Gaming laptop


I'm in the market for a powerful gaming laptop. Last year I bought HP dv6 from shopping express for $850 and I have never seen a good deal like that anymore (maybe I missed some good stuff). I will be running 3D softwares (maya), heavy photoshop works, and not much gaming at all :P

Basically I am after an i7 chip, descent graphic card (1 or 2 GB), 8gb RAM. I was wondering where everybody get their laptops from or should I kept refreshing OZB for a good deal?

Thanks a lot for helping



  • i would suggest browsing the notebook section in the whirlpool forums

    • Good point. will try, thanks.

    • dang. How did I miss that?

  • Definitely Metabox (on mine right now)
    I got a Hard drive caddy for my disk drive slot (who used them anyway), and got an SSD + HDD combo.

    This is my one!!!!!!!!

    • wow. thanks checking it out right now

  • I recommend a Horize from Logical Blue One, or a Metabox from Affordable Laptops. They're 95% Gamut screens are absolutely perfect for Photoshop(one of the main reasons I got this laptop - that and the upgradeable graphics card ;3).