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ALDI Lazzio Dark Roast Coffee Beans 1kg $11.99 @ ALDI


Lots of coffee reps using this website to post their fake coffee bargains but I did a search & nobody has ever posted this real bargain.

Posting this for members that aren't aware.

Lazzio print the roast date on the pack as you can see in this old pic. Not the one I bought yesterday, this is medium roast. I bought dark roast yesterday.

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    Inb4 coffee snobs say spend more to get better beans.

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      I guess coffee is just the emperor's clothes things and the snobbers just don't want to admit it. Aldi coffee quality is fairly good, I once had a batch of Columbia one that was so divine but sadly never getting anything close to that, even among the self proclaimed prestige roasters.

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        The single origins are hit and miss between bags - sometimes really good, but sometimes not great.

        That said, they have gone away from the 100% arabica on the medium and dark roasts. Not an issue if you don't mind the taste of robusta.

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        Columbia was my favourite. I say was because I can't find them in stores anymore. Just see Peru now.

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          Yup, same here. I still check every time though..

          • @Xheis: The Colombia beans are seasonal and if I remember correctly, should be back in stores in the next few months

            • @gnahtanoj: Didn't mind those, the other ones aren't any good imo. Better just to get medium roast.

    • How recent are the roast dates?

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        The pack I bought yesterday roast date is 07/06/23. Some were older so always check the boxes.

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          Where is the roast date found?
          I've never seen it printed on the bags themselves

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            @Harvey1: Bro I provided a pic in the description. It's on the side of the pack.

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              @WatchNerd: Yeah i jumped straight to the comments :D
              Thanks for that!

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              @WatchNerd: Was this a pic of the pack you bought? Best before ~1yr ago?

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                @brou: The address bar of the pic indicates that it was saved as a jpg file on 20210808
                ie, the picture was taken on or before 8 August 2021

            • @WatchNerd: It just has a best before date.

              210503 means what exactly?

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            @Harvey1: It's just the code on the bag, but in yymmdd form from memory. i.e. 230607 would be 7 June 2023.

            • @NigelTufnel: So OPs bag was roasted two years ago? And expires next month?

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                @AustriaBargain: I don't think that's OP's current bag, that's just a pic they found, or maybe an old pic. But yeah that bag was roasted in May 2021.

                Expiry dates on beans are variable and long and have nothing to do with the taste, that's why you can't use them as a reference for roast date.

                • @NigelTufnel: So the best before date isn't always 27 months after the roast date, it's possible to see two bags of dark roast on the shelf one with best before date of August 2023 and the other December 2023, and it's possible the one with the August 2023 best before date is fresher than the one with the December 2023 best before date?

                • @NigelTufnel: Fresher is better, with checking the dates on bags at aldi and get the newest ones.

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          What's the sweet spot In terms of roasting date, when you're going to use the beans?

          If I recall correctly, the ideal situation is having a roasting date of 3-4 weeks ago from when you start using the beans. Anything over 4 isn't bad but not ideal

          This is what I've been following, but wanted to confirm if this is indeed correct

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            @eltito: I just grab the bag with the furthest away best before date.

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            @eltito: 1-3 week after roast is best. After that it will start to deteriorate in quality. If you can find 1 week old beans from Aldi, that's the go. Don't wait 4 weeks just to start using them…

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            @eltito: Between 10 days to 45 days after roast. So I generally order when there are 10 days remaining for the current stock to get over.

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            @eltito: Uh, there's a bit of variance with specific beans if you want to get fancy, but really starting anything from a handful of days to a week.

            I don't know how big a difference nitrogen fills make, but I am sure that the 6-9 month prior dates that I see on supermarket bags cannot be ideal.

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        I found a medium dark pack with roast date '230622' yesterday at my local. I felt like I won the lotto.

        Seems like it depends on luck and persistence.

        • If they swap the YY to the end… XD

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            @dlovep: If that's the case then amazing crema for beans over 1yo!

        • '20230626' jackpot

          • @nemo5: Thought the dates on the top of the bag were best before, and aim for 2 months before that for the brew date?

            Anyway sounds good, almost due for some more will check it out. Can certainly smell the more fresh beans,
            varies from store to store and medium or dark. I prefer medium but would get dark if they are much fresher I guess.

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              @G-rig: This is what appears on the Medium Dark 500g bag I got last night:

              BEST BEFORE
              26 SEP 2024
              B 230626 14:09 (This is the Batch Number)

              This is consistent with this deleted-user Reddit post claiming to be an employee at Black Bag Roasters from early 2023.

              -Roast Date is the Batch number (second line), with the YY and DD reversed.
              -Roasted and packed same day
              -Best Before is 15 months from Roast Date

              • @nemo5: Thanks mate good to know.
                I was working back 3 months from the best before to try and get the freshest but didn't realise the extra year!

                Will look out for it next time.

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        The roast date is about 3 month before best before (or maybe 2 months can't remember, but always best to grab the ones with latest date).

    • -8

      I never understood the whole coffee snobbery stuff.

      It’s like cars, if you actually like cars you should be able to appreciate all kinds of cars (think Jerry Seinfeld’s appreciation of cars).

      • +26

        ? its about tasting very good if you have never had perfectly brewed coffee with a 1:2.5 ratio for at a 26 second shot time for example with my light roasted beans I use then it will taste aweful, but you nail it its perfect fruity chocolaty and sweet no bitterness or sourness. People that put suger in coffee either don't know what good coffee tastes like or they just like the taste of sugar and not coffee.

        • +3

          LOL. Have an upvote.

          • @Ghost47: Facts are facts no idea why its down voted but it is what it is.

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              @kungfuman: Can assume there are 7 coffee and car snobs on today. Do feel sorry for them.

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          they just like the taste of sugar and not coffee.

          Then why put butter on bread or salt and pepper on food or anything in a pot of water to make soup?
          We all have different taste buds and like different things
          I brew my own and make a great cuppa and have sugar others don't its whatever floats your boat but to say we only like it for the sugar hit is utter nonsense what about having an iced coffee with ice cream or just plain milk?

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            @Loot N Plunder: coffee isn't bread, coffee has its own flavors, milk will enhance a shot, it does not over power it like sugar does.

            Sugar should never go into good coffee, but it is something you put in bad coffee.

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              @kungfuman: So people who like coffee but prefer it sweeter to the more raw taste are wrong. Like saying a good steak should have no salt or seasoning.tea should be black without milk. So Starbucks and all there fraps etc aren't real drinks though millions are sold daily. Enjoy what you enjoy how you enjoy. Each to there own remembering that this is only your opinion.

              • -3

                @Geoff01: espresso done right is Sweet naturally. you need to taste a shot that is perfectly done before you decide to smother it with sugar. Simply put sugar will destroy any flavors the coffee has, to the point where all that is left is a sugar taste. All I am saying is people who train their palette to learn the difference between what good coffee tastes like and what a bad one does, won't put sugar in every single coffee they get before tasting it first. People that do that don't know any better, coffee is an experience not something to s$%t all over.

              • @Geoff01: Yeah coffee is always nicer with milk and sugar but drink Black half the time if I'm not making it myself.

                Stuff paying $5 plus these days buying coffee out, $3.50 is all they are worth. If it's just a caffeine hit then the work pod machine or 7 eleven good enough, it's just a reason to get out of the office.

          • +3

            @Loot N Plunder: I use bread as a vehicle to consume butter.

        • As someone who used to hate coffee until someone who knew coffee showed took me on a coffee journey. I went from drinking mochas to cappacinos to long blacks to ristrettos. I still drink all kinds of coffee but i never add sugar. Its a sign of either burnt coffee, off coffee or bad coffee.

          As for the Aldi beans i buy then and i'm not as meticulous on the roast date as others. For a milk based coffee i'm less fussy. If i'm making a cold drip in the summer i'll want as fresh a roast as possible. I'm a coffee snob in so far as i know what good and bad coffee is. I'll tolerate a wide range, but never bitter coffee, which ios what people usually think of when they say they hate coffee.

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            @Watto23: Someone gets it good to see people actually get it. well put.

      • Seinfeld the Porsche collector? Perhaps Jay Leno…

        • +1

          I’m thinking of all the cars he shows on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

      • +1

        You should look it what the word "snob" means in a dictionary.

      • +7

        I never understood the whole coffee snobbery stuff

        The worst ones are the Aldi coffee snobs.

        • +1

          Lavazza snobs are the worst I think

      • +10

        People are allowed to enjoy and appreciate great coffee. But for me, coffee snobs are those people who feel superior for liking coffee that much and talk down to us normies who just wants our caffeine.

        Personally, I am happy with Aldi beans. I know the others might be better but my poor man's tastebuds wouldn't appreciate it to justify the extra cost

        • +4

          hell….i will settle for international roast instant coffee and be happy with it if i don't find proper coffee to drink. what would one call me…. a coffee wh0re ?

      • +1

        I can appreciate some single origins… have had amazing small-batch roasted single origins that were very carefully prepared. I've had loads of good coffees in Italy/France.

        But I can also appreciate sweet milky canned stuff from Japanese vending machines or sugary strong stuff in SE Asia which are more 'coffee-related beverages' than what I'd call 'coffee.'

        There's lots of really shit coffee too. Most tinned stuff (arguably not coffee), lots of cafes in other countries (Sydney seems fairly consistently good). Though even in Sydney, I have come across a fair number of places that people rave about which I consider mediocre. I do not appreciate bad coffee that is presented as 'proper' coffee.

        This thread does make me want to try the Aldi stuff.

    • +3

      There's bad expensive coffee, and there's good expensive coffee.

      But having tried my hand at roasting at home, I can see where some of the money for more expensive beans go- sorting out the bad ones. Lots of duff beans come with green coffee- half eaten by insects, odd sized. And then after you sort them out and roast, some of the roasted beans show problems too and you sort those out again. It's a very manual process.

      • +2

        Not to mention the quality of the machine and grinder being a factor.

    • And they say it on ozbargain.

    • +3

      Aldi is unbeatable for value, it's usually my go to when I'm in between beans - but you can definitely get better tasting beans from the likes of Undercover, Inglewood and LimeBlue, as long as you know how to brew it properly. I think this is a big factor in people thinking all beans taste the same - they absolutely will all taste very similar if you aren't dialling them in correctly.

      • facts. I've been getting absolutely ripper crema with the Sopranos 2 for $50 deal recently on my BDB, will definitely be buying some more of that in the future. but yeah definitely hit up the ole Aldi beans every so often, especially in summer for iced coffees.

    • Spend more for beans that you will think are better because you spend more.

    • +1

      Aldi Coffee beans taste great, I prefer the Medium Roast myself.

      • I bought medium roast for the first time, and cant get the shot dialled in. It tastes very acidic. ok for with milk but no good as a shit or Iong black.
        Any advice?

        • +1

          how long is the shot taking? about 30s is the guide
          guess make sure not to quick or long. Bit of a balance between how much you fill and tamp (press down).

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      Coffee is like wine - there is a lot of variance between regions and you can have 'good' and 'bad' quality based on the raw ingredients and how well they are transformed into the final product via roasting/winemaking.

      Coffee is also like wine in that if you find a cheap product you like, there is no reason to spend more just to get 'higher quality'.

      I'm not really a coffee snob, but I tried several of the Aldi beans and didn't like any of them. I still get some occasionally as a stopgap when I haven't ordered my usual stuff (which is not super snobby/expensive) in time and I run out.

      • +1

        I found aldi beans very one dimensional. I couldn't really taste any complex flavours in mine. Gave them away

        • +1

          Exactly the same. I'm all for saving money but I won't buy the Aldi Beans again (Dark Beans). They just have no body or depth is the only way I can describe them. I've just switched halfway through the Aldi packet to Inglewood Sunset BLVD and those beans are miles better.

          • @cv05: Never heard of those but seems they are $60/kg plus postage.. 🙄.

            Hardly a similar comparison, you'd expect them to be 4x better..

            • @G-rig: It was 50% off few days ago @ $30

              • @huntabargain: That's alright, still have to pay postage and or spend $150. Will keep those in mind, the full price isn't exactly comparing apples with apples as I could name 100 types of beans that are better for $40-60/kg.

                • @G-rig: I believe it was free shipping to Melb and if you bought 1kg was free shipping also to Syd but they fixed the loop (it is free shipping for order above $50 tho). I did not buy that deal as they fixed the loop when I tried to buy.

                  I ended up buying 2kg Organic beans from Sicilia for $42.6 inc shipping, first time trying their beans.
                  I must say I bought Aldi beans few times mainly the SO Brazilian $17.99 and the Medium roast.
                  I generally buy from Aldi when run out from suppliers and see packet with 1-3 weeks max roast date.

                  • +1

                    @huntabargain: Cool, the trick is not buying too much at a time to keep the beans fresh, takes ages to get through 1kg personally, so ideally I'd grab 250-500g of the good ones but then is even more expensive.

                    At least with the Aldi ones you're not worried about wasting any when getting a new bag and dialling in the grind.

                    Just have to get Whatever is acceptable for the price, with milk and or sugar it makes less of a difference anyway.

                    • @G-rig: I generally buy 1kg, bought 2 kg couple of times when there were exceptional deals. I consume 1kg in 4 weeks. I tried freezing in small container and it worked just fine as fresh beans.
                      BTW, you can buy the Aldi medium roast in 0.5kg bags for something like $8

                      • @huntabargain: Cool mate may do that if it's almost the same.
                        Seems to keep ok in fridge but will keep in mind, also rather use up a kg in 4 weeks max.

            • @G-rig: I only ever buy them when they are 50% off, the last batch I bought were $30/kg with free shipping. All I was saying was that I'd rather spend more on beans and enjoy them than skimp and not enjoy them. I'm happy paying $30/kg but I wouldn't spend $60.

    • Umm.. actually Aldi bean are pretty good. I miss the Columbia one but the Brazil origin beans are my go to.

      • Just noticed Colombia & Brazil in the latest cattledog, $18.99 for 1kg.

    • Only get better beans if you can taste the difference.

  • +64

    I'm a coffee snob and I bloody love Aldi beans. Don't knock it until you try it.

    • +1

      Same here, I’ll only have a coffee if it’s with coffee beans and this coffee does the job nicely. I was pleasantly surprised.

      • Agreed. Word for word this is how I feel too.

    • Me too. I’m a massive coffee snob, but think this coffee is delicious.

    • +1. Just can't move to other beans given the price / taste performance. Or maybe I ain't snob enough? :D

    • +1

      I found dark too bitter. And medium not bitter enough. Brazil is closer to just right.

    • +1

      the Aldi beans labeled COLUMBIA were good for the price - BRAZIL not so much - BRAZIL passable for coffee but a bit yuk for my taste (short and neat no sugar). In milk with sugar, no issues, tasty beverage.

  • +21

    Value/cost ratio is very high

  • +6

    Yep. These are great.

  • is this always 11.99? I thought it was 14.99 at one stage..

    • +3

      Medium roast is $14.99, as are the single origins (by memory)

      • Single origin has gone up to 15.99 or 16.99 I think. Still good value, but not quite as good as a year ago.

    • +8

      From my personal observation the Medium went up but the Dark stayed at $11.99. Thought it was due to demand but Dark has stayed down. I literally bought this yesterday because it was cheaper. I usually get the Medium for flavour. But might mix the two and see?

      *I'm not a snob so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. But sure beats $5+ for a store bought coffee.

      • +2

        I believe the dark roast is 100% robusta beans, and medium is arabica or possibly a blend. I prefer the dark roast, but I get sick of it after a while. Trying Brazil at the moment for a change, it's nice too but the pack I got was roasted over a month ago. Normally I get a roast date <2 weeks with the dark roast.

        • -2

          Nope, none of them are Robusta, all Arabica.

          • @spoco2: You might want to check again. The single origin ones are marked as 100% arabica, while last I looked the others are not, indicating a blend.

            • @weenis: I stand corrected then.

              They must have changed it at some point, as I was sure they used to be just arabica. Also, mustn't be too high a percentage of robusta, as when I drink robusta it gives me heart issues (due to the extra caffeine).

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