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97% NordVPN Cashback (New NordVPN Customers Only) @ TopCashBack AU


Be quick - ends midnight I believe. New customers only.

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Referral: random (3188)

Referrer gets $30, referee gets $10 (after $10 of earned cashback within 180 days of signing up).

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TopCashback AU
TopCashback AU

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  • +1

    Believe lots of ppl have issues with this mob tracking or paying.
    Waiting for CR or SB promotion on this.

    • Yea i got excited for a second then saw it was TopCashBack guys. I dawdled on the CR deal and missed out.

      • same here, hope the CR will have a deal soon

      • Totally agree. Am still waiting for the $30 from the referral program and $10 cb since last month.

  • My cashback was tracked within a couple of hours i.e. paid $158 for 2 year plan, cashback tracked at $134.14. So no complaints from me, so far anway..

    • same, i purchased a 2 year plan yesterday using my partner's account (referral from me)
      paid A$138 got tracked in 3 hours and cashback $118
      also unlocked my partner's $20 welcome bonus and my $50 referral bonus
      if all being payout, this VPN is free with $50 bonus cashback

      • Why your both pay for 2 years plans but the prices are diff ?

        • probably because there are 3 plans in NordVPN (Standard, Plus, Complete)
          I just choose the cheapest one (Standard)
          which doesnt have password manager, password security check etc.

          • @littlesoldier: That’s fair..
            it seems nordvpn has a 30 day refund, so guess if topcashback aren’t paying then you can cancel and get a refund

            • @letmethefuqin: my 2cents is
              once TCB tracked the transaction and cashback
              it is likely to get payout
              I think atm most people are complaining TCB not tracking their transactions (especially the recent $10 bonus during Amazon prime day)

              • @littlesoldier: Yup should have gone with my gut feeling on this

                Check out said 131.74 for the middle range package

                Took 197 out of the bank


                • @letmethefuqin: That's because the prices are in USD, but you're charged in AUD.

                  • @jigna27: Was a a little mis leading as the check out as it had Australia listed above the price

                    All good though. I straight away cancelled and they stayed a full refund was on its way in a few days

                    Will try again on the lower tier when CR has theirs back again

                    • @letmethefuqin: Only reason I know is because I was caught out last time. I paid for a 2yr plan with the other Nord products added, ended up being deducted $250+. I got on to Nord Support and asked them about it and they clarified it was USD. I missed it because it just had $ not A$. I also asked them if my purchase tracked and they said they couldn't see it so I cancelled it. Next day I saw CR notification saying it tracked, but it was too late to sign up again.

      • Well played sir

  • I only had $60 USD tracked out of the $120. Evidently I took too long and the cashback expired and went back to 50%. Boo!!

    Guess I'll give it a couple of weeks then get a refund and wait for the next deal

    • My account says $144
      I paid $198 so I assume both are in AUD
      Still says pending payout in 12 weeks
      and hindsight i possibly should have not cancelled because it doesn’t look like SB or CR are going to have a 97% deal any time soon :/

      • CR have 95%+ off about once a month if you look at the cashback history

  • My purchase last 21 May 2023 is now confirmed. I wonder when I can claim @TopCashback AU Rep

    • Hi @Jcruzi, the confirmed status means the retailer has verified your purchase and so now we're waiting for the retailer to pay us so we can pass it onto you. How long this takes generally depends on the retailer but we will inform you as soon as your status has been updated to payable.

      • Thanks

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