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[WA, Short Dated] Tim Tam Dark $1.49 @ Spud Shed


Apologies for the terrible picture, but great bargain for those in WA.
Tim Tam Dark packet for $1.49 at spud shed. Normal price $4.50 at woolies. Plenty of stock at Baldivis, not sure if available at other stores. Expiry is 5/8/23

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Spudshed Fresh Food Market
Spudshed Fresh Food Market

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    $2.25 @ Coles and not short dated and plenty of flavours to choose from.
    Basically every "deal" at Spud Shed is close to expiry.
    Reminds me of NQR over in the Eastern States

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      Lots of fruit and veg at spudshed are insanely cheap compared to colesworths, especially in peak season when they just have too much of the good quality stuff. Outside of peak season you definitely need to check carefully though.

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        Most of the fruit/veg at Spud Shed is below par and wouldn't be sold at Colesworth.
        I have even gone to buy fruit on a couple of occasions and found large amounts of mould on them.

        I'm not suggesting you can't find a bargain occasionally but they definitely need improvement on quality control.

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      Woolies and Coles have week by Week turns with Tim-Tam sales
      Even seen Tim-tams go as low as $1.80

      even $2 here


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      Reminds me of the time I ate 2kg of stale haribo. Didn’t poop for a week and when I did I was this 🤌 close to calling an ambulance.

      • 2KG??

        • +1

          Well it was 5 pounds, so a little more than 2kg. The issue I think was that it didn't all digest and formed into a large green polished ball in my digestive tract.

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    Spudsheds is also seconds anyhow.

    Like the some of the frozen meals you find at woolies and coles, spudshed stocks it for less but its because they order the same product but with less % of ingredients.
    I know they used to always take seconds milk products from brownes.

    All the meat is always cheap but its just worst cuts that are tough as hell

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    Remember the good ol days when there was still $1, blame inflation

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    Wow nice. $1.49 is a great excuse to tim tam slam a few packs. Would hide any hints of being close to expiry too. Dark is ideal for the TTS.

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      Your could eat these months after whatever date is on the packet. If anyone has doubts about these with an impending 'use by' date then maybe they should stick to milquetoast….

  • Thanks OP I'll check out local one later this week and report back

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