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[Prime] Crucial NB DDR4 3200MHz 32GB SODIMM $76.98 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU

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Cheapest price for single 32GB DDR4 sodimm 3200MHz. Shipped from UK.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Sometimes I swear ozbargain reads my mind, I was searching for a new SODIMM ram stick within the last 15 minutes after having purchased the Lexar 4tb SSD that was posted on here late last week. A ram upgrade is the last thing I need for a new laptop purchase that was done last month.

    • I went looking this evening for the same thing. Incredible.

    • Which laptop

  • from Amazon UK

  • cheap DDR4 SODIMMs make it pretty attractive to buy a Ryzen 7 5xxx laptop or mini PC.
    I'm guessing Umart will price match tomorrow.

  • need ddr5 sodimm

    • +7

      Its in lower case, so I read it as sodium 🤣
      I should sleep now

  • Thanks, ordered 2 for my dell laptop.

    • Isn't it better to order the kits? For 2x16gb?

      • 2x32 is > 2x16?

      • 2x32GB kit is more expensive ($201).

        • 2x32GB kit is more expensive ($201).

          Potentially silly question - is a 2x32GB kit generally different to purchasing two individual 32GB sticks of identical model?

          • @Marty131: Theoretically kits are guaranteed to be in the same batch and factory tested to be in a similar performance, for better compatibility. (that's why they're a bit mor expensive)

            In reality, pretty much no difference.

  • Not behd, good size

  • Sadly my laptop only has 1 slot at 16 gb at max

    • +1

      What laptop model and cpu?

      Iv been seeing a few laptops that you can add more than what it says is the max and it will use it

      • +2

        yea, the listed maximum is usually what is configurable/available at the time

      • +1

        This matches my experience, best to do a bit of research. Look at what the Intel chip specs at what it can actually support max per channel.

    • Are you planning to upgrade a thinkpad e14 gen 2? I'm literally in the same boat! Thinking about upgrading.

      • +1

        E14 Gen 2 supports 32GB:


        It also says:

        The max memory is based on the test results with current Lenovo® memory offerings. The system may support more memory as the technology develops.

        • Thanks so much! And would you say this deal would be good for that laptop?

    • Unless it's a Celeron or other bargain CPU, it should be able to handle a 32 GB SODIMM

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    I'm sure it's a good deal for a select few productivity users, but majority of people barely use the 16gb on their laptop, let alone 64gb. They'll still buy it though, coz big numbers go brrr.

    • I only rec. 16GB minimum! Windows so fuking slow with 8GB. And that's a Win10 pro refurb system. If you think for a moment 8GB is adequate and your in I.T. or reselling any hardware gime your address so I can beat some sense into ya.

      16GB-32GB sweet spot. Anyone upgrading to 64GB better be using that shit for something…

    • +1

      majority of people barely use the 16gb on their laptop

      What a weird comment. Are you actually saying 8GB is all you need?

    • A comment so controversial yet so brave

      Seriously though, I only just upgraded both of my laptops to 16GB because 8GB was starting to become painfully slow as the OS and apps are becoming so much more demanding on the system, even basic word processing is becoming questionable on 8GB.
      I do get what you're saying but a little future proofing of your system (especially at this price) can't hurt if you can afford to do it.

    • +1

      OSes are designed in a way that will try and use as much memory as they can, including file caching. File caching is usually shown as available, but that doesn't mean it is not storing anything.

    • Calm your farm guys. I meant most people barely use the full 16GB on a laptop. I'm not saying it doesn't happen or recommend people have 8GB instead.

      My point was meant to be the performance difference between 16GB and 64GB is going to be minimal at best for majority of users, as they rarely use the full 16GB, let alone 64GB. Yes it can be used for caching, but the benefits of that really doesn't justify the expense in my opinion.

      "Future proofing" is just an excuse to waste money on unnecessary upgrades. By the time most people are using 64GB in day to day use, it'll be so far in the future that any laptop around today would be bottlenecked by all their other components.

  • +7

    People that don't take advantage of this deal would feel so dim.

    • +1

      Really need to ram that home

      • It's just a random memory people need to access

  • I have a desktop (mini) with the following specs…


    Would this ram be suitable for it?

    • As you said, yours is desktop, this is for laptop. Wont fit the slot

      • I believe it's a mini PC and uses sodimm

    • What exact model of Lenovo is this?

      • Lenovo ThinkCentre M910q Tiny i5 7500t

        • +1

          I’ve just installed 2 of these in a m710q with no issues. You should be good to go with this one for the m910q.

          • @NathanR: Thanks and ordered.

          • @NathanR: Would 64gb be okay? Google search shows max RAM is 32gb.

            • +1

              @RSmith: Yeah, the 32gb max was based on 16gb dimms being the max size avail at time of model release. Chipset officially supports 64gb and my 710q is running the 64gb no issues.

  • +2

    if you have a gaming laptop, get something else

    if you have XMP support, get Zeus CL16 $100 per 32GB stick not bad

    if no XMP support, get Kingston Fury CL20 not the best price ATM but worth getting a good deal on

    standard RAM will run at CL22 this Crucial included.

    good deal if it's just RAM volume you're after.

    • hey mate can I ask why this wouldn't be good for a gaming laptop? specifically Nitro 16 bought from this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/795951

      Looking to upgrade from 16GB > 32GB

      • no, mate, Acer is ddr5 AFAIK, while this is ddr4

        this ram (and the ones I mentioned) are for ddr4 machines.

        reason why these aren't the best for gaming is slower response from ram which as far as I recall affects latency of anything CPU bound. lower CL means quicker response from RAM

  • Yup, grabbed two for Intel NUC 12 Extreme.

  • Can this be used for Synology 920+ ?

  • +1

    Starting to build a Proxmox Server with an Dell Optiplex Micro 7060. Should be perfect for it :)

    • Doesn't the 7060 micro max out at 2x16GB?

      • +1

        Officially, yes. However, I've got 2x32GB sticks in my 7060 micro and it works fine. Despite Dell documentation, the Intel Q370 chipset which this 7060 Micro uses, can support 64GB.

  • Just received the 2 x 32GB, runs well on my Dell optiplex 7460 AIO.

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