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Easyway Chatswood Opening Special - Buy 1 Get 1 Free


Opening Special at Chatswood easyway - limited time offer. Try and go at offpeak time as the queue is pretty long. Enjoy!

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  • i can confirm the queue is usually long, particularly outside school hours

  • Location is now in Westfield Chatswood in front of Coles next to the sushi. I also think it tastes better than the previous one. You can see the brown in their milktea where previously it was more a hint of brown.

  • Ah that explains the long line of schoolgirls there earlier this week. Yes, go during school hours. :)

  • Does buy 1 free 1 includes toppings? Chatime for example doesn't include toppings. So you'll have to pay for toppings.

  • I bought yesterday and it included toppings which makes it really cheap if you have 2/3 toppings but could be a mistake on the staff? They seem very new to it and the computer wasn't working very well.