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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 GPS 40mm $299, Huawei Band 7 Graphite Black $88 + $6 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bing Lee

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$269.10 after Cashrewards cashback, nearly equivalent to the cheapest price (this is cheaper by $0.81) on 3xcamel history. Currently on clearance.

Watch 5 Pro GPS 45mm on sale for $487, after cashback would become $438.30, one of the cheaper prices for it. Black and Grey.

Huawei Band 7 Graphite Black $88 ($79.20 after Cashback)

RRP $139. Currently on sale for $88. 10% off cashback tomorrow through Cashrewards brings it down further to $79.20.
Best price it has been in normal stores according to ozbargain history, and on amazon, it is currently $89 which is the lowest it has been according to camelcamelcamel.

Nebula Pink same price.

Huawei Health app is available through the Galaxy Store for Samsung users and needs to be externally downloaded for other users.

  • Up to 10 days heavy use, 14 days typical use battery life
  • 1.47" AMOLED screen

Bing Lee will not ship products to the following areas: South Australia, NSW Regional, Northern Territory, Queensland Far North / Regional / South East, VIC Regional, Western Australia, Tasmania.

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    • +3

      Band 8 global is on aliexpress for around $85. I upgraded from band 6 and really love the 8. Got it from seller jkteam.

      • +1

        whats the major difference between the models? i just want something now, cant wait for a month

        • Why can't wait?

        • only significant change is SP02 monitoring. https://www.dignited.com/109551/huawei-band-8-vs-huawei-band…

          • @shxhshzhz: I've got band 6 and it's got spo2. It also got the 100 types of workouts thru an update.

            Moved to Xiaomi band 8 cos it has a smoother screen at 60hz

        • +1

          I find the HRM and sleep tracking report faster. Idk if theyre more accurate or not.
          Also the new message functions are helpful. You can reply with emoji's or a list of pre set responses which you can add/edit.
          What I dont like is you now swipe left for Weather and music, which are split in half on one page. Tapping either makes it full screen, but it goes back to split screen once the screen turns off. You currently cant change this, and can only edit which health related pages you see by swiping right, and what order you see them.
          The screens a little bigger, and the resolution is visibly better.
          Took about 3ish weeks to SA from the store i bought mine from.

      • can you use google pay on band 8 nfc version?

      • link please?

      • Also waiting for my band 8, paid around the same ($60 + $20-ish for shipping) should arrive in a week or so. I think it’s slightly slimmer than the 7.

        • can you share where you purchased this from please

          • @lknight: On Taobao, from the official Huawei store with the help of a courier forwarding service, so probably not that feasible for most people unfortunately :/

            • @Mxx: Can you set the courier forwarding service online?

              • @HeyHi: I'm using a service on Wechat (everything's done in Chinese so not helpful if you don't know the language).

                I did use freight forwarders on eBay a few years ago before I learnt Chinese (pre-2017?), just had a quick search and couldn't find them on eBay anymore, there should be some independent websites/companies around that provide English service though (maybe Google?) just none that I know of/have experience with so no recommendations for that.

    • -6

      Can i select what info will be shared with Xi Jinping

  • +2

    Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro $467 delivered: Black, Gray with code SEOFYHG

  • -1

    Amex $70 off $400

  • -1

    Nearly equivalent to the cheapest price (this is cheaper by $0.81)

    Not quite, it was $256.42 price beating Amazon's price at OW, delivered :)

    • on 3xcamel history


      • His statement is still correct. Good information for the ultra bargain hunter.

  • Better buy Samsung S23 series and get free watch? Can sell the phone if not required

    • Can sell both

    • S23 is currently selling for $1249.

      Any way to get a better price like the deals before

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