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Free Bulla Aussie Style Yoghurt 160g at Coles @ Flybuys (Activation Required)


Another freebie from Flybuys for a 160g Bulla Aussie Style Yoghurt…

4 varieties:
* Natural
* Vanilla
* Strawberry
* Mango

Normally $2.40…

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    Wow Jv getting all targeted offers

    • +12

      I feel like I'm being targeted today…

      • +1

        Some people just get all the luck

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    You're on a roll today JV.

    • +17

      My kids will get to eat this week…

      • +11

        Yoghurt and rice… all you need now is an Indian stir-fry.

        • +6

          all you need now is an Indian stir-fry.

          I can't find naan though…

      • eat the weak?

  • +4

    What makes it Aussie Style?

    • Made using fresh Australian milk and cream

      • 100% Australian ingredients nice.

    • +1

      I think the "aussie style" is a take on "greek" style, it seems they are trying to create their own category of yoghurt. nice idea!

      • +1

        Smoother than Greek Yoghurt, creamier than Icelandic Skyr and thicker than regular yoghurt, made locally in Australia.

        Source That has me sold.

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      What makes it Aussie Style?

      They use Australian Culture

      • As a Victorian I approve.

        • +1

          I thought you lived in the island state


          • @HamBoi69: jv is from Moe. She knows what it's like to be an outsider.

            • @Clear: *He!!! We’ve been over this

            • @Clear:

              jv is from Moe.

              Not even close…


              • @jv: Is that what people in Moe call their town after a bottle of French Pinot Noir?

              • +2

                @jv: Didn't you move to Collingwood?

                • +1

                  @Twix: No!! I’d hate to be without teeth!!

    • +2

      Witchetty grubs.

    • +3

      You can eat it upside down.

    • blandness

    • Domesticated ceamy & thick yogurt that is similar to Greek yogurt in texture & consistency, typically made by straining it to remove excess whey - like Turkish yogurt

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    Mango yoghurt on Special Fried Rice. Who needs a restaurant when you can have fine dining at home!

  • +3

    I got a deal today for a free Heinz Ravioli pouch from Coles, nothing from Woolies.

    • +1

      I got 200 Bonus points for a Heinz Ravioli pouch, but not freebie… 😔

      • Yoghurt sounds like a good deal but!

  • +2

    i got the collect 150 bonus points offer of this version

  • How do you become targeted? Do you need to spend x amount each week or something?

    • Do you need to spend x amount each week or something?

      That might be part of their algorithm.

      It will depend on the campaign.

    • This is the first time I've been targeted by coles. I didn't get this particular promotion, but a free Heinz Ravioli pouch.
      I've only been shopping at coles for about 8-10 weeks, just completing the 4 week points promotions at around $50-$100 a week.

  • only 150 points bonus for me!

  • +1

    I got this too - interestingly i've bought it many times before as my kids like it.

    Thanks JV xx

  • It will take a decent bribe for Woolies and Coles to get me in their doors at the moment. This is not it.

  • -1

    Got a notification something something jv and just came to check in

    Heres a neg upvote

    • Did you get the offer?

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