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Woolworths Honey Macadamias 400g $9.90 ($24.75/kg) @ Woolworths (Excludes NSW)


Spotted this while doing grocery shopping. Pretty decent price considering most online site would charge $10+ shipping
Maybe combine that with the monthly 10% off for extra saving (๑•̀ㅂ•́)ノ

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  • Is there a way to check the historical price shifts on these?

    Coz this seems like the usual price,

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      Macadamia doesn't usually cost $25 a kilo. It's closer to $40-50.

      • Price had collapsed for macadamias over the past 6 months.Anecdotally living in maca country, farmers are getting low prices. In the shops this has reflected in recent prices as low as $19 kilo for processed nuts at local IGA style shops. Don't know if this is all temporary or new pricing level reflecting the 1000s of hectares going in across the country.

      • These have been this price for ages according to local Woolies staff.

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      Normal price
      Checked in store - staff confirmed.
      It's shown on tattered old tag on shelf.

  • Price about right: 80% nuts, 20% sugar and other additives

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      81% nuts

      22% carbs

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        81% nuts

        Sounds like you are describing yourself

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          I'm not diluted.

  • Which store as it is showing $19 for me?

    • The Pines Shopping Centre, Cnr Reynolds And Blackburn Road, Doncaster East

  • I mentioned this in another macadamia post a few weeks back and they didn't believe me lol.

    All good though, I bought 4 of them today as they were an additional 20% off at my local 😄

    • Yes, these nuts are quite stale at this point. Have to shift them before they end up as landfill

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    Try Marquis.com $23/kg plus freight - Not as cheap as the Woolies price at the moment

  • it has been the same price for the last 2 months in QLD.. I have added a few kilos now

    • No worries, we don't body shaming in ozb…. LOL

      • sorry it is the normal price.. thought you need to have some "bargain" to post

        • I have added a few kilos now


  • These are OK but Aldi used to sell their version of the honey roasted macadamia nuts that were so addictive but they have disappeared for the last 6 or so months. They were the best ones out of the 3 main supermarket offerings.

  • What's the "monthly 10% off for extra saving'?

  • picked up some today from Salisbury SA.

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