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Dell Vostro 3560 - FHD 3rd Gen Core i7 for $799


3rd gen Intel® Core™ i7-3612QM processor (with Turbo Boost 2.1 up to 3.1 GHz)
15.6 inch Wide Display FHD (1920x1080) w/anti-glare (Matte finish)
6GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
750GB 7200RPM SATA HDD Drive
AMD Radeon™ HD 7670M 1GB DDR3
Dell Chiclet Keyboard w/ Multi-touch Touchpad - English
Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230, 802.11b/g/n + BT4.0
4x USB 3.0 Ports, 1x HDMI Port, 1x VGA Port
37.5cm wide by 25.9cm deep by 2.88-3.25cm thick
Weighs 2.57Kg
Windows® 7 Professional SP1 64bit (English)
Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Service (Multi-Language) - 15 Months
1 Year Next Business Day Onsite Service

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  • Please see coupon above, lest you get negged for complaining that the price shows $999.

  • hmm, even better - I got the same price on the dell site using the link you provided but with 6gb ram and 750gb hdd

    • Yeh thats what shows up for me too

    • Thats what it was supposed to be… updated.

  • Does anyone know if the vostro range has got a docking port? My Precision laptop is a bit dated and I would like to upgrade but I love the ability to dock the laptop instead of plugging in a lot of cables every time I get home.

    • no, it doesn't

  • +6

    Apparently the Vostro 3560 supports using a 32GB mSATA drive as cache. A $49 32GB mSATA cache may be a cheap and effective upgrade for this machine.

  • Nice find, usually can't stack $off with a coupon :)

  • Is there a spare HDD port same as Dell inspiron 17'?

    • Not for a 15-inch laptop! Should be able to get a a HDD caddy though that replaces the ODD.

    • Apple and orange I reckon…

    • +1

      Vostro has better CPU, better graphics card, more memory and faster hard drive.
      No competition.

    • +2

      Vostro = 3rd gen i7, Sony = 2nd gen i5. No competition between those two processors.

      Graphics between the Radeon 7670 and 6470 also leaves the Sony completely outclassed.

      For the same price, the Dell is a much bettr deal even if it doesn't look as good.

    • +1

      Should be comparing it with this instead:


  • Tempting ^.^

  • +1

    Been looking for a decent 1920x1080 laptop … I think I've found one :D

    • +1

      Me too - nice to see decent screens at last!

  • Does this have a display port? Need for my U30 dell monitor…

  • +1

    Just order and got confirmation, anyone know what part number 219-20046 is? As it's labelled as 'none' and I've got quantity x 2 of them :D

    • +4

      you'll probably find it's instructions or something like that.

      But you got 2, so expect double the excitement!

    • +1

      From Dell website
      Optical Drive SoftWare No Power DVD NOPDVD [219-20046]

  • Does anyone know about the battery life with the six cell?

  • Is it just me(lack of coffee) or can i not see it mention 4x USB 3.0?

    • copied from dell tech spec's

      Ports, Slots & Chassis

      VGA, HDMI, LAN RJ-45, Power, headphone/ headset /speaker out
      USB 3.0 X 3 , USB 3.0 with Power Share x 1 (4 total)

      Click on Rumbaar 's link above.

      • Yeah dell make you go hunting a little bit to find the FULL specs, I posted the obvious stuff.

        • I dont understand why they make you run around to earn your discount. The specs also mentions

          Wireless WWAN: HSPA 2.0; EVDO-HSPA mini-card

          So does it really come with 3G capabilities?

    • Dell is finally caught up with USB3 technology and about time.

  • I am wondering if I can have both HDD and SSD in this laptop.
    If so, it would be very attractive deal.

    • Only if you take out the optical drive (DVD) and get a caddy and put an SSD in there. Or see gmatht's post above regarding 32gb mstata

      • +2

        32gb mstata is quite limiting and as there are 240GB and 480GB SSDs available now for a very reasonable price.

        Caddy is a good option providing that it is gonna work with this laptop as some laptops cannot be reconfigured that way.
        Any information on this particular one ?

    • Just put a 256GB/480GB SSD and have an external 1TB drive for photos, movies, music etc.

      • I have thought about it, but I'd rather sacrifice an internal DVD drive which I hardly ever use rather than internal HDD.
        Thanks for suggestion anyway.

  • Sorry guys, where does it say on the order that the keyboard is backlit? My confirmation doesn't have it anywhere plus the WiFi module is different ( Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230, 802.11b/g/n + BT4.0 )

  • From the full order spec I cannot see Bluetooth, 3G or USB 3.0 so not sure if this laptop comes with any of it?
    If you look at the Technical specification for a Dell 3560 here http://www.dell.com/au/business/p/vostro-3560/pd.aspx?c=au&c... it mentions all of the above along with backlit keyboard.
    Would be handy to know what Vostro 3560 BTX base includes?
    I relooked at the ordered specification and here are the details
    Keyboard Dell Chiclet Keyboard w/ Multi-touch Touchpad - English 5012809 [583-14709]
    Wireless Driver Driver for Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230 - os bundles KWY34 [340-27196]
    This means no Bluetooth capabilities or Backlit Keyboard.

  • The one which comes down to $799 after coupon applied is the one highlighted in the link for the deal (Online price of $999), it does not list a backlit keyboard.

    The one with backlit keyboard is $1399

    • I swear it had backlit keyboard listed yesterday… It does not now, bugger :|

      • Could be Dell has changed it.
        I am tempted, but wonder how good the screen is. My HP Envy 15 screen is nice, but it's glossy which irritates at times. But it's also out of warranty now, so looking at trading up, and we're now into the new Financial Year so I can write off a new laptop against my business expenses :)

        The weight of the laptop seems quite heavy to me too?

        • Well dell monitors are very highly regarded, i would think their laptops screens would be similar quality. Also "w/anti-glare" is Matte screen where the "WLED True-Life" is glossy.

        • I know the monitors are good, but never used their higher end laptop screens. I run 2 x 24" Dell LCds for photo work at the moment, and they have been fine. I might just bite the bullet and see what it's like, I can always sell it on at the same price to someone who misses out :)

        • Dell laptop screens are generally not at the same level as Dell's Ultrasharp desktop monitors.

          Most of the "True-Life" laptop screens are TN LCD screens, which do not have the viewing angles like the IPS/MVA screens. They are just hi-res screens. You cannot expect an high def. IPS screen at this price.

  • So tempted. Thanks to its look, which turned me off. :)

  • It is better price than last post
    But is Battery Life the killer?

  • +2

    Personally, if I could find out a way to claim the 100 gift card promotion in USA (Although I dont know what I would do with that card….), I would go for Sony S1511 from


    As for me:

    -3rd G I5 or I7 makes slight different (daily use and gaming)
    -both comes with FHD screen.
    -Prefer GeForce GT 640M LE
    -Sony comes with Led backlit, light weight, claim "Built-In Lithium-Polymer Providing up to 6.25 Hours per Charge " in spec.
    -better look.

    For US$1033 delivered, which is about AU$995, if I could get the gift card. Thats not bad..

    • http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/77954 I thought it was alright also ;)
      But, much slower graphics, not as good cpu, slower/smaller HDD, possibly no warranty.

      • +1

        all right

    • The thing I dont know how i5 or i7 will affect the performance when using Visual Studio 2010 with Resharper. Currently using XPS 15 i7 2nd generation, with SSD. And in some cshtml (razor) I found quite lagging.

    • Posted this in the last Vaio from BH thread, but there is mention on the Shipito forums of sending the rebate card to them. They wont actually send the card to you, but will take detailed photos of it and send you that so you can use it online.

      There is also mention there that some of Shipito's competitors accept rebates as payment, but I havent had a chance to look into this as yet.

  • +4

    If anyone's interested in the Vostro 3360 $1199 deal with following specs for $882.42 with following coupons:
    9019CW7L0FXG9J (8% off Laptops above $1000)
    0B3SG$NW3M1VLM (20% off Vostro Laptops)

    3rd gen Intel® Core™ i7-3517U processor (1.9 GHz, 1600, 4MB, ULV)
    Operating System
    Windows® 7 Professional SP1 64bit (English)
    13.3 inch Wide Display HD (1366 x 768) w/anti-glare
    6GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
    Hard Drive
    128GB Solid State Drive
    Video Card
    Intel® HD Graphics 4000

    With this one you get an extra 2gb of ram and 128gb ssd instead of the 4gb of ram and 500gb hdd in the $999 deal.

    But if you like the $999 deal just add antivirus to 24 months for extra $25 and both those coupons above and get it for $753.07

    I like ops deal but I need portability and this seems ok to me.

    • nice thanks

    • Any chance to upgrade the DVD writer to a Blu-ray reader + DVD writer combo? To take full advantage of the 1080p screen, a Blu-ray reader would be nice.

    • There's only one option for the antivirus and it's 15 months. Maybe I'm missing something?

      EDIT: Also, adding the above two coupons negates the original $300 off. I upgraded the warranty to 1 year ProSupport and the total is $992.50

      Great find nonetheless.

      • Yeah using "9019CW7L0FXG9J (8% off Laptops above $1000)" negates the $300 off.

        • Its not meant for the original deal posted only for the 13.3 vostro 3360 or any deal without $300 of.

    • Here is the laptops I meant:


      And to get the extra 8% discount just add any extra peripheral or software to get it over $1000.

  • Deciding between this or the Samsung NP550P5C-S02AU with $100 gift card http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/77975 .
    The Samsung has a better graphics card I believe and bigger HDD

    • The screen is not Full HD though?

    • Depends what you want it for - if for games then yes, samsung graphics card is way better for gaming performance - 650M is also much more energy efficient - runs on latest generation GPU.
      I went for the Samsung NP550P5C-S03AU referenced further down in that deal http://www.mln.com.au/product/?itemID=3950
      For around $100 more get
      blue ray reader, 8GB ram, 1600 x 900 resolution
      Vs DVD, 6GB ram, 1366 x 768 resolution.
      No price match from OW though (not stocked)

  • Would this run Solidworks 2012 well?

    • It should have no problems unless you intend to use some of the advanced features, like running complex builds to find thermal ranges and stress points. I'm running it (for parts creation) on my old Qosimo i7 with GT330 without trouble, CPU is important with Solidworks as well.

  • anyone know how long the delivery normally take? it is shipped from overseas or within australia?
    Cause I'm travelling overseas on 10 Sep, just wonder to know whether I can received it to claim the GST.

    • for vostro, normally next business day delivery, allow additional 1-3 working day to your door

      • Laptops Inspiron™, XPS™, Alienware™, Vostro™, Latitude™ 11–17 working days
        the official website said, so a bit worried.

        • Thats for laptops that you customize. this laptop was not customization. IT was ready to ship.

        • Note that they have run out of pre-built. It is now customised, so will probably be shipped from Malaysia or similar after being built to your spec.

    • I ordered mine yesterday [27th], in stock, with an estimated delivery time of Thursday [30th].

      • +1

        +1, no change in order status however

        • +1

          Got a call from Dell today, for delivery between 9-1 Thursday. No change in status online though.

    • I ordered one Monday the 27th and it has expected delivery Friday the 31st, but I am in Adelaide and that is an extra day or so.

      A friend ordered one today the 28th and expected delivery is Monday the 3rd.

      • just ordered today and the estimate delivery date is before or on 12 Sep, feeling a bit said cause i am flying overseas on 10 Sep. Just one day different, but the delivery day is half month difference.

  • Anyone know if it has CEC functionality? i.e., if I hook it up to a smart TV and play music, can I assume control of the computer with my TV remote.

  • Has anyone else who ordered this find an extra pending charge on their credit card?

    I have $1660 available credit before I ordered this on my Amex, now I ordered 1 and it has the $800 charge but available credit is only $61, as if they've charged twice, once has gone through and one that is pending, I can't see it yet though as it's still a pending charge. I am assuming it'll go away soon.

  • Order one today and chat with the salesperson got the Backlit keyboard upgrade for free otherwise $22.

    ETA before 11Sept.

    • Oh damn, if I'd known that I'd have spoken to someone. As it stood you couldn't change anything from that configuration online :(

    • I was told these are pre-built machines, so cannot be configured in any way. Also, the Dell rep. thought it was now out of stock but was re-checking and getting back to me.

  • I just got told by a Dell representative online that the coupon has expired?!

    He offered to sell me the same machine for $999. Bait and switch?

    • I was just told they are now out of stock, but the Dell rep. is double-checking and getting back to me.

      • They appear to be still in stock/available. The coupon does not appear to have expired as far as I can tell?

        • I purchased one but the estimated delivery date is mid-way through September! I was expecting delivery within a few days…

  • If anybody bought an extra one of these for $799 that they don't want, please let me know. I'm not paying an extra $200 because the coupon "expired".

  • Grab a print screen of the Cart and have a chat with Dell rep. They should honor the deal. if out of stock, they will order/built one for you. The Backlit keyboard should cost extra $22 (This option is not available online) but I got mine for free.

    • How did you manage to get it for free (or at all for that matter)? I've tried telling them that someone else did… and they just insist that as the systems are pre-built, it is literally not possible to alter them. They did, however, send me a quote - so presumably they are still in stock.

  • All I did was to chat with dell rep. I asked if the backlit keyboard was included in the price $999. He check and said no but will include that for fee. I then quote the discount code and he said email him the print screen of the cart for $799

    after that it was done deal.

  • JUST received my vostro 3560 now. I ordered from dell outlet last Friday. So quick. As they said, the pre built laptops are ready for next business day delivery. Well done, dell.

    • Does it have a backlit keyboard?

      • yes, keyboard with backlit.

        mine is 4g ram and 500gb hdd with other specs same as yours

        the display resolution is 1920*1080, from taiwan AUO and built in early 2011. not so perfect

        one more difference is that the wireless card is Dell 1704 with boardcom chips rather than intel 2203

        But the whole build quality looks good and metal feeling surface. and the cooling system looks good as well.

        I am just wondering whether to buy a mSATA ssd like 32gb to make the system smoothy.

        AND the original system have only one partition, I just used ADDS to divide it into three partitions.

        • Different specs..?

          Dell website lists:

          • 6GB DDR3 SO-DIMM AT 1600MHz- 1x4GB/1x2GB
          • 750GB 7200RPM SATA HDD Drive
        • +1

          yes mate, but I paid $50 less

        • how did you check where and when it is made ?

        • everest can tell you everything you want

  • Just placed an order as normal (voucher code is still valid), in the sumary page i can see the backlit keyboard is included.

    "Keyboard: Dell Backlit Keyboard w/ Multi-touch Touchpad - English"

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