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Extra 25% Back in Shping Coins for Tim Tam 200g at Woolworths @ Shping (Activation Required)


NEW Booster Offers from Shping
Weekly specials are "boosted" to beyond 50% each week.
This week Arnott's Tim Tams offer an extra 25% back in Shping Coins.
Shping Coins are immediately convertible into cash, straight to your bank account.

New deals every week in the app.

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  • crptoes?

    • Yes.
      But you can also use it without any knowledge, just download the app, earn coins and transfer to your bank from within the app, no exchanges or wallets etc..

      • can you explain how it's 75% off? How many points do you get from each dollar spent and how much are those coins worth when you cash out?

        • Sure!
          It's 50% off at woolies. we are offering an additional bonus equivalent to 25% of RRP, so the stacked value is 75% off.

          The coin may fluctuate up and down, so the discount is pegged to maintain the stated 25% off.
          For example
          At the moment, the Tim Tam Booster is for 319 Shping Coins.
          If the price of the Coin goes down, the Booster offer will go up to compensate and deliver the 25% off.

          We encourage you to cash out as soon as you receive your coins.

          Does that clear it up for you?

      • you guys need to fix your receipt recognition big time. I have never gotten a Kmart receipt recognised, IGA rarely and Aldi is a hit and miss. All receipts adhere to your receipt capture recommendations.

        • Thanks for the feedback. We are implementing a new flow where the receipt will go into "pending" if it is not recognized, and at that point it will be manually reviewed.
          This should be out in the app in the next 2 weeks.

          It will be a big improvement in two ways
          1. you will simply get more receipts approved as the manual intervention will capture things our AI doesn't
          2. our AI will learn quicker as we can pick up bigs or issues straight away, instead of relying on customer service enquiries.

          Hopefully you can stick with us - we're a small team in melb with big goals so we really value your input!!

          • @thedarkn1ght: good to know. BTW do publish the list of supported retailer on your website.

  • So we shop through the app at Coles or Woolies or whatever, get some shitcoins credited to our account after taking a photo and uploading the receipt, and then cash in the shitcoins for money into our bank account? Hard pass, this sounds like a pain in the arse.
    And the fluctuating value of the coins means we may not get the advertised discount? lol

    • Maybe next week we will do an offer on beef sandwiches to lure you in

    • Also no, the discount is pegged to pay out regardless of fluctuating.

    • If you use everyday rewards, you can just share the eReceipt pdf to our app and it will upload for you. does that make it any easier?

      • I use EverydayRewards, but I have never heard of an 'eReceipt pdf'. How do I set up the generation/receipt of one of those every time I use EverydayRewards? Do I need to scan a version of my membership card that is stored on my phone for it to be generated/sent to me?

        • +1

          It is in the app. When you hit the share button while viewing your eReceipt it generates one for you. You can then share it with the shiping app directly. For me just a screenshot of the eReceipt from the app with the payment info expanded (this section contains the date) has always worked.

          • @nokia3660: Wow, I can see all my old receipts in there now. I didn't know about this feature of the app. Great, thanks for the heads up noks :)

    • And the fluctuating value of the coins means we may not get the advertised discount?

      You can cash out to $$ immediately

      • Do note there is a banking fee and GAS GWEI fee associated with every withdrawal

  • +1

    Long time user of shping. Happy to see it on here I think it's great

  • Have a look at the 1-year value fluctuation of Shping here:


    • Just tripled in value in 3 days. Just converted all my "earnings" and cashed out $500 or so. Niiiice

      • How did you get around the highly restrictive/disappointing monthly withdrawal limit, which for me is $20, and is well under your stated $500 for even the most highly rated members?

        • I have been withdrawing to Coinbase ever time I have a couple of dollars.

  • +1

    I tried to joined using the referral link, but I did not get referred :(

  • @thedarkn1ght downloaded app, bought light and tangy thins, but didn’t receive any bonus, and can’t find any way to msg about this in app?

    • Hey, sorry about that. If you jump onto our website there is a live chat where our customer service team can help you out www.shping.com

      • Seems like a scam? Waited over 20 mins and didnt progress in the queue at all.

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