SoSharp closed down?

Got an email this morning from some who enquired about no delivery and no contact from Well at OzBargain we do get this kind of emails pretty much everyday, from people mistaken us as the merchant.

So I went to SoSharp's website trying to grab the contact details — and found that it is actually BLANK. Looks like they have closed their door?

Anyone else affected here?



    Haven't purchased a voucher from SS in a while but thanks for posting the above research. Very helpful for people trying to log onto the SS site only to see it gone.


    Purchased items almost 5 weeks ago and have sent multiple emails with no reply. Hope there going to refund all the money they've taken from people.


    yeah they sold 3000 of those kitchenaid mixers and were held accountable for the affiliate costs of those. That would have been a hit of around 100K only though. I guess they just stepped into the footsteps of jigocity.


      Shouldn't affiliate fee counted only if the transactions have gone through, and the goods have been delivered? They are usually only paid 2-3 months down the track to counter returns and fraudulent transactions etc.


    No affiliate fees are paid when the affiliate manages to get sales. If they as a deal site do not manage to source the product that is their problem. For the deal aggregator have done their job to get traffic to the sale and generate genuine sales. We own and they were held accountable to pay the fees to us also. It is never fun to see a business go down but for deal sites it is just so important to screen the merchants before they list a deal that is too good to be true.

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      So you mean, it's the affiliates who insist on their fee getting paid over illegitimate sales that killed SoSharp? Shame on them :)

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    No the sales are genuine as clients buy them thinking it is legitimate deal and before entering a affiliate agreement all deal sites sign a contract which identifies all scenarios. If the deal site does not screen its suppliers than it is really their fault and it is something they must consider before listing a deal. Scott you must also consider the other side of the coin. We could for instance give away endless Iphones for $1 and than refund everyone but have a huge new database of clients. Is that fair or right? And they have had these issues before as well and not really addressed their screening methods. From the aggregator perspective you must note that there is money laid out on SEO and SEM to drive traffic just as well towards these deals and when a client does not get their product they are not likely to use the aggregator again thinking of the negative experience overall. So whilst I hate seeing a company fail and especially its employees lose their work it is even worse when management does not implement risk procedures and sales ceilings to prevent from this kind thing from happening. So it is not a blame game just mismanagment at the end of the day. Plus I do not think that this was the only reason they shut down but I hope they got some recourse to pursue with the supplier and also insurance to make sure their staff are taken care of.


    No one should buy from , in fact they should be warned against it. They've gone bust but are still taking money from people. On top of this they are not replying to enquiries or emails, and are not providing refunds to those who've already purchased from them and have not received their goods. People should be warned against buying anything from at this point in time. This is a very serious issue.

    They owe me for two android tablets I purchased. They have repeatedly lied to me via email and on the phone about the tablets being held up or being "shipped the next day", and now they won't respond to any forms of contact. They've also left their office in Victoria (their office space is now up for rent).



    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Just found out out now SO SHARP - This explains why I have not received my order placed in July 2012 :(

    Any suggestions on what to do now :(




    Not sure what recourse you have now but also just heard that DealMe is about to close doors as the owners which I believe are DealsDirect are refocusing the business…


    ACN: 151 773 241
    ABN: 35 151 773 241
    Registration date: 28/06/2011
    Next review date: 28/06/2013

    Status: External Administration
    Type: Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
    Locality of registered office: Unley SA 5061
    Regulator: Australian Securities & Investments Commission

    Liquidator appears to be in Unley SA

    External Administration means the company is currently under the control of liquidators to see if it is viable to continue trading out of the current financial situation or not.

    Most likely, it won't and the liquidators will put a bullet in it, and wind it up, once they have extracted their fees.

    If you approach the liquidators you will need to submit a form registering as an unsecured creditor. You wont see a cent.

    List of liquidators in Unsley SA google unsley SA liquidators

    Best going with previous advice. Contact your Credit Card provider.

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