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[Prime] Soundcore Space A40 Noise Cancelling Earbuds - $90.99, Q45 $153.99 Delivered @ AnkerDirect via Amazon AU

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Best price these have been since release.

Still really happy with mine.

Also the Q45s are $153.99 if you prefer over ears.

I'll admit I've never had a high end set of ANC headphones but for the price both these models do me fine for my commute into work on public transport and general music listening requirements.

El Jefe's review here

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2023

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    I have thse and the features are good. I replaced the tips with spiral dots. As for the sound for $90 I guess they are ok but my main gripe is that the mids sound compressed and unnaturally digital. To be honest you can get much better sound with a $50 wired set but if you need TWS on a budget they are ok.

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      Replaced my tips with $3 Daiso foam tips. No audiophile here so really can't comment about the sound 😊

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        Where did you get the foam tips from (link if possible) ?

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          Umm just walked into the Daiso shop (always visit a Daiso shop if I find one as we don't have in Tassie) and found them near the audio/earphone section. There's 2 sizes small and medium, available in black or white and I think they were on a pink blister pack card type package.

          Ahhhh, Here's the only pic I can find on the interwebs

          You need to cut them down a bit to be able to close the case properly.

          Hope it helps 😊

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    Are these any good for running/gym?

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      They do fall out easily for me but YMMV because of ear canal shapes. I already tested the tips and may replace them?

  • Can you turn ANC off with the app? Or is it always on?

    • You can turn on/off in the app or via touch if you and you can set your bud to touch swap between ANC, normal or transparent if you want.

      There's manual ANC that let's you set at 3 levels or Adaptive which is suppose to monitor surroundings and automatically set ANC to an appropriate level.

    • The app allows ANC to be turned off and has passthrough, allowing you to hear what's going on around you. The touch functions can also be customised. For example, touch and hold for three seconds can be set up to switch between noise cancelling and passthrough. Double tap to pause, single tap for volume up (left) and down (right).

  • I have the A40 and really love the long battery life but hates the ANC as it is ineffective compare to my Bose QC35. It is still fine for the price though.

  • I have the A40 and very happy with them
    Great on the plane for the ANC

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