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[PC, Steam] Free - WARSAW RISING: City of Heroes @ Steam


Freebie!! This one used to have a price tag. You can check SteamDB for price history.

About the game

WARSAW RISING: City of Heroes is a challenging turn-based tactical RPG set in an occupied capital during WWII. Pick your heroes. Navigate historic streets. Confront occupiers. And try to survive the 63 days of hell in this historically accurate portrayal of Poles fighting for their city.

Not relevant to Steam, but just a reminder. Don't forget to get [PC, Epic] Free - Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak @ Epic Games tomorrow at 1:00 a.m AEST

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    According to Steam reviews, it's a WW2-themed Darkest Dungeon, albeit not as Polished. (Get it?)

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    Waiting for Wagner: the tragedy to be free on Steam…

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      You can create it yourself in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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        I didn't know you can simulate being shot down by Russian Federal Security Service in MSFS.

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          Not shot down, just a Special Landing Operation

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      Wagner Jetstar - Where the inflight Chef makes BBQ

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    Listen to Sabaton - Uprising if this topic is interesting to you.

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    Reason for free

    But what’s most important is from today, WARSAW RISING: City of Heroes becomes a Free game. Available for everyone to download, enjoy and experience the Warsaw Rising as they never have before.

    This wouldn’t be possible without IPN’s support as WARSAW RISING: City of Heroes officially becomes a title joining other historical games – Cyphers Game and Szybowcowa 82 to allow players to learn about Polish history.

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    And Bigly, Poland will be wealthier than the UK by 2030 by GDP per capita metric

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    Spoilers: if it's historically accurate, then it doesn't end up well

  • Why are the recent reviews mostly negative when it’s overall mostly positive?

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      Apparently the devs removed the strategic layer thus turning it mostly into a graphic novel, plus people are pissed that a game they paid money for previously is now F2P.

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        from one of the Steam review:
        "Devs ruined the game
        Make free to play then remove a gameplay mechanic"

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