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Silicon Power UD90 4TB M.2 NVME PCIE Gen4 SSD $290.05 Shipped @ Amazon JP via AU

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First post.
Been on the lookout for a good SSD. According to Camelx3, cheapest ever with the price stagnant at $375.94

Reviews seem to be quite positive.

DRAM-less though. But possibly good alternative for day to day use? Not sure about the TBW for 4tb because they only tested the 1tb which is at 600TBW. 5 years Warranty

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    UD90 4TB is 2400 TBW

  • I intend to use it as Windows drive + AAA games, on pc of course and i’d like fast Windows startup and faster game installing times (write) and loading times (read).

    Not knowing much about DRAM, should i care about DRAM for my use case?

    • +1

      Absolutely fine for this use 👍 Game load times barely change between the fastest and slowest SSDs.

      • Cheers

  • +10

    Silicon Power has a history of stealth swapping to poorer quality components and this was discovered again on a recent deal posted here

    Since they treat customers like sh*t, their products cannot be recommended in good faith

    Out of the B tier brands, TEAMGROUP is the best followed by PNY though both still need checking of recent reviews because they also part swap

    • How's Lexar in this context?

      • +1

        Lexar are up front about using Chinese NAND and controllers so do not need to swap

        Their bigger issue is that BPC are the only Australian retailer selling their drives which does not inspire confidence

    • I tend to agree, I had two 1tb Silicon Power SSDs fail on me recently.

    • +1

      While I agree Silicon Power does component swapping a lot, suggesting PNY might be better is unsafe. The cheapest PNY 2TB NVMe SSD is pure lottery in terms of the NAND type you get (and possibly the controller). There are at least 3 possibilities, possibly more. One issue with PNY is its firmware update support. I only tried it on one of my PCs and the PNY NVMe SSD upgrade utility doesn't run properly on that PC.

      Stealth swapping, given Kingston also does it a lot, and WD got caught doing so. Samsung did change the packaging and lower the price.

  • Component lottery remains the main issue with this SSD. If this still uses the same components as the one reviewed by Tom's Hardware, Phison E21T + 176-Layer Micron TLC (B47R), then it is tempting. Problem is, realistically, there is a high chance of component swaps. Phison E21T works with too many different NANDs so swap is too easy. There are other DRAMless PCIe gen 4 controllers as well.

  • ssd pricing is so good but manufacturers are doing so much shady shit behind the scenes, seems like samsung and micron are the only "decent" consumer grade ones left. or i could go insane and go enterprise with intel/toshiba/kioxia

    literally cannot find something that matches or exceeds my 960 pro

    980/990 are garbage, i hope "1090" is actually good.

    • +3

      LOL… Crucial and Samsung have also done swaps. BX500 QLC swap happened quite early. P1 and P2, swap swap… Some Crucial MX500 fans get upset when MX500's possible QLC swap is mentioned (as they demand more proof).

      So, for most people who purchased 980 Pros which belong to unaffected batches according to Samsung, they are still garbage? Current batches of 980 Pros would have new firmware by now. I don't think Samsung is that dumb to use old firmwares on new SSDs. Also, if you actually own more than 1 980 Pro SSDs (or multiple Samsung SSDs), you would realise there are so many batches and they use different firmware versions. But hey, just read some Web articles and if an SSD model is bad, it is forever bad right?

      It's more dangerous for SSDs to be reviewed on early and better batches and later being swapped for inferior components.

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