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[NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, SA] 50% off Mega Mixed Bag $124.98 (Dine-in Only, Limit 1 Per Table) @ Kickin'Inn Kajun Seafood Restaurant


"There’s only one week left to get your hands on our biggest bag ever, and if you’re looking for a reason to book your table, this is it! We’re taking 50% OFF the MEGA MIXED BAG for the final week!

🦐 12 Whole Fresh Prawns
🍤 12 Peeled Prawns
🦪 12 Half Shelled Mussels
🐙 12 Baby Octopus
🦀 1 KG Blue Swimmer Crabs
🦞 1 KG Crawfish
🐚 1 KG Pipis
🦞 2 Half Lobsters
🥚 6 Boiled Eggs
🥔 6 Potatoes
🌽 6 Corn

Book your table at any of our restaurants for August 28th-31st and enjoy the MEGA MIXED BAG for half price!*

*Offer available for dine in ONLY. Limit 1 per table, additional bags will be charged at full price.

📲 Book your table now at kickininn.com.au!"

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  • +5

    Has anyone been here, how do you rate it?

    • +13

      I went once with friends. It was an experience. Wouldn't go a second time though

    • +1

      They are pretty good. 5/5. But 249 dollars, you have to take 5 person max to be worth the price.

      • +5

        50% should make it $125 which seems more worth it.

      • +2

        Agreed, thats why I reckon half price ($125) is a pretty good deal for 3kg+ of seafood 😳

        • +6

          Still hugely profitable. I am in the industry and wholesale prices for restaurants for the seafood, all frozen and imported, are as follows:
          Pipis ~$10/kg
          Crawfish ~$12-13/kg
          Blue swimmer crab ~$14-$16/kg
          Cooked vannamei prawns ~$15/kg
          1/2 shell mussels ~$13-14/kg
          Cooked peeled prawns ~$15-$20/kg
          Baby octopus ~$12kg
          Half lobsters unsure, never ordered

          • +3

            @NoApostrophePlurals: Food cost alone, sure. Rent, gas, electricity and staff costs inclusive? Doubt it.

            • +1

              @bahgsy: I am speaking exclusively about this item. Yes, you're absolutely right, It doesn't cover those costs. You only scratched the surface. There's way more things to cover, such as:
              Public liability
              Grease trap emptying
              Waste removal
              Exhaust vent cleaning
              council inspection fees

              Just those alone can add up to hundreds of not thousands a month depending on size of restaurant.

            • +1

              @bahgsy: I was only meant to imply that at 50% off, it's not a cost price item or loss leader to draw you in to make money off you from other items alone.

              In a lot of restaurants, the most profitable item for sale is alcohol. Wine especially.

          • +1

            @NoApostrophePlurals: Do u know where they import the blue swimmers from, because they are the smallest crabs ive ever seen at a restaurant and painful to get any meat out of.

            • @BlitzR: Agree, they barely have any meat in it. Mud crab strike a good balance between the amount of meat and price.

            • +1

              @BlitzR: They could almost be from anywhere. I've even seen African nations on packaging. Mostly South East Asia. You can buy frozen QLD blue swimmer, but obviously more expensive. But the origin doesn't dictate size. You choose what size to buy. The smaller they are, the cheaper they are. They could buy humongous ones if they wanted to. You can get tiny ones like soft shell crab.

    • I went there with my friends for my birthday, the experience was pretty good! I really enjoyed the food and the sauce was so nice and spicy I could have drank it. I don't think its something you'd do alone though

    • I've been… i love their Shabang sauce… pretty expensive though…

    • +1

      Been there, impossible to eat the blue swimmer crabs

      Wouldn't go again.

      • What makes them impossible to eat? Why else wouldn’t you go again

        • +1

          They're so tiny

        • they are hard to catch. u know they are called swimmers crabs

        • +1

          Because there's hardly any meat and they don't give you a "cracker" to crack the crab shells. The best meat in the crab is the claw and knuckle, its pretty much impossible to crack the claw with your bare hands so therefore you need a cracker which they don't provide.

          • @Homr: not sure if its changed but they gave us a cracker last time we were there

      • Agree. Smallest crabs ive ever seen at a restaurant and impossible to get any eat out of.

    • +4

      @BrewerHaHa - We went to the Petershem location and it was the worst dining experience I’ve ever had.

      It took 90 minutes for us to get our food, another 25 minutes after that for cutlery. We had to ask for our drinks multiple times etc. Many tables around us had the same problem.

      Only 1 staff member was helpful, but it was his first day. So he also needed to ask others for help. He explained the kitchen wasn’t fully equipped to cope with a shop that size.

      When we paid our bill, they asked how everything was and we explained nicely how poor the experience was and they person literally just ignored that and said how much the bill was.

      Considering the prices they charge, I’m surprised they’re still in business.

      Assuming what the waiter said is true, I’m surprised they’d have a small kitchen for a restaurant that size. Unless the bulk of their cooking is offshore and they’re only heating up on site.

      Other reviews for Petersham seemed to indicate a similar level of service.

    • its okay at best. very pricey for how little you get but definitely worth trying once for the experience.

  • +3

    Had it once it’s was average. It’s way better in the US from similar style of restaurants like ‘Kick in Crab’

    • Better how?

      • +1

        It tasted like they just boil the seafoods then put it in the cajun, instead of proper marinate. It doesn't have that 'wow' taste, just boiled seafood with sauce. Like others said, it's a good experience and instagramable.

    • I would love to try an authentic Cajun seafood boil, alas Kickin Inn is the closest I can get to in Sydney.

      • There's a Boiling Crab in the CBD now

        • Ooh is it better than Kickin Inn?

          • @phatbirb: I dunno, it's new and I haven't been. But I have been to one in LA (Koreatown) many years ago now and it was a nice experience but crawfish is not for me (a pain to eat and bland). Dunno if they sell that here. Spice levels were conservative.

    • Find the old "Man vs Food" episode in New Orleans and plan a holiday around it!

  • Been there once 2y ago, definitely not going back.

    • Why?

      • waiting time was long (which I understand in a busy day) but all the food came separately. we were in a group of 4 couples, each couple ordered one bag, and all 4 came separate. ours was the last so we were hungry and watching everyone eating.
        2nd food was average. no one actually liked their food.
        3rd went straight to hungry jacks after spending $150 in food for a couple.

  • -7

    Gosh what’s the chances these dates are the same dates when I’m going to the grass snows at Thredbo, would’ve been nice to try this place at half price then full price too

    • When?

      • -1

        Going next week which I’ll miss out on the deal, don’t know why I got down voted though 😬

        • Gosh what’s the chances these dates are the same dates

          Don't know what the point of your post is, the dates are already in the description… its like you were baiting a neg

  • +1

    Last time I went the crabs had no meat…

  • +2

    Its all frozen though, not freshly caught or anything like a 2/5.

  • Good timing, I was planning to eat here next week to try, haha. I wonder if kids can stil get their free meal with this deal.

    • +1

      Have one kid and adult sit at a separate table on a separate booking, then the rest on another table. Pretend you just bumped into each other after you order. Ask for your separate bills afterwards.

      • Haha, I can't be bothered doing that!

        • Hand in your badge mate

          • @Meconium: LOL, got the free kids meal, anyway! :P

  • Might be a stupid question but is this too much food for 2/3 people?

    • Looks like it's for 5-6 people. I'm bringing a big takeaway container since there's only 3 of us going. D

      • Depends on how big the table is. if its a 2 seater table, then no point taking more than 2.

    • +1

      I went there with 2 people including myself and had no problems finishing it

  • +6

    $125 for all frozen unknown origin from seafood is not cheap to me

    • It would be good if they listed in their FAQ where they source their seafood from. It also says it's fresh-frozen whatever that means. I tried some bugs last week and a few items had a very fishy smell which means a bit off.

      • +5

        Sorry to inform you, fishy smell does not mean the seafood is off. It doesn't mean it's not off either.

        The fishy smell being off is a slight misconception. Crustaceans, fish and a lot of marine life contains trimethylamine oxide (TMAO). Once it dies, it converts it to trimethylamine, which builds up, giving that fishy smell. Unless you're getting your seafood literally right off the boat, all seafood will have this smell. It might not be off, but it might not be fresh.

        We've been programmed by society to demand the freshest seafood and if it's more than two or three days old, sniff it, if it smells off, throw it away. This leads to a ridiculously huge amount of wastage compared to other types of fresh produce. In many instances, you can just rinse your seafood to remove the smell. Some people soak their fish in milk to get rid of it.

        Just because seafood is smelly, doesn't mean it's off
        Just because seafood isn't fresh, doesn't mean it's off
        Just because it's a few days old, doesn't mean you should throw it out

        • so is "not fresh" still safe to eat?

          • +1

            @Homr: Yes as long as it's not off. I always wash my seafood before cooking. If it still smells, even slightly chuck it out. The fishy smell is not to be confused with the off smell, which is ammonia.

            Take fresh salmon for example, almost exclusively from Salmon farms in Tasmania. From when it's harvested, how many days do you think it takes to get to your supermarket shelf if you live in far north Queensland? Is it fresh? Salmon can last for two weeks without getting spoilt.

            Of course this isn't for everything. Wouldn't eat esmelly crab. That spoils fast and when not fresh, there's definitely a difference in mouthfeel and taste.

            There are lots of misconceptions about food poisoning and bacteria and how quickly you will get sick.

            This is a useful read.


            • @NoApostrophePlurals: Thanks. Whats the difference between fishy smell and off smell??

              • +1

                @Homr: Trimethylamine and ammonia :)

                Fishy vs rotting corpse? Lol

                Even then, if food is "off" and is producing ammonia, it doesn't actually mean it'll make you sick. It just won't taste or smell nice, even after being cooked, no matter how much herbs and spices are used. That's another myth, that they were used to mask off food. They were only used to cure food before it went off.

                • +1

                  @NoApostrophePlurals: Well explained - note that it's not only those compounds causing the smells. Practically all decomposing animal matter produces foul-smelling amines like putrescine and cadaverine, it's not just TMAO. And to throw a spanner in the works, some Nordic dishes like lutefisk are deliberately preserved with ammonia - they still stink like Windex bit not because they are rotten!

      • most seafood has the fishy smell, most notable herbivores. you can scrub+wash the surface, salt, dehydrate, soak in a wine etc to help remove some of that smell

  • looks good

  • +3

    looks like cthulhu's diarrhea lmao

  • Most people said it was crap Indian restaurant.

  • Must be missing something as what's presented doesn't look appealing.

  • +2

    We spend probably similar or more when we make our own. I use the recipe from audreysaurus on Tic Toc except we boil it in the seasoning. It usually makes 2 large silver trays.

    At xmas time or after xmas when they have muddies, lobster tails and moreton bay bugs.

    If eating out, I like Thai restaurants that have Kung Tung. There's only 1 that I know of in Bris. If you've been to thailand markets, Kung Tung is very popular and cheap.

    We buy our spanner crabs fresh off the trawlers in marine parade gold coast.

    Roti Place in bris cbd buys the same crabs fresh for their singaporean chilli crabs. Must try the Malaysian Kam Heong crab. Only $32.50 best kept secret. You can phone ahead to check if they have female crabs. The roe mixed with rice is the best.

  • +1

    Went to the Parramatta restaurant about 3 months ago for my son's birthday. He wanted to try it after seeing too much of their advertisements. It was an experience but I must say I won't be going back again. My son was raving about it before but never mentioned it again afterwards. Must have felt disappointed as he knew it was expensive but didn't live up to his expectation.

    • Why was that? Was it not delicious? It's not about the money if it taste good.

      • +1

        We went there for 2 reasons, the experience and taste.

        The experience was good but nothing that you want to try again. A couple of colleagues of my wife found the experience disgusting when they had a work dinner there.

        The taste wasn't to our liking. We enjoy Indian/Thai curry food, spicy Asian food and even the European Peri Peri sauces. For some reason no one liked the sauce that was served. To make matters worse there was way too much sauce. The seafood quantity was definitely there but the quality was lacking. The blue swimmers were average at best and the pipis were bad.

  • +1

    I went there during the Summer holidays. We bought the kickin' mixed bag and the half lobster for 4 people. it was an unique experience (eating with gloves and directly from the table, of course on top of a paper/plastic sheet). If I recall, the total should be just under $200. However, there was a surcharge (I think it was a 10% surcharge, I don't recall if it was a weekend day, but it was empty inside) so total came to around $220 :(. I rarely eat seafood given its price so I don't have much previous experience, I would say it tasted as expected?

    For some reason, you can only choose one source or the kickin' sha-bang (mixture of all four sauces), not two or three - so we got garlic butter only and spicy

    I know seafood in general is expensive but after all that, it wasn't very fufilling. I will give kudos for their chips, it was very crispy (I think it has an battered with corn starch)

    Another comment: I find it interesting how kids eat free (in the menu)

  • We went to the Campbelltown restaurant once and will never go back. We love seafood and have tried Kajun seafood in the US, they were beautiful. Kick-inn is no where close to the quality and the taste. The seafood is overwhelmed by strong Indian style spices which to our taste they don't go together as you can't taste much of the seafood.

    • Agreed, chains like Hot N Juicy in the U.S are much better than Kickin' Inn.

  • 2 half lobsters 😂

  • +1

    It's dine in but in a bag? What?

    • Foods in a massive bag. Tables lined with butcher paper and you eat off the table.

  • Been to this place a number of times. When they only had one restaurant in Petersham it was pretty good value. But then they started expanding everywhere and prices went up enormously. Food is still excellent, but hard to justify a night out with them now. However at half price this seems like a pretty reasonable deal.

  • Is anyone else having issues going to their booking link? it's going to an error page…

    • also tried all ways to get to their website and all timed out or error page

    • It worked for me at 9:30am, now the website won’t load at all!

      • maybe the rush of ozbargainers were too much for their system!

  • Just came back from lunch at the Adelaide branch. 3 of us plus a kid. We liked it. Good ambiance and service. Mild sha-bang sauce is just right. Free kid's meal. We took away almost half.

    Good deal overall!

    Only thing is I forgot to ask for the free tote bag that's supposed to come with the mega mixed bag. :P

    • Thanks. I'll remember to ask for tote bag when I go XD

      Is the tote bag mentioned anywhere on their website?

      EDIT: Found it, will definitely ask for it

      • +1
        • i would agree with this

          i'm not a fan of cajun and crawfish at all but for $125 this is far from being the worst deal ever - i think wait time was 15-20 mins

          the pipis was kind of waste of time

          the crabs were a bit small but everything else ws ok with good portions

          we had effectively one large lobster with heaps of tail meat

          the prawns were large but clearly they were mass market frozen

          mussles were as expected, octopus ok

          my other half took home three large rectangular tupperware glass containers full so she will be eating well the whole week

          i think you would really have to like cajun to go again

          i get why people dont like it… i can barely stand it but the place is packed and if you have 4 people who like that shit its good value

          • @tonyjzx:

            i think you would really have to like cajun to go again

            You have the option of different sauces to choose from. We asked the staff what they recommended and went with it, Mild sha-bang sauce was pretty good. Good level of spiciness and flavour.

            • @CodeXD: we went with garlic whatever and mild

              and its fine to me

          • @tonyjzx: We also liked the pipis and the prawns together with everything else! Maybe we're just easy to please, haha. I think garlic butter would be a good option if you don't like cajun. :)

        • You wouldn't believe it… but I forgot to ask LOL

          • @CodeXD: Hahaha, that's funny! I know it's not a big deal but the Ozbargainer in me feels bad for missing out on the freebie!

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