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Ergohuman 2 Premium Fit IOO Executive Office Chair High Back Black Frame $319.20 + Shipping @ DukeLiving MyDeal

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Seems like a decent chair with the lowest price.

Version 1 has now sold out.

This genuine Ergohuman Fit IOO Executive High Back Office Chair in Black Frame provides the answer to comfortable office seating.

This seat is more than just a pretty face, providing comfort and support with its ergonomic and environmentally-conscious design! Featuring a high back design and a built-in flexible lumbar support system, this executive office chair is a must for those who care for their backs. Made using over 80% recycled material, and 95% recyclable, this seat is not only supportive but also sustainable, as well as sleek and stylish!


3D adjustable headrest that is perfect for resting your head in recline mode when relaxing or watching videos
The signature single control lever provides a simple control point for height, back tilt and seat slide
The adjustable wide backrest provides complete support for your upper back and can be moved up or down to ensure it is in a comfortable position
Automatic lumber support is ergonomically designed into two separate sections for continual support to your lower back during the day
A heavily reinforced 5-star wheel base provides a solid foundation to move around
Its high back provides adjustable support for users up to 196cm
You are purchasing a 100% genuine Ergohuman Office Chair. For peace of mind all Ergohuman Office Chairs purchased at MyDeal are backed up by an extended 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Detailed Specifications

Colour: Black
Brand: Ergohuman
Materials: Mesh, aluminium
Overall Dimensions: 115-130cm x 53cm (HxW)
Minimum Overall Height: 115cm
Maximum Overall Height: 130cm
Seat Height: 44cm-51cm
Product Weight: 25kg
Maximum Weight Capacity: 150kg
Simple assembly required
Product Code: IOOB2WB-AB-HAM
Please Note: This model comes in black mesh and with a black nylon base, and without the extendable coat hanger or unfolding leg rest.
Warranty: 5 year Duke Living Warranty (Included)

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    Version 2 also available for same price:…

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      Shipping seems to be more expensive for the V2. Does anyone know the difference between the 2 models?

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        It’s in the description look for the picture one.

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        Looks a bit lower overall, plus the seat appears to be more flat than the V1. I have that chair in the upholstered version and can’t fault it, except for the headrest. It was a bit difficult to install due to limited access to the bolts to attach it.

        Description also states V2 has:

        • Recline Segment Locking
        • 5D Armrests
        • 6D Flexible Lumbar Support
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        There's some minor differences but basically -
        V1 if you're taller
        V2 if you're smaller

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          Nine year ago? Wow i thought v2 is newly released

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        Price jacking hidden as higher delivery fee. $89 delivery to BNE for v2, $50 for v1

        • @payton I actually emailed them and asked if they could offer it for the same postage price as the V1. Their response,

          Unfortunately, I must advise that the cost provided on the product page is correct and reflects the actual cost the courier will charge the seller to dispatch the item from their warehouse.
          The item may be quite bulky and/or is located in a warehouse that is a great distance from your location. The shipping is calculated per unit based on its size, weight, packaging, and handling and some items already have discounted shipping for multiple units.

          • @Gracey: Thanks for sharing that. Interesting how they try to justify it.

            I can't imagine the box for v2 being that much bigger (or heavier) for the delivery fee to be 80% higher, or for the v2 to be somehow warehoused far far away from the V1.

            Considering getting the v2 but there isn't much feedback on ozb for this model and the seat padding looks kinda thin.

          • +1

            @Gracey: I only had to pay $49 (v1) for the shipping to my area, and about $54 (v2). V1 weights about 24kgs and v2 weighted 25 kilos. I thought paying $5 extra is reasonable to me, and I placed the order on 27th and received it yesterday, their warehouse is based in Victoria. Could be cheaper if you are based in Vic.

            • @Xzibit: Yeah $5 extra is fine. For us in Brisbane its $89 vs $49 though

    • +1

      Thanks, pulled the trigger on V2. This version seem to have more adjustments.

      I hope the quality and comfort are decent for the price!

  • How would this compare with Costco's offering? About to bite the bullet on a mesh chair.

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      If you are referring to the Ergoking Martin Mesh chair, the front of the seat cushion looks like it might cut into your legs. The one on the Ergohuman curves down considerably more.

      • Whoops. Yes, the ergoking. Similar pricepoint.

        • Review arent that good..


      Its 389 online, do you know if it is still 299 in store?

      • Yeah, pretty sure it is, at least in Adelaide. It's a pretty big and heavy box though.

  • If it is 299.99 we could have claimed it completely this year !

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      Can't you claim partially?

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    I got the v1 during the last sale at $389 shipped and am very happy with my purchase. Comfortable for long hours working from home. Lots of adjustability and great build quality. Alot more support than my 2nd hand HM Sayl.

    Great buy at this price.


    Some decent chairs with 20$ code.. which pays for the shipping.. just bought it last week and got delivered yesterday..

    • I have an old Sihoo A7 and need replacement wheels but haven’t been able to get a response from Sihoo, and a set of “universal” castor wheels I bought don’t fit.
      Just a heads up, hope you have better luck with your Sihoo.

      • The metal part that connects the wheel to the chair base comes in 4 different sizes. If you take an existing castor to Bunnings or Officeworks, you should be able to find something similar.

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    I have this chair

    It's so good. I can sit all day without issues.

    a million times better than those over priced "gaming chairs"

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    actually a great chair for great price

  • Is it possible to remove the headrest?

    • +2

      You can

    • If you buy it and hate the headrest sell it to me, and I'll send the blank in return.

      I bought a few thinking that one would be shared so the headrest would be annoying to adjust all the time, but I find it's just that much better with the headrest so worth the minor hassle.

  • I've got an old one like from around 2009 ordered another to replace as the arms are worn and I can hand this one down to my relatives

  • Is the high back too high for shorter people?

    • Following this too.. okay for 170cm and below?

  • I have a couple of these and found the screws incredibly difficult to get in. On both I ended up spraying the holes with wd40 or Lock lubricant. Then putting the screws in & out before assembly.

    • But overall, are you happy with them? Have the famous brand to compare? Like miller and steel something

      • My wife and son both use them. Hes really tall and my wife is pretty short. Both find it really supportive once setup properly. The only complaint is the headrest doesnt go low enough if youre short. It looks like it could click lower, but doesnt. So if youre short, it rests in the middle of the back of your head.
        I had a Herman miller aeron and hated it. I found the upper back & shoulder support terrible. This is much better, but personally i prefer my noblechair icon.

        • headrest doesnt go low enough if youre short.

          how short? what if around 168cm ?

          • @CyberMurning: Im 6" and it sits just at the base of my skull, not my neck. My son is 6"2 and finds it perfect. My wife is about 5"8 and finds it rests on the back of her head. The headrest mesh is quite tight as well, so there isnt much give in it at first. Just depends on what you find comfortable.

            • @Awsam: omg if 5.8 already like that.. im far shorter
              oh ok saw noblechair and yes that headrest design is safer for any height.
              plus, the cushion type vs mesh.. i really think cushion is better for our butt

  • Seems like Ergohuman is releasing a new line with Ergohuman 2 which is now automated assembly and not hand assembly. There is the listed features of another armrest movement, lumbar adjustment, and tilt locking, but also some general wishy washy things like "improved mesh and durability". Here's the link to what's changed with the new design:

    My concern is that there are no reviews anywhere about it. With changing the production process and the various other changes I'd want to see if there are any early adopter issues before I buy.

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    Shipping $119.00 to WA, skip for me.

  • What is the difference between this one and the (significantly) more expensive SteelCase chairs (for example, Leap)?

  • These chairs are not really from Ergohuman, are they? Can't find them anywhere in

    • They are, is just another reseller, they're not a part of Ergohuman, or Comfort Seating or whatever they're actually called.

  • question:
    Maximum Seat Height: 53.5cm

    is that right? that is from floor to seat base? how come so short, my cheap officework chair can go up till 66-70cm (yes im short so need it high)

    • Measured from the floor to the middle of the top of seat is about 58cm.

      • thanks. still not enough. i have the lowest of my desk settting and still need 62cm height of chair

  • Anyone who does Woolworths rewards - check your app, there was a bonus 1000 points when you spend $50 or more at MyDeal.

    • Yep got it
      But.. 1000 points is just 5 bucks..

      • Yeah, if you're buying it, its $5 you didn't otherwise have.

  • +1

    Would love to jump on this if the code was eligible on Shop Back (currently a flash sale with mydeal). Not worth the risk though as the code isn't listed.

    • ah good point i was thinking another $40 off is too good to miss. lucky saw your post

  • $89 postage to Gold Coast!! Thanks anyway OP.

  • +1

    Anyone's order dispatched/arrived yet?

    • Received tracking number last night and still waiting for collection by border express courier.

  • Just received mine. It's no Aeron but seems good for the price… Gas lift goes from comically low to just-barely-high-enough. Thankfully I don't have long legs (:

  • Also got mine today (melbs) Going to use is without the arms or the head rest.
    Had my original since 2009 and felt the head rest didn't really do much unless you where going to tilt it all the way back. No arms because of the way my desk is prevented me from moving the chair closer to the table. I can always add them on later if I feel the need.

    2009 vs 2023 Ergohuman 2

    Alot less metal base is plastic so lighter being newer its more springy.

    Just got its so can't tell is it'll last as long but seems just as comfortable.

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