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Tropical North Queensland Holiday Packages Sale from $298 pp (Flights + 3 Nights(Min) + Kids Stay Free + Parking) @ Jetstar


Was looking a good deal for Cairns next year. Received an email in the afternoon. Costed me $350 per person for Flights + 4 nights + kids stay free + parking

Sale ends 11.59pm AEST Sunday 10 September 2023, unless sold out prior. Includes return Starter fares from Gold Coast to Cairns, excludes checked baggage. Price shown is based on two adults, twin share and shown as per person price, staying in a Resort Room for travel between 17 April - 31 May 2024. A hotel surcharge of $10 per room, per night applies on Friday and Saturday nights.

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  • Good deal

  • +10

    Wish solo travellers could get these prices

    • +22

      Lets travel together lol

    • Check out the Solo Travellers Australia Facebook group.

    • +8

      Most travel specials on here are ideally suited to a solo traveller, and you want to complain when there's a family friendly deal posted? Come on…

  • +21

    I'd rather stay at home then fly with Jetstar. You know one of your flights will be cancelled or delayed for hours.

    • -8

      Do you like being at work instead of on the tarmac?

      • +9

        I'd rather be at work getting paid rather than wasting my holiday time. Unless you have a job where I can get paid to take a holiday to northern Queensland?

          • +6

            @ph81: I get 4 weeks worth a year, I’d rather not waste it.

            • -4

              @freefall101: Jeez some light hearted banter and people take it to heart by negging. Sounds like some people need a holiday.

        • Get a career rather than a job, and be paid while on holidays.

    • SAME!
      Negs coming your way from JS employees/fanclub living in their own bubble trying to defend the indefensible with poor excuses. Eg, it's budget airline, they are good in July when other budget airlines are consistently performing way better than incompetent JS.

      • Are you okay?

        • Are you okay?

          • @cmyk: Are you triple okay?

            • +1

              @WhyAmICommenting: Definitely more ok than Qantas and Jetstar people who are facing an uphill challenge to regain Australia's trust after their incompetent run. Make sure you ask them if they're ok.
              "Qantas chairman Richard Goyder said on Tuesday the airline’s management and board would show humility and listen to the customer more following Joyce’s departure, and Hudson’s appointment."

    • -1

      Still more reliable than Qantas

    • +1

      …rather stay at home then fly with Jetstar…

      Seems easy enough to do. Stay at home, fly with Jetstar later.

    • A "gourmet" is someone who has developed such discriminating tastes that they can no longer tolerate anything that sits below his high expectations. As a result of becoming a gourmet they are miserable or dissatisfied when presented with most options. On the other hand someone who can be satisfied with either the best or the worst of something, experiences more opportunities to be happy.

  • +4

    Well the price blows way out if you try to add kids lol. So no go for us.

    • Same here, what does it actually mean by "kids stay free"

      • +3

        I'm pretty sure it just means if the kids can fit in the hotel room you're already staying in they won't charge you extra to have them in the room with you.

        • +3

          What if kids can fit in the same seat with you while flying else we carry bean bags as carry-on luggage !

          • +1

            @SuperLate: Exactly why I put my 1yo nephew in carry on luggage.

      • Yeah the advertising doesn't seem to play out as true for me at all.

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    You can actually travel for significantly cheaper if you buy flights on a Jetstar sale (they had Cairns return flights from Sydney for 150) and organise your own accommodation (we stayed in Cairns City motel for 110 a night - decent accommodation walking distance to city and Esplanade - 5 mins one double bed and one single bed).

    • +14

      Your scenario for 2 people: 150(x2) + ($110x3) =$630
      Deal above for 2 people: $600

      How is your alternative "significantly cheaper"?

      • +1

        one double bed and one single bed could mean 3 people

        150(x3) + ($110x3) =$780
        Deal above for 3 people: $894

        • I think the moment you add additional person, it will not be $110 anymore. The cost would shoot up.

          • @BuzzzLightyear: No, there were 3 of us for that cost, a couple and a child.

          • +1

            @BuzzzLightyear: Also don't forget that organising the trip on your own gives you more flexibility than a packaged deal.

  • +1

    Melbourne - Cairns is a long flight to be in Jetstar.

    Bit of a sidenote but Cairns is one of my least favourite places I've travelled to in Australia. There are a number of better places in Queensland or even Darwin if heading north.

    • +1

      Yes, the trick is to head straight to the Daintree from the airport

      • Or at least get to Port Douglas at a minimum

    • Palm Cove isn't far from Cairns and is lovely. But agree Cairns itself is meh.

      • +3

        Palm Cove isn't far from Cairns and is lovely. But agree Cairns itself is meth.


      • Cairns is so meh! Very few redeeming features. Can’t say it’s an enjoyable place to stay. Avoid Hilton Cairns at all costs. It’s a dive (compared to what you’d expect from the brand). Palm Cove, the Daintree, Atherton Tablelands and Port Douglas all much nicer

    • What's your favourite?

      • +1

        Hmm in terms of cities probably Hobart or Sunshine Coast, both with a car hire so you can see the surrounding areas. Small towns, probably Airlie Beach.

        Also it's not in Australia but the same flight time as Cairns from Melb/Syd/Bris, New Caledonia is amazing and above anywhere actually in Australia IMO.

        • Airlie beach itself is boring compared to Cairns

          • @Blahness: Neither has a lot to do but thats part of the vibe of Airlie Beach being a small quiet town with nice scenery etc, whereas for a bigger place like Cairns it just feels really devoid of stuff to do and a lot of walking around for nothing. Everything is rundown in Cairns including most of the accommodation while Airlie Beach is much nicer.

  • -4

    The key word is *from. I check for end of September a family of 4 came out to be $980 per person. LOL how is this a deal?

    • +3

      I think the deal is for the period " travel between 17 April - 31 May 2024".

  • Qantas is giving alot of deals of late. Anything with 40% off to europe

  • +1

    Price in title is per person

    • +17

      Why would OP (who was just trying to plan their own trip to Cairns) give up their time to hunt for cruise deals for you when you can't be bothered doing it yourself

  • This is an interesting perk “Kids stay and eat for free” so does that mean I pay full price for meals at the hotel and the kids just get their kids meal for free? Would be nice to stay what specifically or just give us all free breakfast

    • Adults have to be paying for the breakfast, so that kids can order kids meal for free.

      I suppose one can be cheap and rock up with just one adult plus however many kids. This way only one adult meal to be paid and all kids meals will be free

      The other partner can always rock up a bit later (was busy with luggage 🤣), sit down and 'help' the kids to finish their 'unfinished' meals

      • good tip ;)

  • -5

    No school holidays. What were they thinking?

    • +8

      You expecting flights / accom to be cheap / offered during school holidays / peak holiday period? 😂

      • I distinctly remember seeing Ozbargain as the website. Yep, I do. 😂

    • There are a lot of public holidays in April inc anzac day and another bank holiday which would be perfect for a short getaway.

      Go scuba diving/snorkelling in the GBR

  • Is it raining in cairns in those months ?

    • May is fairly dry according to the data, late April probably okay too.

    • I have always gone in end of May(twice now) and get the best weather and minimal or no rain

  • +3

    Jetstar flights can ruin this short holiday, beware.

  • +1


  • Price changes by location. Nothing is cheap from Perth.

  • +4

    As someone who recently enjoyed a nice long pleasant holiday on the tarmac in a JS plane, good luck lmfao

  • $362 per person from Sydney. Looks like a good deal but not sure where the accomodation is. Don't want to stuck in a far away place with poor tasting pricey food

  • Looking at early feb after schools go back. Is it pretty rainy by then?

  • Kids stay free but charges full amou

    • full amount for flight, yes

      • No for everything.

        2 adults 1440
        2 adults and 1 kid 2160


  • So the kids fly for free too? It's not clear in T&Cs.

    • Kids don't fly free so once you add $300+ per kid the costs blows out a bit.

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