliance deals. got a good deal on a 4080 and i think 2 ssds ended up a good price but that was it out of hundreds of items

      • +2

        Jackie Chan?

      • jack's back

    • +11

      Jack to the Future

    • +11

      Wait a JV post with zero downvotes? isn't that dangerous?

      • Yeah i think this website might crash soon! The system will go into meltdown, not knowing what to do! Lmao 😀 jokes
        Keep up the good work JV! Keeping people on their toes 😂

    • -1

      Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick, (which was jacked up 25%)!

  • Hopefully stacks with some awesome eofy sales

    • +5

      Not if Jack has his way

  • +13

    Last 20/22 was one of the best. Alliance computer had good deals.

    • +12

      Gamesmen were also quite good as well

      • +1

        Indeed! Got my Zelda oled from them

  • -2

    Any synology and hard drives on sale?

    • +8

      Of course, if it’s an eligible item from a participating store.

      But I mean come on, how is one meant to know the answer to that question when we don’t even know which stores are participating.

    • Try Amazon US for HDDs.

  • +3

    HODL the line, jack is always on time…

  • Everybody, Yeah! Splash Some Cash, Yeah! Everybody, Yeah! Jack's Street Jack, Alright!

  • +6

    last time, computer alliance and gamesman have some pretty good deals.

    • +3

      Gamesmen especially.
      Also Metro Hobbies.

      • Everything I looked at from Gamesmen in the last sale was jacked so much that 22% off just brought it down to normal price - ebay price came down after the sale too. Guess they need to balance it somehow.

  • Roborock S5 Max please

  • +4

    I've a hunch Jack won't be attending this party

  • +1

    Jack will be reincarnated in 3 days

  • How much focus on tech this time does everyone think?

    The last Sale had a reasonable focus on tech but very limited and of course only certain stores get promoted - do people think they buy their way into the sale to be promoted because there are plenty of companies selling tech where you couldn’t use the codes and while we know eBay subsidise the discount you have to wonder what commissions eBay have to earn back from those stores to cover the discount. Even worse of people use PayPal as that eats into your bottom line too.

    • Laptops included? I’ve been eyeing out some gaming laptops and wondering if I should hold off?

      • +2

        You can't hold off 3 days? ;)

        • +1

          I clearly can’t read I read it as July! I was like what an early notification! Haha

    • eBay only subsidies a small amount also the store also cops a hit, it's the volume stores do and rebates from suppliers is how the stores make money

  • +3
    1. Rhymes with hack
    2. Star of the Rush Hour movies that's not Chris Tucker
    3. Unjumble these letters K A C J
  • +22

    "Eligible items" for these 14 days will be @jv wifes toys, OzAdvertising lens cleaners, Boeing 747-400 engines, 500 Testsealabs Antigen tests, UK power plugs and more useless stuff that you dont care about

  • hope it works on the a2000

  • +2

    Love watching ebay jack off all the time before the busy sales day.

    • Love watching Ozb jack off to jack

  • Max discount makes buying stuff including camera gear useless.

  • +11

    Yawn to all the "Jack" comments we get every time there is an Ebay decent deal. There are plenty of non-jacked items. The last few 22% off deals, the prices for all the items I grabbed (different vendors) remained the same. I don't believe I just struck it lucky.

    • +1

      True mate, I used to buy alcohol off boozebud. It didn’t go up in price for these deals, it was already permanently overpriced but the discount brought some things below Dans by a few % .

      • Jacking up the prices make the whole process worthless. If seen people recently show what looks like a good price, five mins of searching you can find a better price but as I point out, if it’s something you want they you need warranty on, make sure it’s AU stock.

        Ppl have commented how Samsung AU don’t like handling warranty claims for imported stuff through Amazon - each store and supplier varies those policies but it’s really annoying that distributors of WD and Seagate drives charge over inflated prices for high capacity drives and then wonder why people aren’t buying them.

        From what I understand there is slim to no margin on the Samsung SSDs - people are just pushing stock maybe not even getting 5%.

        Some places are doing it for 1-2% margin and just box moving. Hoping that other items can make up little to no profit on high turnover items.

        It’s always been like this in AU. We have the exchange rate, gst and nearly always the infamous “Australia Tax” where even if you factor in the first two there’s some disconnect between what people are buying from through the three major IT distributors and when they see the Amazon price but the item is being brought in by the pallet load from their UK or USA warehouses.

        Some companies don’t have an issue with offering AU warranty others will say go back to Amazon and deal with them though ACL is supposed to give us, the consumers a choice of who we want to deal with but that doesn’t always seem to be the case from things I’ve read.

      • +2

        RIP Boozebud

        • They just started up again they got bought out by another Aussie online boozer

    • +2

      I spent quite a bit in the 22% sale last month. It's amusing how strong confirmation bias is amongst users here.

    • Yep. its really case by case

  • It all depends on which stores are in the sale.

    If there is one selling gaming laptops in a brand you want you might be lucky. Also it comes down to stock as well it’s up to the store to have stock - so if it’s a unique item they are likely to have less, and as the T&Cs say, if a store sells out, then you miss out. It’s never up to eBay to make sure a store has enough stock or discount an item which isn’t worth it.

    It isn’t just everyone retail store.

    There were sellers of AirPods Pro 2nd Gen which I only found one which came anywhere close to the special eBay super discount price where they are all gone in 2-3 minutes. Even if you have the item in your cart ready to go, other people seem to be able to get the transaction to go through. I get to payment stay and too late no stock left.

    Though apparently I’m not the only one who regularly missed out. $289 is a great price, but I would have been happy to pay $310-$315. Since hardly any stores selling them or the price is fairly high, they can be much margin in certain items.

    Also I don’t like buying from stores you’ve never heard of - sure it might just be a trading name for a more well known store, but this is how people get caught out buying Grey market imports - anyone who sell Apple gear should have to put the AU model number in the description and also in the description Genuine AU stock with AU warranty not the trick that AU warranty but you have to send them back to us, because when you check, Apple says the serial number isn’t AU stock. Unsuspecting people get caught all the time I’d think.

    • +2

      TLDR. It is just that simple: sellers fund the promotion mostly. Jack to offset loss.

    • +1

      Sorry to hear you missed out on the $289 AirPods but note they were actually fairly easy to score…

      There was stock available for at least 15 mins.

      I grabbed mine around 12mins into the release of the super sale price. Not sure why you think they evaporated in two to three mins.

      Hopefully there is another sale coming for you.

    • I am also hoping to score the Airpods (need to buy 2 as gifts)!

      • I've avoided airpods until now, and have used various other wireless buds over the year, but I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with these and should have jumped on board sooner. Apple did a great job with these - solid sound and some great features. If you're in the apple ecosystem, don't hesitate.

  • Xbox deal please

  • +1

    Time to meet Jack again!!!!!!

    Its a pain to see even stores such as Scorptec and Computer Alliance are jacking up their prices in their ebay store for the similar products available online on their site. Only difference is that you get a free delivery if you are a ebay plus member and nothing else.

  • Hoping for a dehumidifier - ausclimate maybe included in this sale?

    • I found it cheaper to find the lowest price from a good rating seller, then use the $5 Plus voucher. The previous 20% off promo sellers, their final price was still more than the former.

  • +3

    Hoping for a steam deck.. can’t believe I miss the last 1!

    • +3

      I see that $650 price again and I'm going for it

      • three.sons has jacked the price on the 64GB version already to $956.

  • +2

    Any search link?

  • -1

    Any heat pump dryer for sale?

    • Keen to know too

  • +2

    Jack the Rip-off

  • Ah dang it, thought this was going live today but it's on Thursday.

  • iPhone 13 pro?

    • I wonder will it work for mobile phone purchase.

  • +1

    Search link?

    • Only if someone creates one.

  • -4

    This code didn't work on 4 products which I tried.. this is unusual for eBay.

    • +5

      and you wonder why………………………This offer commences at 10:00am AEST on 8 June 2023

  • +2

    Eyeing the MX master 3 currently priced at $118, hoping this will be eligible and doesn't experience price jacking

  • +2

    Wow Computer Alliance price increase on synology ds923+ now at $969

  • +3

    synology ds923+ is $969 on computer alliance ebay store but $899 if buying directly from their online store.

    This is exactly the jacked up price most vendors keep on their ebay store. Not sure if ebay is charging them more and they are passing on to their customers or just greedy. I do not even know if its worth while to renew the ebay plus membership.

    • +23

      For the record, yes the price on eBay was reduced on the 26/5 from a previous price of $999 down to $969. The previous change was on the 4/5 when it was increased to $999.

      The nominal price on eBay is a little higher than our website for most products and has been for some years. Prior to that, we tried to keep them about the same after shipping and before any promotions/coupons, however eBay costs increased to the extent thats its no longer realistic to maintain nominal price parity, but thats doesn't mean eBay can't offer some exceptional deals.

      Of course, people are welcome to buy from our main site, eBay, or Amazon - whichever is the best deal for you at any given time. I note with a 22% off promotion, the 923+ is at $755.82 including delivery. I am not going to specify what we pay for them, but suffice to say would be happy to buy more ourselves at that price.

      • +3

        Good onya rep! Nice to see a calm, polite and detailed reply.

      • Hi Rep,

        Where can I buy ds923+ for 755.82 ?
        Do you also have compatible HDD on sale (comparable or better than previous post) ?

  • +1

    Would PS5 be back with good price again? Missed last round.

    • And Nintendo and graphic card.

      • +1

        Checked Gamesmen ebay store, whose PS5 were OOS from last round. Not sure if there is any more.

  • any airpods pro 2 deal?

    • would sell you mine that I got from the last deal ;)

  • Need $29 Heathy Choices 6L pressure cooker

  • Hopefully a good Switch deal with TOTK included..

  • LOL, the jack on many expensive items like a 4090 are just slightly above $300!

    • How are you searching for included items?

  • +1

    Is this active yet? Don't see it yet on any items

    • Yeap it is active. Remember, it is only on the stores that participate so don't expect this to be across the board!

      Example Listing: A "Gigabyte RX6700XT 12GB Eagle PCIe Graphics Card and redeem Resident Evil 4" on Computer Alliance Website is $549 plus delivery. The Ebay listing Here is hiked to $599. However take 22% off and price is $467.00 delivered which isn't a bad price if anyone is looking for one.

      • Yep that I can see, it just seems to have a very narrow scope. Ahh well, what a shame. Still 10% cashback though.

  • Not working for any Dyson products

    • Eligible Items

      Can't read?

  • Not valid with Afterpay… interesting.

    • Are you sure? I paid mine via Afterpay and there's no problem at all

  • +5

    Only available on crap by the looks

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