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[VIC, SA, QLD] Derrimut 12-Month Gym Membership $249 Upfront + $59 Admin Fee @ Derrimut 24:7 Gym


Just moved recently, and moving boxes upstairs made me realise how out of shape I am. Thought I'd do some googling to see what gym I can throw money at to eventually not go to.

Click your state. There's details for weekly plans etc, but seems to be yearly $249 (plus $59 admin), or $12.95 weekly (plus $59 admin).

Personally, I may see what personal trainers in the area, then maybe go down and see what the place is like before I lock myself in…

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Derrimut 24:7 Gym
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    Man I pay way too much for a gym membership. This is great value. Unfortunately my local derrimuts is always full of bikies.

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      Not as bad as going to the gym with Solntsevskaya bratva in Moscow in 1990s…

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        User name doesn't check out. Born 1983 (I assume) turned 18 in 2001… yet going to gym in the 1990s?

    • arent bikis frenly?

  • Nothing near me. Did sound interesting.

  • If you want to sign up to Derrimut QLD, beware. QLD derrimut do not offer 24/7 gym access.

    • They even say open and staffed 24:7. Lame.

    • Why not? Any reason?

      • Don't know what the reason was, but my mate recently signed up with them with the intention of using their gym for 24/7 access, however they only only allow gym users in during staffing hours now.

        Check their Google reviews out. You'll know more about it from other people that joined Derrimut QLD, and then wanting to exit their contracts.

        • Ours are staffed 24/7 in Melbourne.

  • Wow how do they make a profit..with prices this low,I imagine the place is always packed

    • Pretty much, also it drives business to their supplement shop and cafe

    • they're huge gyms and yea always packed. AFAIK they only offer these deals once or twice a year, they have their normal rates which is still well below what other gyms chage.

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      I’m not saying it’s money laundering. Buts it’s probably money laundering.

    • Should see what the owner drives

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        Heard a story about the owner in the Adelaide Casino. Bloke has a dollar or 2

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      Cheap rent, insurance jobs and other forms of revenue…

    • Looking at the location of the Victorian locations, let just say diigityfish is probably right, they are all always full of bikies.

  • This makes me sad, called the 5 closest gyms to me last week and the cheapest was $850 for the year

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      Yes it appears expensive, but you do save overall on the drug prices.

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    I am a Derrimut regular. Lovely staff at the one in Pakenham. I work 6am til 9 am so it's lovely and quiet when I go gym after work. I do a boxing class there on a Wednesday night and the gym is absolutely packed then. But my class is in a different room so it doesn't bother me.

    • Wow you work only 3 hours per day? Must be tough.

      • I like it. Gets me up early and gives me time to work my other job and side hustles I have going. Freedoms of being 18 and living at home my friend

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          Does mum still cook dinner when you get home?

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            @Mondorock: I just eat whatever they're eating but yes, she does. I thank my lucky stars every day for it.

          • @Mondorock: Yeah, cos there's a housing crisis. (profanity).

    • why do you get different room?

  • Is this gym better than Doherty's?

    • Depends which OMCG you align yourself with… gear at both is similar.

    • Some derrimuts have saunas, coolaroo and Thomastown. Maybe more, not sure as those are the two I go to.

    • my limited trial visits to doherty, theres some gymgoers approach you help you out

  • Every gym should be like this. Good and affordable pricing with plenty of gym equipment. Imagine joining anytime, snap etc. yuck

  • that very cheap for $308 a year to use gym facilities that has showers and so many machines you don't have to wait for long.

  • rock climbing walls?
    this along got me interested

  • have to pass. unfortunately closest one is 19km's away

    (comparing my legacy membership at local gym is $17 per fortnite, DG offer of $8 per week still great value)

  • They increased their admin fee to $79 now too

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