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Roasted and Salted Cashews 750g $10 @ Coles


It's on again, Coles are repeating the same deal they had two weeks ago. This time I found it in the printed catalog. Perfect timing for a Father's Day gift?

Repeating the same details as last time:

These are not the same cashews that Coles used to sell, which were over-salted. These ones have a negligible amount of salt left in the bag after you have consumed them.

But, you get 750g, a little less than the 800g you used to get. Maybe it's shrinkflation, maybe it's 50g less salt. Still a good buy. Normal price is $16.

If you're after unsalted cashews, you're out of luck with Coles. They don't sell unsalted cashews in this weight.

Chances are that this special will stop on Tueday night, but it's possible the special will last for two weeks.

Update: these cashews have less salt than the Woolworths 750g roasted and salted cashews. Se my comment below for the numbers.

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  • +3

    This are good Quality Cashews.

    • thats what she said…….nxt minute - quadruplets

  • Missing from the doordash app, was there last time.

    • Bought this yesterday with DD groceries promo. Some stores might have limited stock?

    • I find the Coles one taste better, probably because it's heavier handed with the salt.

    • +2

      That's weird, Woolies aren't discounting the unsalted ones at the same time. Perhaps they're just price-matching Coles?

      • Yeah this sucks. Salt really subtracts from the flavour profile of nuts, and locks in your future hypertensive and renal disease. Wish better prices on unsalted varieties would incentive more purchases.

        • +1

          Salt … locks in your future hypertensive and renal disease.

          I'll have to disagree with you there, having previously been diagnosed with sodium (salt) deficiency.

          Salt is essential for humans. Quoting from https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/sal…

          • "In severe cases, low sodium levels in the body can lead to muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Eventually, lack of salt can lead to shock, coma and death."
          • "An adult body only needs around 1 to 2g of salt (460 to 920mg sodium) per day to function." (less for children, see the webpage for details)
          • "Sodium intake above 2,000mg per day is associated with high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for kidney disease and cardiovascular disease (such as heart disease and stroke)."

          So there's a range in which salt is both safe and necessary. Too little is deadly, and too much leads to disease. The key is to know how much salt you're consuming, and moderate your consumption if you're getting too much. The cashews in this deal have 300mg of sodium per 100g.

          Just as a side note, almost everything you consume is dangerous if you have too much. Even drinking too much water can be dangerous, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_intoxication

  • +2

    Is it a common thing that dads love nuts? My dad loves snacking on all types and also dried fruits like goji berries.

    • +1

      Yeah my dad's a fiend for salty snacks. Just about every room in the house has a screw-on Tupperware 'jar' stashed somewhere filled with random savoury whatever that was last on bulk special at Colesworth; nuts, crackers, cheesy biscuits. Always one, if not two, in the car too.

      He's always offering them to anyone within cooee but they all just taste stale because he's got so many on the go at the same time. Never understood it myself.

  • One kid I have puts them in a breakfast bowl Anders these with a teaspoon.

  • Spread them on baking paper & drizzle melted dark chocolate over them, then wait until the chocolate firms. Mmm…


  • +1

    Pretty poor quality nuts.
    W - 450 grade with better than 50% splits & pieces. You get what you pay for.

    • +3

      There's always a price/quality tradeoff. Most OzBargainers concentrate on the price aspect, at least for cashews. If it was hand tools, they might concentrate more on quality.

      with better than 50% splits & pieces

      Is there any flavour difference, or is it just a visual and handling difference? I just put a small quantity in my mouth.

      • With all the splits & pieces it ends up causing more salt ingestion due to the increased surface area and the picking up of salt when trying to pick up the small pieces. Note comments about them being too salty.

        • Note comments about them being too salty.

          So far, I can only see one such comment.

          According to the nutrition panel, these are less salty than the Woolworths equivalent.

          Coles: Sodium 300mg/100g
          Woolies: Sodium 344mg/100g

    • Ozbargain is always teaching me something new. Today I learnt that cashews have a size grade.

  • What’s happens when you consume too much salt?

    • +3

      you get salty :)

    • Increased blood pressure

    • Ringing in your ears.

  • this deal is nutz

  • why do they never tell you where its from..???

    • Mostly from Vietnam
      Aldi got unsalted dryroasted ones
      Costco roasted cashews - DO not buy if you are allergic to peanuts
      Why on earth they fry cashews using peanut oil?

      • +1

        Why on earth they fry cashews using peanut oil?

        Just to be clear for everyone else, that's only the Costco ones, and it does seem like a stupid decision.

        The cashews in this deal list the ingredients as cashews, sunflower oil, salt, but they do have an allergy warning that includes peanuts. I don't know why, perhaps they're bagged on the same machine that bags peanuts? Or could they pick up "contamination" when sitting in Coles, on the same shelf that has peanuts?

        • Are you associated 🧐

  • Great deal but man they're salty.

    Or did I just get a bad bag

    • The ones I have aren't excessively salty, and according to the nutrition panel, they're less salty than the Woolworths equivalent. See my comment above.

        • +1

          I see what has happened, you've kept them in the bag, and the nuts look like the salt has been shaken or rubbed off them, probably just from picking up and putting down the bag multiple times.

          If you pour the nuts from the bag into a rigid container, the cashews won't rub against each other as much, so the salt mostly stays attached to the nuts. I use an old Moccona Coffee glass jar, large size, and that works well. It's the perfect size for 750g of nuts, and easy to clean when I finish the nuts. I end up with much less salt than shown in your photo, I estimate between 1/8th and 1/4 the amount.

  • Cashews grow from the apple cashew tree, which is anacardiaceae family of trees. This includes mangoes, pistachio, poison ivy and poison oak.

    • Tomatoes and potatoes are from the same family as deadly nightshade. This exhibits more in potatoes, where the green bits of skin are poisonous.

      One of the world's staple crops, cassava root, is quite poisonous when it comes out of the ground. It has to be treated to make it safe to eat.

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