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LEGO Architecture: Himeji Castle 21060 $185.08 Delivered @ Amazon JP via AU

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Missed out on the Big W sale for $207.20, ended up buying it for $216 (delivered) about a week late. Now I find this, which is equivalent to about 27% off the retail price.

Not sure if the instruction manual included will be in English or Japanese, but if you need to, you can just download the English instructions.

Back in stock, but now even cheaper!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • -3

    Is this the old original himeji or the one after renovation?

    • +1

      It's LEGO Himeji

  • +3

    Waiting for $150

  • The retail version is just too inferior vs the original design. I can't get on board with this one

    • what original design?

    • +2

      Yeah the rock work is a huge component of its beauty, incredibly surprised they left it out 🫤

      • Maybe in a more elaborate, future Lego Icons range version.

        As it is, based on brief research into the Lego Architecture range, Himeji Castle 21060 already has one of the all-time highest piece count in the range (second only to Robie House 21010, released back in 2011).

        Throughout the entire Lego Architecture range, the next five sets with the highest piece counts after Himeji Castle, have respectively 5%, 17%, 21%, 30% and 31% less pieces by comparison.

        • They could have added stickers or something. Just doesn’t make sense. It’s not about piece count that’s not the factor.

          • @TheGman101: Does Lego even have the production lines for textured vinyl stickers?

            With the stickers Lego typically uses, it's far too easy to get things wrong and ruin stickers just on application, and the stickers also deteriorates a lot faster than the pieces.

            The result of Lego stickers tends to end up looking pretty tacky too even at the best of times, from what I've seen of sets intended for younger age groups.

            So at least in my opinion, this design seems like a reasonable trade-off without having the piece count (and sale price) massively blowing out.

      • Just print out some stickers?

  • Ah damn, could've got mine at an even cheaper price. Oh well.

  • +1

    Lucky the zoo next door isn't included…

    If you've been there in real life you'll know

    • I've been but I still don't know what you mean

      • +1

        squirrel soup

      • I personally wouldn’t want to be an animal in that Zoo, should’ve seen the poor bear.

        • That zoo was one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

          • @fedwood: Just like the real zoos

            • @G-rig: Depends if you see a difference between an animal in a 1000 square metre open air enclosure or a 2 square metre metal cage.

              • @fedwood: Yeah depends what kind of assured is I guess, post animal sanctuary and rehabilitation centres are pretty good, protecting and endangered species etc.

                No one should support circus animals though.

  • Physically small pieces and small set, I don't see the value.

  • The nanoblock Himeji look way better imo, and are cheaper to boot

  • +1

    What do you guys do with these expensive Lego sets?

    Build them and put them on display? Build them then sell them? Keep them in the box?

    What’s the cost vs time-to-build generally?

    I’m genuinely curious as it seems like a fun, but expensive hobby.

  • Good Price!

    I managed to pick it up for $191.20 from Target (reduced from $239 during their 20% off LEGO sale), plus used $10 FlyBuys credit I had, so thought that was a score too. But looks like Target online is sold out now.

  • Back in stock at $185.08, $5.44 cheaper than when I originally posted the deal.

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