Recommend a Budget 32-34" Curved Monitor Please

My wife has a Xiaomi 34" curved ultrawide monitor and I want something similar for myself for work and casual gaming. The budget is $400-600

* 100Hz or higher refresh rate
* USB-C video input with power delivery to laptop

EDIT: Ordered Cooler Master GM34-CWQ ARGB 34in 0.5ms 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor with USB-C for $550


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    32" Bauhn TV (not the smart version) (Just in case of burglars break into your home.)

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      That makes sense. Cheers

    • Why would that stop burglars?

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    Xiaomi 34" curved ultrawide monitor

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      It doesn't have USB-C or HDR and was released 4 years ago.

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        so you want latest and greatest with everything for 400?

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          That would be awesome, yes.

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            @doperst: Not sure why my comment is downvoted. Don't everyone want latest and greatest for cheap?
            But I did put a realistic budget of up to $600.
            And I have found a monitor that ticks almost all boxes (except for KVM) for that amount.

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              @doperst: You're downvoted because you're being unrealistic. You're not going to get latest and greatest for cheap.

              Out of those 3, pick 2 only.

              • @Jaxy: There are plenty of models in this price range.
                I didn't say I want OLED - that would be unrealistic.

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    That budget is unrealistic for all those specs in one.

    This 34" curved Philips is reduced to $529 with both 100Hz and USB-C:…

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      Yeah, that's why I listed them as "nice-to-haves".
      That Philips looks good, although reviews mention poor quality speakers and useless webcam.

      As I understand, Philips monitors are basically AOC, made by the same company.

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        You didn't even include speakers and webcam as "nice-to-haves".
        The monitor is all about the display.
        Besides, most people would just get separate speakers and webcam with better quality.

        • You didn't even include speakers and webcam as "nice-to-haves".

          I don't need them, but I'll be paying for them.

          So far I have this Philips and Dell S3423DWC in my shortlist.
          Dell is probably a better choice but it's also more expensive at $700.

          There is also Kogan 34" 165Hz with USB-C for $499, but it looks too good to be true.

  • Thanks to everyone who replied!
    I ended up ordering Cooler Master GM34-CWQ ARGB (damaged box) for $550 from Wireless1 on ebay.

    • Received today, pretty happy with it. There was a hole in the box, but no damage to the monitor itself, no dead pixels. And it runs at 144Hz with my laptop via USB-C cable!

  • You forgot to include IPS

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    Watchout for deals on Dell monitors…On Ebay Dell often has them on sale, and sometimes that is combined with ebay 20 percent off deals so the price winds up being less than half retail price ..

    • Agreed I picked up the Dell S3222DGM. 1440p 165hz for $429 2 years ago thanks to OzB.

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    I have a Gigabyte G34WQC. It's Freesync but works perfectly on my 3070. 144hz, 400HDR. No USB sorry.

  • If you want all of those, and you want everything you listed, you could have a look for second hand options perhaps?

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    Thanks for sharing.
    A few months later doing a research and turned out you got the best deal! I’m looking for something similar usb-c 34 inch curve 100Hz or above. The only option left for is Kogan which I’m not into. Your model is at about $700-800 now!
    Based on your model I did a search in an store (can’t remember the name) for the similar gaming monitors which has a usb-c and found this one:
    Acer Nitro XV345CUR V 34" UltraWide QHD VA 165Hz RGB Curved Gaming Monitor
    $539 for Center Com or Scorptec store pick up or $565 for delivery.
    It has 165Hz vs yours 144Hz (don’t think there’s much difference). But the Acer one only has 1000R vs Cooler Master is 1500R.

    IPS ones at a reasonable price are only 60Hz. Reddit said no point to get a IPS at a lower Hz. This panel is good enough.

    I don’t know what is KVM for and assume mine does have it.

    Anyway you’re got the best deal as it’s the last one that has a whole in the box lol

    • Yeah, my Cooler Master has a couple of annoying quirks, but I'm pretty happy with it.

      There's been a few good deals on 34" curved monitors recently:

      • Thanks I think the reason for my pick is because of USB C. Though my work laptop can’t install a graphics software to change the ratio when usb C is plugged in. I now use both usb C for power and HDMI for input.

  • Xiaomi 34" curved ultrawide monitor best thing I've bought >$500

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