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Pepsi Max Lemon 600ml $1 @ Coles


I am not sure if this is nationwide but I am in Woodcroft New South Wales and the price scanned up as a dollar for a 600 ml bottle of Pepsi Max lemon heaps of stock. Assume they are trying to get it on clearance as it's no longer being made or perhaps truly a bargain?

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    How did we normalise paying $4-5 for a small bottle of drink?

    Probably costs less than 15c to manufacture.

    • CO2 is getting more expensive.

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          I'm looking at sodasteam prices, cheaper to buy homebrand soda. The gas itself is ~58 cents a liter ($35 for up to 60L canister) plus the syrup is ~70 cents to make a liter ($7 for up to 9L mix) and that is $1.28/L before the startup costs of the filler and bottle. Generic brand soda is ~80 cents a liter.

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            @Kommodore: Yes, the incentive now is really to reduce plastic use, or make custom sodas. It does save money over brand name sodas, but not much.

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      How did everything else get normalised in recycle bin zoo land West, that's how.

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    They would have to pay me $1 to take it. Then I’d tip it down the drain. This stuff is crap. Even for the serious ozbargainer.

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    Its a shame Pepsi focuses so much on their sugar free flavours rather than catering to both versions.

    • Us Coke lovers DGAF!

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        That’s because you only like getting the minimum. Pepsi lovers want to maximum instead. YGAF

  • I bought a bottle a long time ago and liked it.

    Then I bought a case from Amazon and quickly hated it with a passion.

    I'm not sure what the moral of this story is, but be prepared to throw your $1 in the bin.

    • Pepsi Max and their derivatives seem to go bad really quick. Loses flavour and starts to taste metallic.

      • Hmm. Interesting theory - I really should be checking best by dates on amazon stuff, huh …

  • WA Coles, north of the river, showing $0.50.

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