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[eBay Plus] Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 In-ears, Active Noise Cancelling, Black $239.20 Delivered @ Sennheiser eBay


Description & Specifications
With best-in-class audio, next generation Adaptive Noise Cancellation and the ultimate personalized fit, the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 transforms every listen into a superior sound experience: SUPERIOR SOUND EXPERIENCE –– Sennheiser signature sound: powered by Sennheiser TrueResponse transducer and thanks to high resolution aptX™ Adaptive you can hear every detail. –– Built-in equalizer: tailor the sound experience with audio presets and an intuitive equalizer. –– Sound personalization: an enhanced sound experience tailored to your hearing via a guided listening test. CONTROL THE ENVIRONMENT –– Adaptive noise cancellation: monitors noise level in your surroundings to optimize noise cancellation performance. –– Transparency mode: allows you to hear surrounding sounds at a touch for greater situational awareness. EFFORTLESSLY SMART AND CONNECTED –– High quality voice pick-up: crystal-clear calls thanks to three advanced microphones on each earbud. –– Wireless charging: recharge the case with convenient Qi wireless charging. –– Splash resistance: trouble-free use while travelling, commuting or exercising, thanks to IPX4 splash resistance. –– Battery life: up to 7 hours’ play back time with 28 hours overall when charging on the go via the case. –– Independent earbud use: either left or right earbud can be used individually when desired. –– Customizable touch controls: to fit to personal preference for truly intuitive operation. EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN AND EXTRAORDINARY COMFORT –– Ultimate individual and secure fit: Sennheiser’s most compact ergonomic earbuds offer a choice of earbud adapters and silicone fins to ensure a fit that’s tailored to you. –– Sleek futuristic design: available in three colors, epitomizes the combination of immaculate style and fine craftsmanship that is the signature of the MOMENTUM range.

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  • struggling to decide on some new in ears to replace my dead mtw 1s and these seem like a logical choice. buds 2 pro look good too but no aptx or ldac is a dealbreaker even tho I have an s23. hmm..

    • Doesn't Samsung have their own proprietary codec? Should work on your S23

      • they do but it's no good as soon as i connect to my laptop or something else. that's why i said despite having an s23 i'm still not into them, i definitely could've been clearer

    • +1

      S23 or Samsung don't have APTX

      • damn, i had no clue. then that might narrow down my choices whether i like it or not..

  • +1

    These are great, would be my favourite earbuds if they didn't fall apart. Gave up after 2 returns. Have yet to find the perfect AptX Adaptive earbuds.

    • if they didn't fall apart.

      What do you mean fall apart?

      • +1

        The speaker grilles are glued on and fall off. The left earbud can just stop connecting and not be rebooted.

  • Wonder when the mtw4’s will be out

  • Bought! Good price

  • These are plagued with QC and software issues. I've been using them for just over a year, onto my second set which have just started to have the same issues as the first.
    The Sennheiser Reddit page has a lot of posts of other users with various issues.
    The first Sennheiser product I have bought that I really regret.

  • Mine are packed beside me ready to RMA. Right bud has a sort of feedback loop, get a squealy feedback sound that increases in volume until it clicks, then starts over.

    Fit has been very hit and miss too. I dunno what is going on, but basically when I insert them, if they seal and create a bit of pressure inside my ear, they sound good and ANC works well. If I don't feel that pressure, I have to take them out, twist the tip around a bit and try again, rinse repeat until I feel that pressure seal. Without it, ANC doesn't work and they sound terrible. Other buds I just put in and they work ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    For the pros - I can actually take calls on them, no constant complaints about 'sorry I can't hear you very clearly' or 'you're very quiet' that I get from every jabra set I've ever tried. Sound quality is fine, nothing amazing, not disappointing, just fine.

    • YouTube reviews seem fine, didn't know it is not good.

      • These are all anecdotal comments, so I wouldn't say it's 'not good'. It's just what happened to me, same for everyone else here.

        The other thought to keep in mind is, when you watch a youtube review, or read a review somewhere, it's often the thoughts of a reviewer who ran an item through a few tests, but didn't necessarily 'live' with the devices, have them as their only device for a good period of time.

        If you look up jabra elite 7 pro's, you'll hear that they're some of the best earbuds on the market for making calls, they review perfectly. I've had 2 sets and work with a colleague who has a set of their own. They're virtually unusable for phonecalls. Nobody can hear you, or asks why you sound so muffled. Sample size 3… I won't buy them again, won't recommend them, but are they 'bad'? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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