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Silicon Power UD90 2TB M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD $114.43 Shipped @ Amazon JP via AU

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Low price for a 2TB Gen4 nvme. Questionable parts swapping maybe?

PCIe Gen 4x4 interface with read speeds of up to 5,000 MB/s and write speeds of up to 4,800 MB/s
Supports NVMe 1.4 and Host Memory Buffer (HMB) for high performance and low latency
3D NAND technology provides high-density storage in a compact design
Supports low density parity testing (Low Density Parity Check : LDPC) coding to ensure accuracy of tator transmission and reliability for data access
SLC Caching compatible for improved sequential read/write and random read/write performance

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Can this be used for ps5? Assuming i can buy heatsink separately

    • +2

      Yes. it should work.
      Although official specs from PS5 is something around 5,500 MB/s, this only does 5000 MB/s.
      I use a Seagate Firecuda 520 in my PS5, which is around the same read speeds and it works well.

      • No Slowness?Where do you buy the heatsink from?

        • +1

          Didn't notice any slowness. I think i just ordered a generic heatsink off of Amazon as well.

        • +1

          I used WD SN750se for over a year, the speed is only 3,600mbs. PS5 runs as same as it does with its internal SSD.

    • +2

      People have been reporting no issues with even much slower drives. This one will do great (with a heatsink)

      • Sorry, silly question here - would this be fine to install as is into my motherboard? I’m assuming the m.2 slot that the motherboard provides is a heat sink and this purchase gives me everything I need?

        • If your motherboard has built-in m.2 heatsinks then yeah, this would be fine to install as is. I am also assuming the motherboard comes with the m.2 screw / clip to keep them in place

        • +6

          The slot doesn’t act as a heatsink. Some motherboards have heatsinks though which you clip the drive down with.

          Either way you don’t NEED a heatsink in a regular PC build. It may throttle, but usually decent case flow is enough to not be an issue. The amount of times you do sustained writes to cause it to get hot enough would be fairly rare.

          PS5 requires heatsink due to airflow limitations.

          • @Yekul: Yeah I did a bit of research on my mobo and found the m.2 screw. It indeed does not have a heat sink, just the slot. It seems the general consensus is that a heat sink is not necessary in most cases? I’m just probably going to use it for games, nothing like video editing which would do a lot of continuous writes, which seems to be the thing that creates a lot of heat?

            • +1

              @Bohlin: In most cases it isn't necessary for gaming but it will depend on your computer case, air flow, page file use (disable if your apps are fine otherwise it will just bump up the temps and TBW), etc..

              On my desktop I have a Lexar NM790 as an OS drive (page file disabled, this drive sits under the chipset heatsink/fan so some airflow when temps get hot but also some heat overflow from the chipset) and a PNY CS2241 as my games drive (underside of the motherboard, no noteworthy airflow in my case but there would be some minor airflow. Without heatsinks, the Lexar hits 74C during 5x 1gb crystaldiskmark benchmark runs and 65C during some gaming loads (a lot of games are set to autosave to the C and if you have to reload the save a lot it triggers reads) and my PNY hits 60C during benchmark runs and 50C during gaming loads (game installed on this drive). With heatsinks (and the insulating thick cloth tape label removed from the Lexar NM790), the Lexar drive now hits only 53C on benchmarking and 47C during gaming, and the PNY drive now hits 50C during benchmarking and 44C during gaming loads.

              This is with low profile JEYI heatsinks and their included pad, which pops up on AliExpress for $5+. End of the day, the heatsinks weren't needed since both drives were well within operating temps, I just figured I would get them since I was doing another AliExpress order and they were cheap. There are some pretty fancy JEYI heatsinks on there but i douibt you'd need it for this drive, maybe for a PCIE5.0 drive that is under constant load.

              But yeah, it will depend on your situation. I installed heatsinks on my laptop NVME drives as well, and the benefit was only 5C at each load, but that was because the NVME drives in my laptop are on the palm side where there is no airflow so its pure passive cooling.

              Edit - on a side note, what CPU and motherboard are you running? on my Gigabyte X570I, one of the slots is connected to the motherboard chipset lanes instead of directly to the CPU lanes. On early BIOS revisions there are speed issues on the slot connected to the motherboard chipset, but the F36A BIOS on mine runs at full speed.

    • +1

      read speeds of up to 5,000 MB/s .. should be enough

  • +1

    Wow that seems cheap?

    Is this good enough as an OS drive?

    • +2

      Peoples opinion vary on this. No DRAM and QLC NAND can be seen as a downside, but i for sure don't notice it at all in day to day usage.

  • Is installing this as simple as inserting it and screwing it down into my motherboard? Do they usually include the screws, or will I have to try and find my motherboard parts?

    • +5

      The majority don't come with screws. You should leave the screw in the motherboard, even when the M.2 port is not in use!

      • +1

        Thanks for letting me know - and yep, my current build I paid a fee for assembly and I didn’t put it together myself. Evil, I know, but I wasn’t earning much at the time and was terrified of damaging my components

        • Eh, self building is overrated. Better pay for better cable management that won't cause issue down the line.

    • +1

      Yep insert on 30-ish degree angle from flat and then push it down flat and put screw in. There should be very little resistance during all of this. Don’t over tighten, hand tight is good tbh.

      • I have an MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max motherboard with a Ryzen 5 3600 - to my understanding the mobo is limited to gen 3, but this is a gen 4 nvme. It looks like they are backwards compatible though, and it will just be obviously limited to gen 3 speeds (which I am fine with, happy to always just use it in my next build down the line). PC part picker doesn’t flag any incompatibilities, would my build be fine to accomodate this extra drive? Am I missing anything? Sorry for volume of newbie questions, I built my PC pre pandemic and I haven’t been keeping up with new specs as much.

        • +1

          If there’s an empty m.2 slot then should be fine

          • +1

            @Leho: Cheers, was a little unsure about the PCIE naming nomenclature but it seems like a lot of people end up using gen 4 nvmes in gen 3 slots for casual use and don’t see much difference

            • +1

              @Bohlin: Hypothetically speaking, the lower speeds from using a gen 4 drive in a gen 3 slot will reduce load on the controller and produce less heat. In terms of loading speeds for games, we're talking about less than a second difference in most cases. Someone ran a test on youtube for differences between load times with directstorage in forspoken for SATA vs PCIE 3 SSD and PCIE 4 SSD and the load times in one scene were 3.617s vs 1.123s vs 0.528s respectively.

              • @DangerNoodle: Yep, I’m likely just gonna use it to install baldurs gate 3 and starfield for the moment hahaha, definitely not video editing at this point in time, which seems to be the use case for the full capabilities of PCIE 4. Also nice to know it’s future proofed for any future motherboards I buy

  • +3

    $57/Gb so close to the $50/Gb I am eager to see

  • Nice find op, would be great for games drive on laptop

  • +3

    HODLing for 4tb ssd to go down in price.

    • I know what you mean. I caved yesterday and had to jump on the 990pro 2tb. Was gonna get a slower 4tb but I was desperate.

    • +1

      Same. I just need a couple half-decent 4TB NVMe that I can run mirrored and I'd be set.

    • I'm HODLing to save my money. Surely, in a year, my interest from the bank can pay for this! And in 10 years, the interest from the interest can pay for this!

      I really do need a couple of ssd though, need a cheap 2230 and a high storage 2280.

  • +1

    Thanks, ordered as a games drive, I was just about to buy the 1TB SATA drive for $71 posted earlier

  • As usual, Silicon Power has swapped the controller.
    The NAND is also changed YMTC Xtacking 2.0 NAND. If it's 3.0, it would be good, but it's the older 2.0.

    Cost cutting hence cheaper.

    • +4

      I heard even worse version that some of the batches are using QLC

      • +1

        4TB version is now apparently Phison E21 + Micron QLC.

  • the silicon power reviews for the 4tb showed abysmal read write after a certain amount of transfer. are these affected too

    • Hard to tell as Silicon Power continues to do aggressive component swapping and have used different combos for the same model but different sizes, including flagship ones.

      But a user review (July this year) has the controller and NAND info so we know most 2TB reviews from well known review sitea are no longer correct (they reviewed the old batch).

      • +4

        I ordered this a week ago from Amazon before it went out of stock. I'll see what my batch has when it arrives.

    • most likely. this one doesn't have a dram cache so it probably has an SLC cache. Once you max out the cache the speed tends to throttle down. usually the SLC cache is pretty chunky and we'd be talking hundreds of gigs before throttling.

  • Seems good for PS4 with cheap enclosure

  • +1

    While I would generally avoid qlc and no ram, at this price it screams game drive.

  • +1

    This seems like a good drive for an external m.2 enclosure. Does anyone have suggestions for which enclosure to get? I've seen stuff pop up here before for really cheap, is that all that's needed?

    • +1

      I picked up a Lexar enclosure from AliExpress for $30.94 (after discount and tax, free shipping) and this works fine at 10gbps and uses the outer shell as a heatsink. The UGreen ones on amazon work well too and use the enclosure as a heatsink. I would recommend being cautious with Orico enclosures, some don't use the enclosure as a heatsink, I bought one thinking that it would be a heatsink since the enclosure had fins and all but enclosure comes with a very thin aluminium heatspreader and thermal pad which doesn't get direct airflow so it gets heat soaked pretty quickly.

      • Thanks so much! I'll have a look into the Lexar and UGreen.

  • +1

    Honestly at this price, I don’t mind getting this to cram into another enclosure. But my M2 drives are piling up from all these deals.

    • I am honestly considering just a pcie card for all m.2s that I have laying around too. It’s hard to say no to deals like this lol

  • Almost bought a PNY CS1031 a few days ago, this SP ones seems better.

    • Hopefully, it is still TLC because if you ended up getting QLC, then it is not worth it.

  • +1

    Thanks, I just got refunded from samsung 980 deal during prime day. Guess I'll need this cheaper option.

  • Thoughts on this or Kingston 2TB (Up to 3,500MB/s read, 2,100MB/s write) at $124 for an older Dell Lattitude (4 years old) which I assume cant take advantage of full speed as an OS drive? I dont have any experince with SP drives, are they reliable?

    • -3

      Laptop OS drive, get the $150 WD Blue SN570

      Kingston NV2 and Silicon Power drives are only for storing data you have no issues with losing eg. PS5 expansion, games library, temp storage

      • Kingston NV2 and Silicon Power drives are only for storing data you have no issues with losing

        Sure mate, and 5G causes COVID as well. What a moron

        • +1

          Sure mate, and 5G causes COVID as well. What a moron

          That escalated quickly - are you OK?

  • +1

    Ordered 1.

    "Arriving Tue, 10 Oct"

  • Tell me I'm crazy for thinking of putting this in a 2015 MacBook?

  • +1

    Is no one going to consider sending these back to japan for warranty is going to cost an arm and leg?

    • Amazon provides a return label and sends back to Japan for a refund though..

      • warranty is not a refund lol!

        also i doubt amazon would help after 1 yr, this drive has 5 yrs warranty

    • +1

      Refund with amazon is free. You'll just need to walk to post office

  • +1

    Was $114.32 previously and still a very good deal for a few cents difference.

  • oos

  • +2

    Mine from last month has arrived. It's using Micron 176L QLC flash with the Phison PS5021-E21 DRAMless controller and 65MB HMB.

  • Now it's $97.62 but 1 left in stock

    Wonder if someone can claim the price difference

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