What Are Your Lifetime Cashback Earnings?

Looking at how prevalent cashback deals are on this site, I'm curious to see how much ozbargainers have earned. Mine:

Shopback: $2,015
Cashrewards: $902.12
Topcashback: $70.28

These include pending cashbacks as well.

Edit: added a poll, can specify the exact amounts in comments if you want.

Poll Options

  • 13
  • 9
    $1 - $100
  • 50
    $101 - $1,000
  • 52
    $1,001 - $5,000
  • 8
    Over $5,000


  • +1

    Cashrewards: 5,722.42
    Shopback: 8,864.27

  • +16

    $0! I accept I may have lost out on some cash, but I refuse to let cashback deals influence my purchasing decisions and get sucked into the stress of ensuring purchases are tracked and paid etc. No way am I removing adblockers for them either.

    You may want to put a poll with some spend brackets to get more responses ($0-$1,000 - $1,001-$5,000 etc).

    • +6

      So you are negative 1000

    • Losing out. I don't pay attention and just hope for the best. Anything that tracks properly is a bonus.

    • +1

      Ad blockers work fine. Just temporarily disable them while making purchase, then re-enable immediately after.

    • The only efficient system is found on Woolworth self checkouts. Tap your phone twice, 1st for rewards, 2nd for payment. Coles could learn from it!

  • +1

    $2400+ on Cashrewards

  • +1

    At a 4% cash back average return you have spent 50k at shopback.

    Cash rewards started in 2013/4

    At 700 dollars I have avg 77 dollars per year

    Go to My click history to find earliest click

    This makes me realise I should at least earn that much from ozbargin.

  • +3

    About 1500 across cr and sb
    I don’t really bother unless it’s decent potential cb, say $25 or more

  • Pushing toward $3k on CR, plus probably a couple hundy on SB (but have abandoned SB).

  • Wow thousands of dollars rebated?

    Here I am with a few tens of dollars here and there and thought I was in the big leagues with a $200 rebate from a holiday.

  • ~$170 in Cashrewards.

    Those buckets are pretty big.

  • Avoid trashback etc like the plague

  • $0

    Don't know how to use these systems. What are the pros and cons? Any risks?

    Also don't understand how they can afford to give you free money. What's in it for them?

    Would you say the rewards encourage you to spend more money than you ordinarily would? Can you say they saved you money in that case?

    • Cons: your purchase may not track

  • $0 and have been out in the sun

  • $1700 cashrewards, haven't bothered with the others

  • $983.75 with Cashrewards

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