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[Factory Second, NSW] Box of ~30 Pies for $40, Moorebank Pickup Only @ Mick The Pie Man


Been waiting on the factory seconds boxes to come back up for awhile. Usually get about 30 pies for $40 pretty decent made pie as well.

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Mick The Pie Man
Mick The Pie Man

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    Will a 'user name checks out' be in poor taste?

  • Picture looks a disappointing with the cocktail pies and sausage rolls … did you get them in your box? Does each one count towards the 30?

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      Nah, First box i got was all large pies and sausage rolls, Second box had cocktail pies but it seemed like 3 party pies made up 1 pie I.E. i got like 40 items in the box .3rd box was all large pies. the box once again all large pies

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        How many stuff ups does Mick make a day? Might need new pie making training.

  • Factory seconds because they forgot to put the meat in the pies?

    • Then that's Tasteless

    • Nah usually its because the pie has split or something stupid like that

  • How do you rate these pies relative to other pie brands? or is it just good value?

    • On par if not better than local bakery pies… Good quality not like a shit servo pie.

  • I love there pies. But they are not open on the weekend.

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