Samsung Smart Monitor M50C 27"

Hello ozBargainers,

Does anyone have an experience with Samsung's smart monitors? Specifically the smart monitor M50C?

In terms of features, I believe they're great especially if you have a Samsung phone and other Samsung accessories in your household but was wondering how they are in terms of reliability and performance/specs wise?

I am pretty sure they do have a 3 year warranty though and Samsung's customer service in my experience has been great overall.

Also, they are currently on sale at Samsung for $279 and Officeworks has them for $277 (so no price beat). Any chance I could get it more cheaper than that with some sort of deal or voucher code? 😂

I don't think the $50 sign up to newsletter would work for this product as the transaction would be below $350.

Let me know your input and any possible ways I could reduce the price further, if possible, before I proceed with buying the monitor.


  • There's a heap of Samsung monitors in their ebay outlet page. New with damaged to the box.…

    • looks great till I enter postcode for postage no items available for your area LOL I live on Cooloola coast Q

  • Do JB have them and can price match? If so, can you then use Shopback to get give cards and then get cashback?

  • Ended up getting a 10% off loyalty voucher from Samsung and made the purchase at $250. Pretty good I'd say.

    • Hi mate,
      Would you please share your experience of this monitor. I am looking to get this as well.


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