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Apple AirTag 4 Pack MX542X/A $132 ($127.92 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Credit to FozBuein
Cheaper here for AU $127.92 after SEOFY22:

Was taking a look for any Airtag 4 pack with a better price than $139 for a while.
I was hoping for another $119 deal, but they just don’t seem to be coming around.

Found this and went for it.

Used with ShopBack, but it’s only .05% back for existing customers.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • +15

    Well production cost has probably gone up from 5c to 6c so $119 is probably no longer possible.

    • +3

      💀 knew it was that damn inflation guy

    • +1

      The lowest it was was actually $99 with a latitudepay deal. Long gone are those days though.

    • I was gonna blame Russia

  • +1

    Thanks, ordered.
    SEOFY22 is only for eBay Plus members. The SEOFY20 code works for non eBay Plus members, but only gets the price down to $135.20.

    • Edited, thanks

  • +2

    Can I use this product to track all my 4 boyfriends?

    • Only if they don’t have an iphone or android.

      Stick to the Linux tech nerds, and it might work.

    • don’t waste your money. If you’ve got 4 bfs they are not worth tracking

      • +3

        They might be high yield investment hence worth the tracking

      • Keeping my options open. ;)

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    Cheaper here for AU $127.92 after SEOFY22: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/125536789338

    • Legend. Missed the original deal by seconds, then saw your post.

    • Good find! Even better.

    • Thanks legends. Been holding off for a while now but with my wife losing her keys last time at IKEA better buy some.

  • Reminder if you bought it on ebay plus you can return for free. So just buy them at $127.92, and return them at $131.82.

    • Idk if I can be bothered with returning for $5 - fuel to post office - my free time 🥲

  • OOS

  • prefer Tile over these

    • I have had Tile and I’ve had AirTags. I prefer the AirTags. But it might have been the older model of Tile.

      • there are some really shit tiles but Tile Pro 2020 was good

        had like 200m of coverage

    • I do prefer Android over ios as most of my daily devices are Androids and Windows.

      But Tile's that most people have battery is non replaceable and it relies on Tile app to update the location say a very small amount of Tile users compared to iPhone users so it is quite useless in many places like overseas.

      I believe Google has been working on this. Wait to see a new version of Tile / Google tags or a tag that can work on both Androids and iOS at a good price.

      • Tile Pro 2020 can replace that's why it's so good

        • yes but aslo costs more and have to pay the subscription to view location history

          • @Bii: Nope. haven't paid anything

            • @Poor Ass: $4.99/mo. Maybe yours came with free subscription

              • @Bii: Don't need it

                • @Poor Ass: subscription gets 30 days history

                  how much history do you get or is that not needed at all?

                  • @pinkybrain: Nah you don't need it unless your some kind of professional or need it for work

                    I only use it to find my phone or the tile when I misplaced it usually in the house. It sounds and I find it

                    I'm sure i can use it for luggage tracking … Bluetooth can go far distances

          • @Bii: do actually need location history?
            or just want to know where the tile is at the current location?

            Main thing subscription gets is

            -Smart Alerts
            -30-Day Location History
            -Unlimited Sharing
            -Worry-Free Warranty
            -Premium Customer Care

  • They come as pack of 4 or 4 separate tags?

    • This specific one is a pack of 4. But there are 1 AirTag boxes that you can buy.

  • Do these work with android or only with iphones/apple? Good for dog tracking?

    • Not compatible with android unfortunately.
      Apple and google only worked together to ensure Android phones also give a warning if a particular AirTag is noticed to be following it.

      I’ve seen people put an AirTag on their dogs collar so I assume it works well.

      • +1

        Than you for the reply!

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