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HDD/SSD Group Buy: New from $182, Recertified from $127 + Shipping - Seagate X16 X18 X20 IronWolf/Pro, WD Ultrastar @ Neology


Hi OzB Community,

Thanks for you patience!! I haven't forgot about you guys and working hard to make the 5th GB to happen. Now it is coming! I promise, I'll make it happen this time!!

I've got a lot of PMs regarding why the 5th GB was postponed, so this was what happened:

  • The prevous GB supplier set up their own warehouse(3rd party contractor) in AU at the beginning of this year for distribution;
  • The prevous GB supplier is doing small batches to their warehouse to avoid duty and tax;
  • With GB volume, it will definitely trigger the ABF threshold, otherwise it would take months and quarters to fulfill all orders. And the third-party warehouse refers the previous GB supplier to the clearance broker to deal with import duty and taxes - which would be lengthy process and would add a lot to the cost;
  • The prevous GB supplier haven't developed a proper ecommerce system (due to the cost), so it will be email ordering like previous GB….And I know it was painful!

What I want to do with this GB

  • Better turnaround time — Enabled by smooth custom clearance experience, and properly deal with duty and taxes, and proper eCommerce systems and processes. Should be better than the 4th GB, but be prepared for delay in case unexpected events occur;
  • Reasonable prices after all — including duty and taxes, eCommerce systems development & payment gateway integration cost, middleware cost, payment surcharge, labour and operational cost;
  • A better experience — for example, easier ordering, payment and tracking shipments;

1. What is a hard drive group buy (GB)?

Group buy is to utilise OzB community purchase power with boosted volume to unlock a once-off great deal on a variety range of hard drives.
Past GB events:
4th GB: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/736571
3rd GB: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/703948

2. GB Time & Duration

  • One Week Window - Just like previous GBs
  • 26 Jul 2023 12PM - 2 Aug 2023 11:59PM

3. How to participate GB? How can I order/purchase product?

  • Catalogues are available and orders can be placed via links on an eCommerce platform (Will be announced once the GB is ready);
  • GB links are not publicly available from the website due to this is a special event for OzB community;
  • Follow the checkout process and complete payment to submit your order;
  • You will receive order confirmation email with order number and order details;
  • You will receive another email with tracking number when your order is fulfilled and dispatched;
  • Based on the volume and stock availability, orders may take up-to 10 weeks to fulfill. You can reply to the order confirmation email to cancel your order anytime during the waiting period.

4. What's New in this GB

4.1 Items with MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

We heard you. Some of you are interested in large capacity drive, such as 22TBs
Price of these items fluctuates, and suppliers do not stock these products unless it reaches to the MOQ.
You will need to complete the payment and submitted order to register your interest and position. If MOQ reached at the end of GB, your order will be fulfilled; otherwise a full refund of relevant product will be issued after GB ends.

4.2 Boosted GB price

In order to get the best possible deal for OzBers, I have negotiated a special deal with one of our suppliers for this GB.
We have chance to unlock a further discounted price(Boosted Price), if the order volume of a specific category goes over the threshold … for example quantity > 500 or 1000.

If we can unlock the minimum order quantity for “Boosted GB price”, all orders in this category would eligible for Boosted prices
* For new orders: Boosted price will be applicable to new orders once the volume is reached.
* For orders paid before Boosted price was unlocked: will receive a refund for the price difference in the coming weeks.
Rather than doing refund after unlock the "Boosted Price", I have faith in this community and I am quite confident we can unlock the "Boosted price"!
In this case, to simplify the experience and motivate the community, for products eligible for Boosted Price, there will be a bulk buy and save.
For example, with Seagate Official Recertified range, Buy 2 - 3 and get 1% off, 4 - 7 and get 2% off, 8 or above and get 3% off

4.3 Shipping to New Zealand

This is a popular ask from the last GB. So I am trying my best to make it available to neighbour!
4.3.1 Shipping will be calculated automatically at the checkout. Orders over $2000 qualify for free shipping Capped flat rate shipping
4.3.1 Orders will be dipsatch via Australia Post or FedEx subject to stock availability, and each shipment will be declared <$800 AUD in value.
4.3.2 In order to avoid the DoA chance, hard drive for NZ orders will have 1.) power on test; 2.) HDD Sentinel Short Self-Test (1-2min) to ensure the hard drive is working and health is 100%. In this case the power on hour should still be 0, but there will be power on count (<6); For DoA &RMA deatils for NZ orders, please refer to 6.9.

5. Products available in this GB

5.1 Brand New HDD
Seagate EXOS - 3 Years Warranty (Limited Quantity)

For datasheet of each series/model please click on the relevant series in the table.
| Model | Series | Capacity | GB Price | $/TB |
| [ST8000NM0055]| EXOS 7E8 | 8TB |$182|$22.75|
| [ST8000NM017B] | EXOS 7E10 | 8TB |$233|$29.13|
| [ST10000NM017B] | EXOS 7E10 | 10TB |$263|$26.30|
| [ST10000NM0016] | EXOS X10 | 10TB |$255|$25.50|
| [ST10000NM0086] | EXOS X10 | 10TB |$251|$25.10|
| [ST12000NM0008] | EXOS X14 | 12TB |$271|$22.58|
| [ST12000NM001G] | EXOS X16 | 12TB |$273|$22.75|
| [ST14000NM001G] | EXOS X16 | 14TB |$293|$20.93|
| [ST16000NM001G] | EXOS X16 | 16TB |$319|$19.94|
| [ST16000NM000J] | EXOS X18 | 16TB |$322|$20.13|
| [ST18000NM000J] | EXOS X18 | 18TB |$369|$20.50|
| [ST18000NM003D] | EXOS X20 | 18TB | $378 |$21.00|
| [ST20000NM007D] | EXOS X20 | 20TB | $488 |$24.40|
| [ST22000NM001E*] | EXOS X22 | 22TB | $659 |$29.95|

*Minimum order qty required

###Seagate Ironwolf/Ironwolf Pro - 3 Years Warranty (Limited Quantity)
| Model | Series | Capacity | GB Price | $/TB |
| [ST8000NE001]|IronWolf Pro| 8TB |$241|$30.13|
| [ST10000VN0008] |Ironwolf| 10TB |$280|$28.00|
| [ST10000NE0004] |IronWolf Pro| 10TB |$350|$35.00|
| [ST16000NE000] |IronWolf Pro| 16TB |$392|$24.50|
| [ST20000NT001(2.5M MTBF Model)] |IronWolf Pro| 20TB |$568|$28.40|

Western Digital - 3 Years Warranty (Limited Quantity)
Model Series Capacity GB Price $/TB
[WUH721414ALE6L4] DC HC530 14TB $390 $27.86
[WUH721816ALE6L4] DC HC550 16TB $449 $28.06
[WUH721818ALE6L4] DC HC550 18TB $499 $27.72
[WUH722020BLE6L4] DC HC560 20TB $612 $30.6
[WUH722222ALE6L4*] DC HC570 22TB $768 $34.91

*Minimum order qty required

Seagate Barracuda 2.5" - 3 Years Warranty
Model Series Capacity GB Price Thickness
ST4000LM024 Barracuda 4TB $147 15MM
ST5000LM000 Barracuda 5TB $168 15MM

Note: The high capcity Barracuda 2.5" HDD is SMR drive, for details, please see:

5.2 Official Recertified (Boosted Price Available)
Seagate EXOS - 3-Month Warranty (12-Month warranty is available at extra $10 each)
Model Series Capacity GB Price $/TB Boosted GB Price $/TB
[ST8000NM0055] EXOS 7E8 8TB $175 $21.88 $169.75 $21.22
[ST8000NM017B] EXOS 7E10 8TB $215 $26.88 $208.55 $26.06
[ST10000NM017B] EXOS 7E10 10TB $224 $22.40 $217.28 $21.73
[ST10000NM0086] EXOS X10 10TB $224 $22.40 $217.28 $21.73
[ST12000NM0008] EXOS X14 12TB $229 $19.08 $222.13 $18.51
[ST12000NM001G] EXOS X16 12TB $232 $19.33 $225.04 $18.75
[ST14000NM001G] EXOS X16 14TB $242 $17.29 $234.74 $16.77
[ST14000NM000J] EXOS X18 14TB $249 $17.79 $241.53 $17.25
[ST16000NM001G] EXOS X16 16TB $276 $17.25 $267.72 $16.73
[ST16000NM000J] EXOS X18 16TB $279 $17.44 $270.63 $16.91
[ST18000NM000J] EXOS X18 18TB $336 $18.67 $325.92 $18.11
[ST18000NM003D] EXOS X20 18TB $348 $19.33 $337.56 $18.75
[ST20000NM007D] EXOS X20 20TB $426 $21.30 $413.22 $20.66
Seagate Ironwolf/Ironwolf Pro - 3-Month Warranty (12-Month warranty is available at extra $10 each)
Model Series Capacity GB Price $/TB Boosted GB Price $/TB
[ST4000NE001] IronWolf Pro 4TB $127 $31.75 $123.19 $30.80
[ST6000NE000] IronWolf Pro 6TB $179 $29.83 $173.63 $28.94
[ST8000VN004] IronWolf 8TB $216 $27 $209.52 $26.19
[ST10000VN0008] Ironwolf 10TB $245 $24.50 $237.65 $23.77
[ST10000NE0004] IronWolf Pro 10TB $255 $25.50 $247.35 $24.74
[ST16000NE000] IronWolf Pro 16TB $299 $18.69 $290.03 $18.13
[ST20000NE000] IronWolf Pro 20TB $451 $22.55 $437.47 $21.87
[ST20000NT001] IronWolf Pro 20TB $488 $24.4 $473.36 $23.69
5.3 Enterprise / Data Centre SSD - 3 Years Warranty
Model Series Capacity Price Endurance MTBF
Intel SSD 760P 1TB M.2 TLC SSDPEKKW010T8X1 M.2 1TB $197 576 TBW 1.6 Million Hours
SAMSUNG PM883 480GB 2.5 SATA SATA 480GB $74 683 TBW 2 Million Hours
SAMSUNG PM883 960GB 2.5 SATA SATA 960GB $165 1366 TBW 2 Million Hours
SAMSUNG PM883 960GB 2.5 SATA (Lenovo OEM) SATA 960GB $135 1366 TBW 2 Million Hours
Micron 5100 PRO 960GB SATA SSD SATA 960GB $165 4400 TBW 3 Million Hours
Micron 5100 PRO 1.92TB SATA SSD SATA 1.92TB $258 8800 TBW 3 Million Hours

For comparison:
Samsung 990 Pro has 1.5Million Hrs MTBF and 600TBW (1TB) / 1200 TBW (2TB)

Samsung PM883 Datacentre SSD: https://www.servershop-bayern.de/mediafiles/Sonstiges/Samsun…
Micron 5100 Pro: https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/671/5100_ssd-1283974.pdf
Intel 760P: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents…

6. GB Terms & Condition (Please READ before placing your order)

6.1 Compatibility — Kind Reminder
Buyers need to do their own due diligence to ensure that their device/motherboard/SATA controller/NAS is compatible with large-capacity hard drives.
For example, a motherboard manufactured 15 years ago comes with SATA ports, but may not be compatible with high capacity HDD. This because SATAIII interface and 18TB capacity was not exist at the time, and manufacturers didn't see a use case to have that compatibility, so either (both) the BIOS and the SATA controller was not designed to support them.
We wouldn't be able to cover all compatibility scenario, so please Google or Reddit, they are your best friend.
Although we offer free DOA returns, if the return is due to incompatibility, buyer will be responsible for the postage.

6.2 Price and Payment
* Price is in AUD, you can pay by credit card - AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, Union Pay, etc (if the payment gateway accepts);
* Bank Deposit(PayID), WeChat Pay in CNY, Alipay in CNY may be withdrawn after a period of time, if it creates too much manual work for me. (These paymetns require manual effort for the clearance.)
* For Bank Deposit(PayID) transaction, PayID info and instructions will be provided after order placement; Some bank may unable to complet transaction with our CBA PayID, such as ubank, please try a different bank if there is an issue, otherwise send me a PM and I'll look into it;
* For WeChat Pay CNY / Alipay CNY orders, within 24 hours of order placement, an email with final price in CNY, screenshot of exchange rate (Google Real Time Rate) and payment QR code will be sent to your email on the order. Please use your order number as "Remark" or "Comment" for identification, and reply to the email after payment is made to progress your order.
* For Bank Deposit, WeChat Pay CNY and Alipay CNY orders, Please completed the payment within 48 hours upon receiving the payment QR code to avoid order cancellation.
* Paypal is not available at this stage due to the high surcharge and fees;

6.3 Order Fulfillment Leadtime
We endeavour to dispatch orders as quickly as possible. However, based on the previous GB experience, some orders may take up to 10 weeks to dispatch from Melbourne, in case there is any unforeseen situation.

6.4 Shipping
* Postage will be calculated automatically during checkout;
* AU orders over $2000 qualify for free shipping via Australia Post or FedEx - Use Coupon OZB5GBAUFS ;
* NZ orders over $2000 qualify for a flat rate shipping(Capped @ $50) via Australia Post or FedEx;
* Item will be dispatched via Australia Post or Courier service upon your choice during the checkout;
* Dispatch is based on first in first served due to stock availability and order sequence;
* As soon as we dispatch the parcel, the delivery is out of our control. Deliver time frame is subject to the postal/courier service you selected;
* A kind reminder - even if you opt-in for Express post, the dispatch lead time is subject to stock availability. This means as soon as the stock comes in, your order will be dispatched with Express post.
* To avoid missing parcel situation, parcels set "Signature on Delivery" by default. You can request "Authority to Leave" (ATL) from the AusPost App if you're not home and don't want to miss the delivery. You will be responsible to deal with postal service in case the parcel is missing with ATL;
* In case parcel is missing, we will try our best to help. But it will subject to the investigation process set by AusPost or Sendle and you will need to be patience. Resolution will be handled case by case based on courier investigation outcome.

6.5 Order Pickup in Person
Unfortunately, pick up is not available due to my commitment to work and family, it will be very challenge to arrange time for pickup.

6.6 Change of Order in Flight
* Change of order can only be done before the order is dispatched;
* In case you need to change your order, reply the order confirmation email to let us know you need to change of your order;
* To simplify the process, and records keeping purpose. for any orders changes, we will cancel and refund the order requires change, and you will need to place a new order for what you want.

6.7 Order Cancellation
* You can request to cancel your order any time before dispatch, by reply to the order confirmation email;
* A full refund will be provided for order cancellation;
* Please reply to the order confirmation email to request cancellation;
* If you would like to cancel an order after your order is dispatched - see 6.8 change of mind return.

6.8 Change of Mind Return
* In case you change the mind and would like to return the GB purchase, please keep the hard drive in unopened anti-static bag and return the item in the original package in resaleable condition;
* We will provide refund of returned item price;
* Due to GB is almost a cost pass-through sale with no profit, you will need to responsible for the both-way postage;
* A 20% fee applies if returned item find anti-static bag opened/broken;

6.9 Warranty & DoA
For Customers in Australia
* DoA: If hard drive is faulty within the first 30 days of delivery, you will need to contact us and obtain return authorisation & instructions. We will cover the both way postage and provide the brand new replacement product.
* RMA: If hard drive is faulty during the warranty period, you will need to contact us and obtain return authorisation & instructions. You will responsible for the return postage and we will cover the postage for replacement. For details, please refer to this page: https://www.neology.com.au/warranty-info/
* Replacement timeframe for GB order may be extended subject to stock availability;
* In case a specific model runs out of stock and no replacement can be provided, a replacement with similar model or a refund will be provided.

For Customers in New Zealand:
* Only for NZ Customers To reduced the chance of DoA and return hassle, we offer free HDD testing before dispatch (if dispatch from Australia). Photos can be provided upon request -plase leave in the order comment: 1.) HDD in sealed package with SN clearly shown, to prove it is brand new status before the testing; 2.) Power on time; 3.) SMART Health info with SN; 4.) Short self-test showing the SN;
* For large volume order, the order may be dispatched from HK via FedEx;
* DoA: If hard drive is faulty within the first 30 days of delivery, you will need to contact us and obtain return authorisation & instructions. You will responsible for the return postage and we will cover the postage for replacement. We strongly recommend to perform a testing before the replacement dispatch;
* RMA: If hard drive is faulty during the warranty period, you will need to contact us and obtain return authorisation & instructions. You will responsible for the return postage and we will cover the postage for replacement. For details, please refer to this page: https://www.neology.com.au/warranty-info/
* Replacement timeframe for GB order may be extended subject to stock availability;
* In case a specific model runs out of stock and no replacement can be provided, a replacement with similar model or a refund will be provided.

6.10 Order Support and Post Sales Support
For support enquiry and post sales enquiries, please message us after login to your account or reply to your order confirmation email — so we can quickly identify your order. We will try to respond within 24 hours, may be up-to 48 hours during GB peak.
We will try our best to ensure your satisfaction. However, we are running the GB with a extremely lean business model in order to provide you with the most competitive price.
Please be mindful that Discord is a platform for general discussion and ideas exchange, it is not a support channel. DM via Discord for support may be delayed in response or ignored.

6.11 Unable to Fulfill Order
We will endeavour to fulfill your order, however, in the case we are unable to fulfill your order due to supply issue, 1.) We will contact you via email or phone call to arrange suitable alternative; or 2.) Cancel and provide refund to your order.

7. FAQ - Q&A from previous GBs

7.1 What's the conditions of the Hard Drive purchase from the GB
Brand New - Sealed in the anti-static bag - 0 Hours power on time
Recertified - Sealed in the anti-static bag, manufacture recertified, tested, 0 Hours power on time. Packaging See: https://imgur.com/a/8Q27Vz2 and https://imgur.com/5e5WyFu
Learn more about recertified HDD: https://www.neology.com.au/blog/unveiling-value-and-reliabil…

7.2 Can I claim warranty with the manufacturer? Why these hard drive's warranty are 3 years instead of 5 years?
These are the OEM stock, means these hard drives are part of the large order and have a special term on the warranty.
Upon checking the serial number on manufacturers' website, it displays the relevant model but will refer you to "Contact the place of purchase for warranty" or "Out of Region".
That's why these hard drives come with pretty competitive prices.

7.3 I would like to purchase a specific model of HDD which is not in the GB list, can I get it with a GB price?
We selected the most popular HDDs for GB in order to boost the volume and unlock a good price. We keep it simple to ensure our operation capacity sustains the GB and daily orders. We can check the availability and price of an identical drives in different interface, for example, Seagate EXOS X16 with SAS interface. We will make it available to order if the availability allows. And be mindful, some model may have minimum order quantity - so it will be a pre-order.

7.4 Shall I trust you? What about my warranty if you or ED run away or your business disappears?
To be honest, I am a stranger to you. You should apply your own principal to trust or not to trust a stranger just like dealing with other strangers in your life.
We are doing our best to sustain the GB and our business in order to honour the warranty to all our customers. However, we can't predict the future. Things unexpected may happen. So just like my answer to this question in the previous GBs comments, there is certainly level of risks you will need to take in case s**t happens.

7.5 Why it would take longer to process my RMA/DoA replacement?
*Due to the large volume of order during GB period, you may experience longer than usually time for the RMA/DoA process. We usually process the replacement or refund pretty quick if stock is available. However, please be mindful that we use PO Box to receive returns. Although tracking may show item arrived PO Box as "Awaiting Collection" or "Delivered", we may pick it up in our next delivery cycle. For example, a parcel may arrive PO Box at 10AM or 3PM. Our usually post office run is between 9AM-12PM daily to dispatch orders from the previous day. This means if a returned parcel arrives at 10AM, it is likely to be picked on the same day; but if it arrives at 3PM, it is likely to be picked up on the next business day.
*Please also be mindful that our location does not sit next door to the post office, so it is more sustainable to operate in once-a-day post office run model.
*We understand that you want your replacement in an urgent manner, and we appreciate your patience and leave a room for us to operate at a scale. Micro managing behaviour such as Messages/DM/PM/emails such as "My return arrived the post office, please pick it up and send me the replacement asap" or "Tracking is showing my return arrived xxx location, it will be delivered very soon, get prepared!", might be ignored.

7.6 Can I request multiple HDD from different batches/with different DOM?
Leave comments in your order during checkout, you can request for "HDDs with different DOMs/batches" or "Recent DOM for my order" we will try our best. However, we cannot pick a specific DOM for your order as they comes in pre-packed in the box with random DOM, even from the same shipment.

7.7 Can I request a specific FW Version, DOM, or Serial Number?
We receive stocks with random FW ver, DOM and SN in general, a batch may contain same FW ver, varies DOM. We will try out best but there is no guarantee.

7.8 Shall I purchase hard drive from the GB? Is it right for me?
Good question!
If you have obtained a budget approval from your Mrs, had done your own due diligence and know what you are getting (say affordable storage with reasonable level of support just like previous GB), it is probably right for you.
However, if you are looking for HDD with warranty from manufacturer; with specific requirement such as a very specific FW version, DOM; expecting very responsive support; or if you have doubt in me, the GB is probably not right for you. A reputable local computer shop may be a more appropriate place to make the purchase.


Please read above to understand what you are getting.
Join GB and purchase from link below:
AU orders over $2000 - Use Coupon OZB5GBAUFS for free shipping

Please only purchase from the item marked as [GB] from link above for group buy price. Other part of the website are for retail customers - hence are retail prices.

Last update: 26/07

Discord Discussion Group: https://discord.gg/x9atsQ662C (Discord is not a support channel)
OzB Forum post and discussion: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/788353

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  • +1

    Who is "ED"?

  • +3

    WUH722222ALE6L4*] Unfortunately that’s more expensive than amazon.
    740 right now and has been 720

    • +14

      Yep, I understand. Unfortunately, I couldn't negotiated a better price for the WD range.

      Feel free to go for the one with better price.

  • -3

    Wow. Unless im reading this wrong at a quick glance, pricing has nearly doubled and this GB would be a pass from me.

    • +16

      Previously prices are in USD and this time Price is in AUD, and GST inclusive.

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    • +5

      Looks like prices before were in USD, now in AUD. So prices have increased, but not nearly double.

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        yeah about 10% or gst

  • +13

    DAMN!! How long did it take you to write that epic description!? Lmao

    • +22

      Over 2 weeks time, lol

      Summary of experience from the past four GBs

      • Fair enough. Well done!
        Do you know of any deals on a 3.5" Firecuda 8tb hdd?

        • you mean Firecuda 8TB SSD?
          Nah, the retail SDD storage is very competitive. Couldn't get a good deal on those ones

          • @Neology: No, just the sandard 3.5" firecuda hdd, not ssd or m.2.

            • +1

              @teddiebear: I'll check. but probably not for this GB. See if it can be added into next one.

  • +13

    Yeah, I'm not seeing the deal tbh.

    • +9

      scroll top very top of the page.

      It's huge, maybe that's why you missed it.

      Like someone standing next to an elephant, wondering where their elephant is.

    • +3

      You're right. Unfortunately, not every single one of them are bargain deals.

      People asked for specific range or models. I did my best to get the best price.

      Whereas some of the models are certainly a bargain…. depends on the use case and what you want.

    • Take the Exos X20 (20 TB) it's historical low is about $500, while GB price is $488 so a $25 discount is decent but not outstanding.

      Sub $0.03 / GB (or $30/TB) is generally a decent price. Lowest price I've seen recently are about $24 / TB, $20 / TB if you are looking at one of those CCTV type drives.

      • +2

        you just compared apples to pears to oranges in a single paragraph

      • Any price that's below the ATL is a worthy discount. Whether it's a decent deal or not really depends on the prices at the time, and whether they're likely to go on sale for that amount again.

    • Yes there isnt as much with better prices, but its still good that we have it as an option. Next time could be great. The more buying power, the better the deal. Shame about WD not being able to play ball.

  • +1

    Great to see another GB happening. I've got 3x WD HC550 from East Digital/Neology and would buy more if needed

  • Sorry if I misunderstood this in your post body text - how does the bulk buy discount apply? It doesn't seem to be automatic if you add over the specified bulk quantities on checkout.

    • +2

      Bulk buy discount only applicable for Seagate Recertified drives. When you add certain quantity of drives in the shopping cart, discount applies automatically.

      • Yep I see it now, thanks mate.

  • So does that mean the
    Model Series Capacity GB Price $/TB Boosted GB Price $/TB
    [ST4000NE001] IronWolf Pro(seagate.com) 4TB $127 $31.75 $123.19 $30.80

    They are $123.19 each?

  • I just had a look at the pricing for the Seagate X18 16TB on their eBay store and the pricing from the GB is the same as their eBay listed price. ~$322AUD

    am I missing something?

    • +1

      If you referring to ED ebay site, they contracted a distribution warehouse in AU for the eBay sales. Not sure how they deal with taxes.

      This GB price associated with GST, exhange rate, cost of build a shopping website, postage and other cost inflation, etc…. and potential liability to provide DoA and RMA labels, and labour running the operation locally.

      • +1

        ED ebay site has free shipping too.

      • I bought a X16 16 TB recently, had to pay in US$ including tax (paid with ING card) as ED is based in HK. I thought it will be shipped from HK but was shipped from Boxhill with Auspost, and got delivered in 2 days. It was well packed with form to hold up the HDD inside a large box. Total was AU$310 (US$205) delivered. But I noticed that they have increased the price a little bit now.

  • +1

    Yeah with all the deals on PC storage recently I don't see the deal here. PC Storage is one of the few areas which is very price competitive and seems to be going down rather quickly.

    • +4

      Nothing can beat the Amazon one few months ago…..I know…..

  • +5

    Just wanted to say that neology is a good dude. Was part of the last group buy. He had great communication and was super prompt throughout.

  • +3

    Bought a Exos 16tb. Was looking for two drives but unfortunately prices are higher than I expected. I was hoping the prices would be lower than the last GB but they are quite a bit higher. Thanks neology for organising the GB. Looks like a massive undertaking.

    • for drives like the 16gb theyre only 10% ish higher in account of the added gst this time round

  • +1

    Need 4TB SSD deals. Consumer level SSDs

  • Are the Seagate Barracuda 2.5" drivers SMR or CMR?
    I have found it really hard to find CMR drives for 2.5" disk bays.

  • Shame there's no WD Reds, are any of those 5400 drives? look to be all 7200's

  • +1

    Brand new Ironwolf 8tb were 220 on prime day :\

    • Paid $236 for Ironwolf Pro 16TB in that Amazon US deal a while ago. I regret not buying more than 2..

      • Paid $236 for Ironwolf Pro 16TB in that Amazon US deal a while ago. I regret not buying more than 2..

        Same regret here - I picked up 2x 20TB Ironwolf Pros for `$312 each and wish I had bought another two.

    • I got mine from CA ebay for $160 with GC and code…

      • Yeah I managed to get one for $166 on Amazon around a two months ago

    • That deal was only limit of 1 per customer sadly. (you could get multiple people to buy for you but Amazon send you a OTP for delivery which was a bit of a hassle)

  • +1

    Are the EXOS 7E8 alright for home NAS? FIle backups and time machine stuff. Using Synology 918+

    • Very much so, EXOS are designed for large deployments where many drives are held in close proximity.
      They will likely be louder than their x16 etc counterparts though as I believe it's older tech.

      • yeah i googled reviews and apparently are loud when idle o_o

        • I run a bunch of X16's and they are loudish during random read / write, but very quiet doing nothing and obviously silent spun down.

  • How do the EXOS’s X16 go with being an Unraid Parity Drive?

    • +2

      I've been using one for that exact case for about a year now and its been solid. Probably not long enough to say anything too definitive, but seems good.

    • I've been running 7 x EXOS X16 for my unraid server. It has been excellent

  • +1

    Bought 2x 16tb EXO X16 from the last GB, running perfectly in my Synology NAS. Highly recommended.

  • There are two Seagate EXOS X20 listed - first one says 18TB but following the link it says 20TB. Can you please clarify?

    Is the Seagate Ironwolf Pro 18TB not available? I have 5 already and am looking for another 3. I don't believe this is discontinued.

    Re pricing and payment, this is is stated as AUD but you later talk about pricing in CNY and conversion rates. I would want to use a credit card that charges a foreign currency transaction fee so I'd need to be sure it is actually being charged in AUD. Can you please confirm?

    • Do you mean EXOS X20 [ST18000NM003D]-18TB vs [ST20000NM007D]-20TB?
      Is the issue in the brand new range or recertified range on the website or this post? some more details would be helpful.

      Supplier has no stock of Seagate Ironwolf Pro 18TB ST18000NE000 at this stage…. even the recertified ones.

      Re pricing and payment, this is is stated as AUD but you later talk about pricing in CNY and conversion rates. I would want to use a credit card that charges a foreign currency transaction fee so I'd need to be sure it is actually being charged in AUD. Can you please confirm?
      CNY->CNY payment only avaialbe for WeChat Pay/Alipay ….. for credit card payment… it will only be AUD and your CC provider determines the exchange rate and international transaction fees.

  • Picked up a 14TB EXOS X16. Seems like the best deal. Will go well in my unraid server.
    @neology I assume they don't ship until the GB is over and the entire bulk order has arrived?

    • 14TBs will start shipping next week.

      some 16TB, 18TB and 20TB orders ships from today

  • whats the xs

    any x69 ?

  • +1

    AusPost just picked the first batch of GB orders….10ish parcels are on the way to their new homes.

  • +2

    What does Recertified mean? is that like factory second or refurbished?

    • I think it means used

      • -5

        yeh you can tell they are honest when they try and hide the fact they are used and call them something else.

    • +4


      A recertified hard drive is a previously owned device that has been returned to the manufacturer. The reasons for return vary, from minor technical issues to a simple change of mind from the customer. The manufacturer then puts these hard drives through a rigorous refurbishing process to ensure they meet the same stringent standards as a new device.

  • +1


    • +6

      Need a bigger hard drive just to cache the post

  • Just bought two of the Exos and must say very happy to see delivery includes signature. Seems a very fair deal.

  • Hello Neology,
    the Exos X18 you have on your website are ready for dispatch? from Australia?
    thanks :-)

    • +1

      Maybe / maybe not.
      I've been processing orders this afternoon, and they are going very quickly.

      If this batch is gone…. you'll wait for the next batch

  • +1

    Just purchased 8 x 16tb x18

  • Are any of these good for for installation as a non NAS computer drive?
    I bought a X18 on a recent special and couldn't format it.

    • Can be used as standalone drives, Seagate use them in their external enclosures in this configuration.

      • Couldn't format it in WIN7 or 10, Mac or Linux. Used Seagate tools and talked to Seagate help, nothing worked.

        • Was it in an enclosure?
          In my case I have been able to format from an enclosure, directly attached to mainboard SATA controller and from a SAS card (with SATA breakout cable) no problem.

          I've never seen a working hard drive I couldn't format before. You might have just got a dud.

  • +2

    If you have obtained a budget approval from your Mrs

    Sadly I don't have approval… can somebody lend me yours??

    I also don't have the budget, but that's chronic.

  • Where's the bargain? The 18TB Ultrastar is the same price on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/Western-Digital-Enterprise-WUH7218…

  • What pair of drives would serve best in a RAID 1 set up in a home computer (or is that overkill)? Need around 10-14 TBs.

    • +1

      I suspect that the cheapest is fine if you're getting two and mirroring for home use. You might want the longer warranty is all. The Australian Consumer Guarantee probably doesn't work well on refurbished devices.

      I have a bunch of 1TB+ hard drives from 2008-2012 that still function fine based on regular home use.

      If you're looking for maximum data security/redundancy…. Rather than a RAID1 it might be better to keep the second HDD in a different physical location (even within your own home) and sync it with your PC (see robocopy). Obviously means you need to run a second PC or NAS though.

  • Hi Neology, do you have a link to the ST16000NE000 3 MONTH warranty for $290.03? I can't find it on the website, thanks!

    • My understanding is the boosted price now works as follows.

      Seagate Official Recertified range, Buy 2 - 3 and get 1% off, 4 - 7 and get 2% off, 8 or above and get 3% off

      If you add 8 to your cart, it shows up as $290.03 ea.

  • +1

    gotta ask my mrs' boyfriend.

  • +1

    X20 20TB works out to $420 from ED. I think they may have dropped the price just now in response to this.

    • What's ED?

      • +1

        East Digital, the reseller in HK.

    • Where is the price? Direct via email with Ed?

      • $2075 aud shipped for 5 via ebay. Paid in usd as my credit card fee is less than paypal conversion. Over 1k eBay doesn’t collect gst and you roll the dice with customs. $299usd on the non Australian eBay page. Newegg also has them this price in the us but as soon as you try to ship to aus they shaft you with “local” pricing.

        Atleast with this gb the price you see is the price you get. The other exos sizes are priced well.

        • can you link?

  • Hi Neo! Thinking on getting x2 16GBs which is the cheapest you recommend?

    • There are no 16GB drives, do you mean 16TB?
      If so, the cheapest would be the recertified Seagate EXOS X16 for $276ea.

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