[Price Error] Hacienda Kids Grey Couch Sofa Chair w/ Footstool in PU Leather $19 Delivered @ Coles BestBuys

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The Hacienda Kids Grey Couch Sofa Chair with Footstool in PU Leather offers a stylish and comfortable seating solution for your child's room or play area. Crafted with high-quality PU leather, this furniture set features a sleek grey color that complements any decor. The set includes a chair and a matching footstool, providing a cozy spot for your child to relax, read, or engage in imaginative play. With its sturdy construction and easy-to-clean upholstery, this compact and stylish set is a perfect addition to create a comfortable and inviting space for your little one. Elevate your child's seating experience with the Hacienda Kids Grey Couch Sofa Chair with Footstool in PU Leather.

There is also a pink version but costs $199

Manufacturer link https://lenoxx.com.au/products/kids-grey-sofa-chair-footstoo…

Mod 10/7: Purchases were refunded without an explanation, presumed price error.

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  • What range of kids ages y'all think it's for?

    Edit: Recommended Age: 1.5 - 5 years

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      Just $19 delivered, buy first and think later. It might just get cancelled so you don't have to worry about the size anyway:)

      • +1

        Nuh. My youngest is 6 so no dice.

          • +5

            @[Deactivated]: Let's be honest, a revoked membership will save me more money than it would cost me.🤣😂

            • @seamonkey: it'll still cost you , you just wont be able to tell anyone about it!!

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      don't know about kids but this looks cat-sized

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    Need a Royal Commission for truth in advertising. It's not PU Leather, or Pleather, or Vegan Leather…it's vinyl FFS.

    • But it's vegan…..

      polyurethane =/= leather

    • <insert obligatory but you don't eat it comment here>

    • So it won't peel/flake off?

    • Using the terms PU leather and vegan leather maans that the items turn up in searches for real leather.

    • +1

      If you wanna get really technical, PU means polyurethane, and vinyl means polyvinyl chloride. They're different materials. 'PU Leather' just means polyurethane leather, which is what it is. Calling it vinyl would be incorrect.

      Imitation/vegan meat is still called meat.
      Soaked and gound up nuts is still called milk.

      All of it is accurately described before what it is imitating.

  • When I clicked, there was 170 in stock, I bought one.

    Return to the same site again, the stock becomes 184 🤔

    • Might make sense. I had 2 for example in checkout and then said Yeah Nah and shut it all down..Others may have as well.

    • Only 89 left now

      • 155 now

        • lol I don't think they have set up their inventory level correctly. Looks like it is being automatically replenished.

        • Might make sense. I had 66 ordered for my cat cafe for example in checkout and then said Yeah Nah and shut it all down. No cats gonna sit on vegan leather it if principal..Others cats may have cancelled as well.

  • Shipping was free for me. Worth a shot for $19.

  • +1

    Free shipping for me too, all the way to Morwell, cheers OP

  • -1

    Thanks bought 100 for my all offsprings.

  • +2

    Perfect cat sofa thanks

    • exactly what I was thinking - it's perfect for cats and small dogs

      • +3

        Perfect for cats if you keep the box for it, they’ll use the box.

  • Sweet, got one

  • If it's PU leather will flake after a while.. But 20 bucks go for it

  • Lol was down to 56 then restock back over 150

  • Took a gamble and bought one. Free shipping to Central Queensland.

  • "Out of stock
    Some items are no longer available. Your cart has been updated."
    Just WA things?

  • +1

    pretty sure it's a price error, but ordered one anyway

  • out of stock while I was about to pay :(

  • +1

    Was just about to buy Strandmon children armchair for my 7 yo, which is 179. Dimensions are similar. Worth a shot. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Back in stock

  • back in stock guys 107 left

    • Thanks, bought 1

  • $19 shipped.. why not

  • Thanks Op just bought one for my 7 ye old daughter. It’s a steal with free shipping too!

  • +6

    Haven't used Best Buys before but I'll give them a try (excellent Xmas present for family friend's kiddo). Found this chocolate bouquet there too if anyone's interested https://bestbuys.coles.com.au/products/grand-rainbow-chocola…? $11, normally $99 from Tastebuds. Edit: Sold out now

    • Thanks just got 2 chocolate bouquets

      • The qty available just went from "Sold Out" back up to 10… their glitchery makes me very concerned now that it'll all end in refunds.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Well done 👍 🤞

  • Out of stock again right as I was confirming payment :(

  • Thanks! Got 2

  • +1

    Thanks OP got one with free shipping

  • Similar size to this but bit taller

  • OOS

  • OOS, was going to get one for my cat :(

  • This only weighs 6.8kg.

  • +3
    • refunded. anyone got it shipped ?

  • +1

    Seems like more in stock. Just got one

  • Refunded. Boo

    • price error?

      edit: ordered anyway

  • +2

    Only paid with Paypal? lol

  • Just ordered … back in stock

    • Yes how is this back in stock… lol but I’ve placed an order let’s see if it’s honoured 🤪

      • It kind of seems like the ones they cancelled and refunded came back in stock.

  • Crazy clearance deal! Shipping would have been like $20 for this. Thanks OP! Bought one for my 5 year old.

  • OOS now :(.

  • oos!

  • Oos again :(

  • Money was taken and then sold out. Will I get a refund?

    • If they don’t honour it then you’ll get a refund

  • +1

    For my order, they have initiated a refund.. Looks like it was a pricing error and all the orders are getting cancelled.

    • Same here.. bummer

  • Yup refunded.

  • must be working through the refunds..i haven't received mine yet… lets see later today

  • Cancelled. Boooourns

  • +3

    My order got cancelled too. Someone’s going to be having a very busy Monday cancelling those orders!

    Imagine the shock their team got when they realised a horde of ozbargainers found this pricing error lol

  • Just got refunded as well. Was worth a shot.

  • Yes mine has been refunded too.

  • damm cancelled 2:23pm - damm you bestbuycoles

    did anyone even get a successful order for this chair?

  • Anyone else penning an email in their head about how this is a load of shit, and I don't give a (profanity) if it's an error, you listed it, you sold it, you better damn well (profanity) honor it?

    Goddamn online marketplaces are the worst, Coles will surely pass the blame, right on to the seller who will pass it back to Coles in an infinite loop.

    • Got my refund, not worth my time, moving on..

    • I get that stock level glitches happen sometimes, so I am okay with a refunded chair (if they don't have them to sell, they can't sell them, no matter the price), but I am particularly narky about the chocolate bouquets (see my comment earlier in this post). There are no issues with stock there because they are currently relisted at $110 each, not the previous $11 that they were purchased at.

      • +3

        The chairs were relisted at $199 this morning, so it's definitely a price error and not a stock issue.

  • Lol

  • No cancellation email or refund for me yet

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