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ToolPRO Low Profile Garage Jack 3000kg $249.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Bought one of these, been wanting a 3T jack but haven't really found one at this price.
I have a 1.7T jack but it doesn't reach the height I need to chuck under the stands for my CX7

Working Load Limit: 3000kg
Height Lowered: 112mm
Height Raised: 505mm
Weight: 42kg
Jack Oil Viscocity: ISO 32

I was able to get another 10% off, by purchasing SCA gift card via my work benefits

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    when is this not on sale?

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      when you absolutely need it NOW

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    was $195.49 ($230 minus $30~ ebay code) on 27 March this year.

  • Very Good Jack

  • Another $20 for targeted individuals

  • Same price on Ebay and some users may get further discount. Mine was an extra $20 off.

    • Plus $26.19 postage for me. Looks like they are not offering a store pickup for eBay

      • They do offer it but ebay's store pickup UI has been broken for years and apparently nobody who works there has a triple digit IQ and can fix it. If you're persistent you can sometimes get it to work for 1 item, but for multiple items, fuhgeddaboudit.

        • +1

          Just wait until you buy an item with a large number of giftcards - during which the checkout process fails so you didn't actually buy the item, but the checkout still debits all the giftcards to $0.

          It took me months (!) to get my cards credited back !!!!

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    I've got one of these - it's great. It's also bloody heavy, so if that's a possible issue for you it might be worth checking the weight instore before buying.

    • yea looks like it weighs 3000kg

  • I've got one of this, it's really a good one, but it is not as low as you think.

  • See here for an excellent comparison between a few Jacks and Jack Stands:

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